HorizonHobby.com How-To: Blade 180 QX Camera Setup Guide

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BassBlaster 29: My camera looks completely different from the one in the video is it a defective one?

Hawk Bear: I charge my camera to where there is a solid blue light but when I push the power button on the camera, nothing happens. What do?

Pacific875: Can someone help me where is the receiver on the drone

Pacific875: No this did not help me

pulsefrequency: 2:53 the cord falls, steve's poker face

naomi eykens: When I press the record button it just turns off. I don't know why. (sorry for my bad english)

Jeff Christiansen: junk camera. dont waste your time.

HeHoT BroS Entertainment: yea my camera is staying stuck on, i got this thing just for the camera, kinda dissapointed, i hope my local b&m will take this back...

Hayden Steingruby: My issue is that when I attempt to download my footage, my computer (a Windows 8, 8GB RAM, 1 Terabyte Hard drive) Claims that it does not have the proper software to view the video and when I search the Windows Store for the proper software it comes back with NO RESULTS!?!??!?!?!? REALLY?!?!? any ideas how to fix this issue? Please reply ASAP!

Jose Delvalle: Hi, I have this problem that occurs with the camera. The thing is that whenever I plug the camera with the quadracopter it shoots a blue light that doesn't blink but it won't make the cam power off. This action makes my camera to don't record or shoot photos, doesn't turns off the camera and is pretty annoying and stressfull because it only happens with the quad and it won't turn off until the battery dies.
Please help me, I'm getting pretty annoyed because of this thing.

Steven Etter: Old kamera give a new kamera smaler 

Rick Cotton: Hi all, Was reading this hoping for a miracle cure, see every one else is having the same issues.  We now have 2 of the cameras, both do the same thing.  We were told by Horizon that a Lexmar card is what works with the camera.  Well, you cannot buy those cards even from Fry's electronics....my call is, why does the customer actually have to fight and figure out how this is supposed to work, this is not good.  Also, I am attempting the solution mentioned below by taking out the card and charging...if this doesn't work, Horizon get's their camera back, and if they fight me on this I will return the whole 180 chopper and camera for a full refund.  This is not a good business move and I have a gigantic red flag hovering over purchasing from this company again, however I will see how they handle this first.  Sure sorry for all those besides us that is fighting with this.  Good Luck everyone.....Rick

BackwingRC: Just got mine for Christmas, and it didn't come with an SD card either, even though the instructions say there is one included......
Got a new card and I'm having the same issues as others.  Camera shuts off after a few seconds, and yes, it's charged.  I did manage to get one picture, but it was the 3rd of 4 that I tried to take?!?
Not impressed!!

TheFett007: How many times can one man audibly swallow over the course of a four-minute video? Also, the camera powers off after a few seconds, refuses to record, and in general seems unhappy to exist.

Aussie Jay: Had nothing but problems with this pos camera. Brand new C4 sd 16 gb worked for one or two recordings...was stoked to see it working finally after 3 days f ing with it. went out today and the damn thing shut off every time and didn't record a damn thing either ....the blue light was flashing as if it was recording...but every time i landed it was off! Not happy at all! Too damn sensitive on the sd card....and I know that is the problem coz every time you format the card the camera works once or twice then dead. Hey Horizon?? Can you please send me one that works? Please? If you have one that works with any sd card that would be great! Frustrating to say the least guys....great quad...sucky camera!

Anthony Lundell: Can I bind the Spektrum DX 4 to the blade 180? Can that control or be bound 2 more than one quadcopter. It's currently connected to the 350 QX but i wanna fly both with one controller.. Is that possible?

Jocko John: Is there a video that shows how to connect the camera lead to the three prong unit on the board? Which way does it go?

MrCartel: my camera didnt come with a sd card. Is this normal?  I got the ready to fly version.

Shabbir Nooruddin: I just got mine 2 days ago, and I've been having problems with the EFC-721 camera. I put a Class 4 16 GB card in it and as soon as I press the start button on the camera, it shuts off. Any ideas?

Ed Tierney: It appears that you stopped answering questions three months ago.  I just bought one of these and have had nothing but problems with it.  You tech support phone lines are atrocious.  These things should work out of the box without having to repair it first. 
HorizonHobby.com How-To: Blade® 180 QX Camera Setup Guide 5 out of 5

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explict55: Hey ich hab ne frage: ist der unterschied von geschwindigkeit, flüssigkeit und Kamera so groß, dass es sich nicht mehr lohnt das Xperia Z für 200€ zu kaufen ?

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HorizonHobby.com How-To: Blade® 180 QX Camera Setup Guide