Battle For Best Ecig MOD: Provari Vs Ego Twist Vs LavaTube2

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noah taylor: provari

Joe Cherfan: Congrats on 200k!

Landon Bell: All these companies have made huge advancements 

Marques Thompson: I seen all your videos

ucandothis1: Chris, the lavatube does show the ohms on the display screen. Just push and hold the right button for the ohms reading.

Flatheadfletch: Provari and Nautilus Tank ! PERFECT

PolishVapesUk: Provari 

alan steiner: provari takes it all!

mazda64life: Im pretty sure you can check the atty ohms on the lavatube v2. But the provari wins hands expensive though

Ryan Sabacky: No my friend. Vision spinner hands down. 

tommy eversole: thank you

Mobbbbiiiiinnn: What is really the difference? Anything or are you just paying for looks and feel? I have just a normal cheap battery with a good tank and it vapes just fine. 

Keith Flanagan: 1st 1 was pretty good but u should try a hooka pen

Nick Kavounis: Advice for new vapers: After you find the nicotine content that works for you, buy another bottle of e-liquid with more nicotine content and keep a carto/clearomizer full of it so, when you crave a cigarette, use your high nicotine e-liquid (high nicotine content in e-liquid will get more into your system and help pass the cravings quicker). I use 8 to 12mg nicotine 98% of the time but always keep some 18mg with me for when I need a quick nicotine fix. Good luck and keep vaping!

Ashley Peterson: Hey! Thanks for your videos. I'm looking for my first mod. So far it is between Vamo V3 and the Lavatube 2.5. Which have you had the best experience with?

brandon wolf: me to I cant find it

Braulio León: HI DUDE !!!! i do respect all of your videos , and becoming a fan of yours that´s the reason whyyyy i´m asking for your advice... i want a MOD but i´m between the E-vic, VAMO v2 and the PRO Vari wich one would you recomend.. i mean .. the price it´s not actually a problem but i´m turning into durability, length and usefulness

Erdem ünlü: its the most stupid comparison ever... Same voltage gives same performance everybody knows that. u can compare an ego style batterie with provari if u set the voltage to 3.3.... side by side comparison has to show weaknesses minuses and plusses...

Kainoa Kilaulani: My Enphro Mod gapes more smoke then all 3 e-cig u got lol

nickb0841: crap dude im sorry i guess my friend was on my phone. im subscrubed to him i love his review
Battle for best Ecig MOD: Provari vs Ego Twist vs LavaTube2 5 out of 5

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Battle for best Ecig MOD: Provari vs Ego Twist vs LavaTube2