DPMS Oracle Upper Assembly AR-15 5.56

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Franciso Rodriguez: i need a tool like that

mark plower: what's the name of the tool he's using at 6:40?? I've looking everywhere for one since I have a new rail coming in the mail.

Keith Richards Liver: Damn man. For $150 more you could have bought the entire rifle.

popacapnyoass3: If you still own this DPMS, about how many rounds do you have through it and have you had any problems with the rings? The reason I ask is I got a Dpms in trade and the bolt carrier was defective. The milling job on the gas chamber for the bolt and rings was butchered at the point where the rings tapper down in the chamber. The carrier was milled a little too deep which allows the front ring to slip off the sharp ledge before snatching back into the ring area of the chamber. When the bolt cycles, the front ring rips and smears which locks the whole gun up tight. Most high quality carriers are beveled at the point where the rings begin to fit snug in the chamber which keeps from damaging the rings. If you take the bolt out and shine a bore light or flash light in the chamber you can see which "step down" you have.

Mister Sanchez: Great video thanks...can you install a free floating rail system with that gasblock?

todd reinert: for starts

todd reinert: i recommend the FN 1 in 9 twist 16 inch m4 cut chromemolie lined barrel and the FN stripped upper

propdoctor21564: Good video... I've been looking at this model and also found the Sportacle model complete rifle at Walmart last week for 617.00 which I may buy.

andrademeza: "The bolt from the upper will work either way" THANKS!! that sentence was the key answer i was looking for. thanks for the help. i didnt ask the question right...i guess but you answered me the right way anyway..lol. oh and will check out the CAR stock video. thanks.

bgallaher77: Well, I don't have a ton of experience here either. My understanding is that either the military or commercial receiver extension (buffer tube) will work on the lower receiver. The bolt from the upper will work either way. If you get an aftermarket stock and/or buy stock and tube separately, then they need to by the same type. I do have a video on installing the CAR stock, if you are interested (AR-15 Adjustable Stock Install, posted 10/28/2012) Hope this helps.

andrademeza: QUESTION: i just bought this same upper from midway (they are 415 now btw oh and i got the last one so they are now backordered..hehehe.). and my question is will i need to buy a comercial spec buffer tube & buffer or can i use a mil-spec..i ask because on the website it says the bcg is comercial spec i think. thanks for any help, and yes im a total noob and building my first ar.

bgallaher77: Sounds like money well spent. $650 is pretty reasonable for an AR. The Dillon will help keeping it fed. I need to get a progressive press one of these days.

Richard Lee: Instead of worrying about being MA legal, I went ahead and spent $650 for a MA neutered rifle (S&W M&P).. Saved a bunch of time too. Now I can use that time cranking the Dillon.. :)

Richard Lee: "should meet the federal 16" minimum requirement.".. Could you please verify that with a good measuring tape? I've been out reading some AR stuff and I'm wondering if they are including the flash hider as part of their 16" spec... For thread protection, I could cut off the 'hider' cage and screw the nub back on..

bgallaher77: My plan is to post a rifle and a carbine stock install this week.

bgallaher77: With a fixed stock, you can get either in a kit or as parts the rifle length extension tube, rifle spring, rifle buffer, a spacer, a screw, and the buttstock. Together these make the kit. Looks like the Olympic Arms, which is more expensive, is in stock. Check out my video on the Ace ARFX stock if you want, published 9/26/2011. With a carbine, you need the carbine extension, carbine spring/buffer, an end plate, and a castle nut. And the stock. Not sure about fixed w/ this version.

bgallaher77: The nice thing about ARs is that you can easily change parts yourself. Check out AR15(dot)com for lots of info, or go to Barnes and Noble and find a Patrick Sweeny book to look over (Gunsmithing rifles is one, and heard that he has one dedicated to ARs, too). Zedikier Publishing and Fulton Armory both have excellent books. With the stock, choose either carbine or full rifle. You can always switch later put need to replace all the parts.

Richard Lee: I was looking at the fixed stock, (because of MA laws) but the one I was looking at is B/O for months. So, maybe the "DPMS Buttstock Assembly 6-Position Commercial Diameter Collapsible AR-15 Carbine Synthetic Black Product #: 229100 DPMS #: CS-AP4" ($54) would do the job.?. I could adjust it to the best LOP and install a steel pop-rivet to lock the length. To comply with the old AWB, that MA still clings to. I know next to nothing about ARs.. Just don't want to buy incompatible parts.

Richard Lee: I'm not interested in a heavy barrel. If I decide to build it, I want it light. When you get older, the old match rifles seem to get heavier. Just have to check out the local dealers for a good deal on a 'small' pin lower.. Oh yeah, and order some 10rd mags.. :(

Richard Lee: I'm sure you're right. Since the flash hider is not welded to the barrel. It's removable. My guess is the barrel alone is at least 16.10 inches.
DPMS Oracle Upper Assembly AR-15 5.56 5 out of 5

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DPMS Oracle Upper Assembly AR-15 5.56