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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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saowstudios: Why the freak jake's ending is in Ada Wong's story 
Dharma raju: Super
Manny Mattos: Do a duplicate for it because it is toooooooooo expensive
ReinventingMoi: I like you videos Hun. I agree. Louis Vuitton is expensive so just use it!
Divitty Bissel: I love their helmets they're wearing.....they look bad ass. The Yankees once had the most bad ass war uniforms and helmets....but ever since they started wearing that digital grey green pixel uniform and wearing Jewish Yamuke hats that don't cover the ears properly......they look pickley. The guy at 2:15 reminds me of how cool the Americans once looked with their old helmets....glad the British still cover the ears. ACH helmets are stupid.
klipsch19604: What kind of PSU is that a Coolmaster?
Antonovsky: Am i to understand that when you made cappuccino you left the selection of your custom mugs in the main menu, and that it uses that setting? Can it do latte Machiatto? is that what you do with the switch on the milk container? (part 1) Seems like a really good machine! I'm considering buying a automatic coffeemaker to replace my Dolce Gusto.. Would you advise people to buy this one or are there others that have features/characteristics that you miss? (if so which)

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