Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) Playthrough 22 : White Iris

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Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) Playthrough 【22】 : White Iris
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Bunny Melecio: but how do i get her?i been planting the flowers,and watering them -.- but when they bloom i still dont have her! how long im suppose to wait on the flowers?or is it all about time? help this bunny out  :( cuz i kinda need it right now

Neosaurs Juls: As for the gate to Whale Island Flank.Which is that gate behind iris's tower.
You have to get 1 FP with Iris.Pretty simple jus give her a bunch of junk continuously.
You also need to have 1-2 LP and FP with mist.
Once u got that.Talk to mist at 9-12 am.When she is watering her sprout.The small sprout by the side.
Sleep before 10pm.That night you will have a dream after the dream head to iris's tower after 6pm and you will see Gelwein appear he will head over to the gate and unlock it.

Neosaurs Juls: When Materia Opens buy moondrop seeds and plant em at whale island near iris's tower.
The next day talk to rosetta and she will tell you bout a place with alot of Moonlight where moondrop flowers grow very well.
Head over to iris's tower afterwards and your character will realize that the tower area has alot of moonlight shining on it xD
Wait till it's fully grown and you will meet iris.
This is how i got it i think

Neptune Vasilias: I have problems with the event with the flowers... Its so annoying

Xuan Cooper: man that's alot of lag on my computer!

TheOonala: wait so does that whole field next to Irises tower do all the boxs need the moondrop flowers in them? i'm confused

Itzel Zepeda: lol i learned three new things from watching this vid =)

monsterhunter110: @Katoop moondrops only grow in spring

monsterhunter110: in oher words this is iris blanche.

Lovableanimecutie: While you give the girls some gifts they hum their parts at the song - RFF addict O_O gotta have a wii and buy this addicting game O_o

Jllawliet: what level we can beat green ruins? thankyou

GreenBanana: 0:09 T_T Pour water on her. 0:12 Yeah, evidently you don't like to do it yourself, though. 0:36 Ahh, it's scary! ';o;` 1:58 God damnit, what's with the D-pad!?!?!?!!? D:< 4:40 Get offa my lawn! 5:49 He screams like Link. 6:20 Aw, they just wanted to play... 9:21 Is he hallucinating?

zaqwedcxszxcvbnm: @Gredysh yeah that keeps happening to me to :(

anthony fuernstahl: i know u have to go out were it is full moon day but dont tell u when full moon day and do u need all the flower on there or no all flower plated because i need help on this i am in lv 40 cant find out my way throgh that soo ya i need help

berrythepuppy: how do you get it to do that? all i'm getting every night is the 3D model.

Invader Zim: at .25 it has sprites right in the vine when you look up

Lindsay Bachmann: Does the flower nead to grow befor the evebt starts?

Katoop: help!! it's taking like a million days for my moon drops to grow. is that normal? because it is like fall in my game.

thesilversupporter: lol runeys in ur face =D

leafpeltsan: @leafpeltsan i have her fp to 1 but it still isnt open....
Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) Playthrough 【22】 : White Iris 5 out of 5

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Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) Playthrough 【22】 : White Iris