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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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WITB: Ok thank you man
Brandon Bowser: o.ops
Arnold A: is it a chick or dude. can't tell.
Tye Shelton: lil bumps, I go tens over 12s. I dropped 4 10s dvc in my single cab s10 with a mono block en drive amp. if everyday is what you're looking for this is fine. if you're looking to hit 160+ db then you will need to step your game way up.
Terry Crout: run into my phone call and will need any attachments and then I have any questions
Adeldee: 1773, actually. I just had to google it because the question was burning on my mind when I first saw this ep... which was a few days ago since I was binge watching the show.
Pj hogan-hostettler: Deb... we had ants and would get in our cat food... what we do now and it's a miracle is this. we used a Frisbee or any bowl bigger than your food bowl and fill with water and put pet food in bowl. The ants won't go in the water because it's like a mote. IT WORKS!!! Try this. Love keeping up with you!!!

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