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Haru Katsutoshi: Great tutorial! But it's kinda sad how women are expected to be hairless these days. No pubic hair, no leg hair, no armpit hair :(
Douglas Arakaki: Trailer from the movie Hitman.
alxxz: That's so cool! I never knew the GBA could handle video so well. How long are these episodes by the way and what kind of compression is used?
walter leiska: why do you guys always fail to give price. I know prices change with the options one picks,But surely you can give a standard price. I never make contact about buying a boat without the price details for standard option,You will find many people are the same,Get with it boys and learn what potential buyers want when they compare boats. and look at reviews.
deadtheon: Mag ik mee doen.
Valkyrie Ziege: The reason, 'Hitchrooster' fails as a director is that at the end of any of his motion pictures, all that the audience remembers is the work of the included artists, e.g. 'Dali', 'Warner Brothers', 'Saul Bass', and 'Disney', also Hitchrooster, and De Palma use narrators to explain the plot to the audience, and in a visual medium, this shows the director's failure to comprehend their chosen, expensive artistic medium of the motion pictures; but Argento gives good sight. Valkyrie Ziege Mourne
Иван Широбоков: реклама!

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