How To Add Freon To A Car And Manually Engage AC Compressor Clutch

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remie mujic: That's the Wrong way of charging an AC system...

Antonio Alvarez: good video, thanks a lot

kenny baird: What if the ac clutch is coming on and going off at enterverls while running?

Black Star: the arrow in mines goes to red, than the clutch works and goes to green, and it goes back and forth

gyl _08: Awesome. Thanks man.

Ted D: 2011 Honda fit- Ac compressor clutch will not engage. Applied 12 v at relay socket, this will engage the clutch manually. Bench tested relay, applied 12 v and got continuity across the load side. Tested relay socket with multimeter, on load side, 12v available , other pin has continuity to compressor. On trigger side, constant 12v source ( reversed polarity -12v for some reason) whether or not AC switch is on. Tested pressure sensor on Low side of compressor line with multimeter, continuity checked. Tested temperature protection switch at compressor, continuity checked. Tried disconnecting battery on the car for ECU reset, tested all fuses I could think of, FAN, SUB FAN, MG CLUTCH, AC. There are several relays in the actual fuse box which have no labels, unable to test those because I don't know what they do, auxiliary relay box in engine bay contains 3 relays, fan x2 and AC Clutch, applied 12 v all click when voltage is applied.
Totally lost on what to do next, resistance across the clutch coil is 3 ohms and it works when 12v is directly applied either by battery to clutch or jumping the relay socket.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Monica Beth: Dope thanks man! I'll be using your vid to do it myself

Marfa Lights: Your accent is sexy

George Pearsall: how to add fweon

Henry Blanco: Hi great video !!! Now I have a little bit of trouble ... ( I own jeep wrangler 98 4.0 ) i did everything you show here !! I actually install ( evaporator, condenser, dryer , compressor, lines, orifice tube ) for some reason !! When I start adding the R134a after vacuum the system for 1 hr. No leaks everything look good ... the compressor engage but immediately the pressure gauge jump to 100psi !!! Even so high that some ac line pop out !! And of course the system don't charged and the compressor start getting hot ! Im totally lost here ... WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD BE THE PROBLEM ? something could be clog ? Bad line? If you have any idea or tips please ! Let me know ! Thank you so much

Dave Smith: Is someone killing someone in the back ground....

EDGAR ZENDEJAS: thank u so much thus helped me change my moms ac thank USO much!!!

dskap201: So then if you have to jump the relay are you saying that the relay is bad and needs to be replaced?

Leon Springs Boys TV: yeah this is all bullcrap... I work at a shop and guarantee this crap won't work 95% of the time... system needs to be flushed out ,leak pinpointed ,and recharged... go on ahead and listen to this dumbass... you will end up overcharging the ac ,and also waste 50 on a can of refrigerant because it'll leak right out... Refrigerant is not something that runs low... we charge 120$+ because the machine cost the shop 5000$+

Willie Lahaye: good video. One of the best instructional

mike johnson: I've never understood why the blower needs to be on for any heat/AC service.

Miss Nancy: Sir, that is NOT Freon! R12 is Freon and you can't even buy Freon at any store. You are using R134a and that's made for newer cars and trucks. The video was fine, but need to delete any reference to the word, Freon.

Pablo Santiago: does someone know why is required to recharge freon to ac? suppose is a closed system,

Robert Murray: he"S not very good at teaching. stick to your day job!!!!

Steve Wright: It's really risky bypassing the compressor low-pressure cutout - it's there so that a high low-side vacuum doesn't drag air in through the shaft seal. It's also not required, since connecting the freon bottle to the low-side will kick-in the compressor clutch anyway. You can also use propane gas instead of R134a - it works perfectly well.
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How to Add Freon to a Car and Manually Engage AC Compressor Clutch