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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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wecameaszade: You honestly make the best guides. Exhaustive, direct and simple. Other youtubers are mumbling and not articulaing, making lame jokes and whose guides are just useless. 
flight moon: Ma c'è solo in nero?
Vonchatman Henmy: The phone can get up to a 64GB card cause that's what I have in my phone
Ligrec: das sind doch alles nur technische daten des herstellers, da brauch ich kein video für,die finde ich überall aufgelistet. ich will ne expertenmeinung,ob der sensor tatsächlich so gut ist u.Ä.
tomm197: nice sound ....
Burhan Ö.: Jons in Chinese!
Neko Nation: Thistleclaw, I feel bad for him he was kicked out from StarClan just as he got back with the one he loved. He started to slowly get evil. He tried to get back at Starclan for what they did to him.. I mean agreed Tigerstar is a retch but Thistleclaw is just greatly hurt and wants to be with his mate.. He lost hope and fell.

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