Battle For Best Ecig MOD: Provari Vs Ego Twist Vs LavaTube2

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Spenser Latham: Crazy that we got these things blowing up in peoples pockets, really hope it's ONLY the fake batteries

Spenser Latham: I wonder how dangerous the vv mods were back in the day

Sunny Hilltop: Nice comparison, thanks!

noah taylor: provari

Joe Cherfan: Congrats on 200k!

Landon Bell: All these companies have made huge advancements 

Marques Thompson: I seen all your videos

ucandothis1: Chris, the lavatube does show the ohms on the display screen. Just push and hold the right button for the ohms reading.

Flatheadfletch: Provari and Nautilus Tank ! PERFECT

PolishVapesUk: Provari 

alan steiner: provari takes it all!

mazda64life: Im pretty sure you can check the atty ohms on the lavatube v2. But the provari wins hands expensive though

Ryan Sabacky: No my friend. Vision spinner hands down. 

Shayne O'Neill: Wouldn't the evic be a fairer comparison than the ego twist which is really a budget variable voltage beginner mod, as far as Joyce batery settups go? The twist was ok-ish but its really not in the same league, whilst the evic is a direct competitor to the provari and lavatube. The twist however is maybe 1/10th the cost of the others. You get what you pay for. Personally I thought the eVic was the best bang-for-buck being half the price with pretty much the same featureset as the provari. But its really hard to compare something 1/10th of the price.

tommy eversole: thank you

Atradies Inc.: My provari is awesome and i have went through 5-6 batterys 150$ to 200$ with ego in 1 year vs my provari v2 179$ and a year waranty  

Jon Sanders: ive broke 2 eGo-C-Twists already. first one lasted a week. was in my pocket tho.. better to go with the provari. easily replacable batteries. mod for bigger battery etc..
No disrespect to Ego, but if your not sitting in your lounge chair when you take it out of a glass case its junk. will be in a pile of all yournother broken crap in a month.. Thats why you can get em for 25 bucks. if u want cheap... Look into itaztevv2. I picked mine up for $45 bucks and is very durable but only 650 mah it does have passthtrough micro usb charging. if u dont know what that means google it. you can charge and smoke at the same time. No removing the atomizer.

My eCig There must be a hundred brands out there -each with different names for all the options and components, etc.  How can one determine what is the best?

My head hurts trying to remember and process all this information and jargon and acronyms, etc.   Perhaps.I need to go take a night course.

I say go for simplicity.  You remember how simple it was to pull out a cigarette and light up -often without even consciously thinking about it.  

Uh-huh.  I do too.

Mobbbbiiiiinnn: What is really the difference? Anything or are you just paying for looks and feel? I have just a normal cheap battery with a good tank and it vapes just fine. 

ledbetter17p: awesome review im gonna be getting the 1000mah ego c twist in a couple weeks i can't wait i use the vivi nova tank and its awesome
Battle for best Ecig MOD: Provari vs Ego Twist vs LavaTube2 5 out of 5

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Battle for best Ecig MOD: Provari vs Ego Twist vs LavaTube2