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Apollo: This Movie is so powerfull
vicious274: I still feel that I should thank them though
Steel Polymer n Brass: Ka-Bar Kukri Machete for your use
398384007: its true i have one
Blair Owens: Is that the stock rear diffuser? 
AeroFix94: is this the gun? SA M-7 Classic SLV i need to be sure :)
htsuji: It was about 60 years ago, when the war was over, Japanese auto industries were banned to make automobiles for several years. The regulation was something like: "Japanese auto makers shall not make cars that has four or more wheels." So, they made a tricycle motor car that based on a bike. It seemed funny or stupid but was really useful to Japanese people. Years later, when the rule was lifted, the idea became obsoleted and the motored tricycles a good old memory...

Cheap, Easy and dirty fix for cracked granite countertop