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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ardyn: Very limited program, nice for moms and pops, but for serious video editing you need After Effect, Final Cut, AVID, etc.
Seth Astral: I have you know, i saw a vid of Seravee GNHW/B before G Gen long ago and in 2nd mode, it's Beam Special status is at maximum level,strong as Gundam Double X's Beam Special.
Lacey's Otaku Universe: Must....have...<3
Jim Sporizsda: Awesome.  Artefill is the way to go for wrinkle fillers.
Dagger1955: Is this PPU ammo corrosive or non-corrosive?
TMALATERALUS: Searched this for AGES, only to find out it was not included in the official soundtrack -_-
Milena Geovana: O jimin é muito perfeito eu amo ele u.u

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