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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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cr3wp: nope :)
= Jon SRIC =: In built fx's not?
William Bolger: Great video, can't beat the deere. I love the sound
AlexTheTestman: @wormsboy1 Sehr wahrscheinlich ja.
wyru285: Ma Wi - fi ?
Rahmat Shunbuli: This is a very bad idea, don't ever do this. Breville only juices 40% of pineapple. Juicing orange in Breville is the worst idea, because it takes forever to peel them. I usually put orange without peeling, because even the skin is nutritious. Orange juicer cost 10$, so why not get one of those. Very easy to clear and you get proper orange juice. Breville is not bad for hard fruits and vegetables, not soft. Apparently this guy was new to juicing. And he was really excited about this, so he spend a lot of time, to peel pineapple and orange to juice. Now we have juicers that you don't even need to peel pineapple. 
iasmosrapla: delrin or derlin)))

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