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Earl Celso: is it possible to go windows 8.1 to windows 8?
Mike Downey: awesome! I just got mine back on the road again after many years sitting in my garage. I have owned mine since '92 and still love it! Nice video! 
Midna Reed: Lol, my parents always either watch this or zero punctuation. I enjoy both. We repeat "evil Nazi grama' and 'badger in a suit/ a sandwich" We ALL love unskippable
halelus07: 2:32 THERE WAS A BABY!!! :(
DarkFlight Vlogs: HUGE gap ALL along the bottom edge. poor fit. ugly. glad i didn't buy this one
Evan T: This movie just oozes New York and that's why I've always loved it so much. It captures perfectly how gritty it was (back then anyway) when I was a grade school kid. I kind of take it for granted all the places in the film I regularly pass by. The Public Library at 42nd and 5th, the Firehouse down in TriBeCa, 59th and Columbus Circle where Stay Puft first appears, Columbia University about a mile from where I live, Tavern On the Green in Central Park, the list goes on and on. Funniest movie by far of the 80s. I've never seen it in the theater but I will (finally) on the 29th. GB3 should really not be made, totally different era we live in now, you can't replicate the atmosphere of this perfect film nowadays. 
bot_ kill: Ppffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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