Remington Model 770

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RINGET421: seems like people are under rating the 770 in 300 win mag check this out 1250 yards at a propane tank

Thehoopmaster: how did you get the bipod on

fakemail4suckers: .300 win mag is overkill for that kind of range..... WAY WAY WAY more power than you would need inside of 100 yards. At least on anything except Large African game.

wootdude13: obamalama

jmhudson08: good review but when I had my 770 i could put 3 touching a 100 yards and I am not the best shooter. If 70 yards is all you shoot try and get at least 1 MOA.

brandon bohn: Groupings of 4 inch under 100 yd. is terrible. I can get them on top of each other at almost 500. Learn to shoot.

ChrisCorle01: 2 of my friends have owned them and one had the bolt fly out, the other had the barrel explode like a black powder would if over charged, and even the youtube fake solider "Aaron.." had his 770 bolt come out on him in a video.

Jojomr323: Plus magnum rounds are for long range hunting/shooting

Jojomr323: I bought a Remington 770 chambered in .30-06 and a leapers UTG 4 by 16 by 50 it took two shots to sight it in at 100 yards and after that i got a .75 inch spread dead center

bmactps1: thats minute of deer....but you should be stacking rounds on top of each other at 70 yards.... respect the deer you are hunting. By the sounds of needing a 300winmag at 70 yards they must be the most dangerous and aggressive deer in the solar system. Get a .270 or heck even a 243, 30/30, 25-06, etc. Magnamitis is rampant these days

Fallout3sFinest: Hey man, i'm looking at getting this in .300 win mag. I know you posted this video a while ago and I was just wondering if it's a good buy or not. how is yours holding up? any particularly big problems with it since using it? talked to a guy at pickles sporting goods and he said the bolts were crap on the 770 compared to the 700 is this true in your experience? feedback would be much appreciated as this would technically be my first gun since my .22 back in 2009 that I used for a gun safety course

laidout21: Thumbs up for reading a spec sheet off the phone for a review, lol. ^_^

TvChannelDan: Thanks for the Video i was thinking about buying one of these.

jeremy lohner: my uncle got a 770 new from gander mountain chambered in 308 and to me i prefer my remington model 700 300 mag i love reminton but with my experience modell 770 is a big mistake on remingtons part very bad rifel in my eyes

kyle250ify: My brother picked one of these up the other week, it seems to be ALRIGHT for the price. But my recommendation to anyone wanting to buy a Rifle. Do not buy it based on the price, if you spend the extra 500 or so on a better quality gun, you'll notice a very big difference, as long as you keep your rifle in tip top, it will always be worth that $1200.

ChrisCorle01: 770's have a nice reputation of blowing up, bolt flying out the rear, or the bolt falling out during cycling

rey1933: yes sir holds great 0 highly recommend it

gummywormz: had a bushnell on my .300win mag and the recoil just destroyed it about 130 rounds in its all messed up. recticle tilting, power adjust broke. garbage for high powered rifle. is your redfield still holding up to this point? cause im trying to find an alternative..

Chris W.: you replaced the "cheap bushnell scope," the whole damn gun is cheap! 770's suck. We have sold a few and at least half have come back with issues...did you know that remington has a code for a snapped off bolt on these guns? neither did we until remington sent one back with a repair notice, haha don't buy a 770, cheap price tag=cheap gun.

The Man With No Name: those guns are garbage, sure there good if you just go out and shoot a animal at like 200 yards and in but i wouldent,
Remington Model 770 5 out of 5

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Remington Model 770