Custom Liquid Cooled Desk Computer

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Frost Zemun: those 4$ speakers hurt my eyes

Xander De Boer: Heb je hem zelf gebouwd of gekocht?

Google Name: this is freaking awesome. im planning on building my computer in the next 2-3 months. hoping prices might drop by the time i get back home from deployment. i want to build a desktop like this but dont know how? are there certain requirements you have to do? for example does the components have to be placed on a metal sheet? something in lines of that so i dont damage the components?

Sudhir thelegend: verlaacht de X16 Riser cable de prestaties van je videocard?

CDA441: i know, but people with little knowledge of computers or electricity don't know how to bypass it, and thanks by the way ;)

dirtydawgs588: lol LOVE the key switch although it can be easily bypassed by pulling it out and connecting th wires

CDA441: it now has: /watch?v=Pgz7p633p34 New desk 2.0 I forgot what the song is called.

Jason Wolfe: Whats the song? And its sweet! Would be cooler if it had cable management panels

RainySole: Well right now... Im not very good at puting together computers... Soo im not really sure i should do that o.o

CDA441: that's what i also did, there's a 120mm fan that blows cold air from the bottom into the card

CDA441: I used a PCI Express X16riser cable

CDA441: It definitly would be badass!

CDA441: The fans direct the air inside the case and gets out of the back where the radiators are. No overheating at all. (except when the pump dies or coolant leaks)

Alexander Federowicz: This is really nice, and it makes periodic maint. inviting !!! Ten out of Ten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CDA441: i don't know, i spend for about 1000 euros for the desk with all the internals. The desk itself costs around 100 without working hours. You can make one yourself.

RainySole: How much does one of those cost

CDA441: well yeah, everybody has his own taste in deskmods.

MrShownizzle: Watch marcsblogg desk mod, i like it more then yours

Cory10131: does this affect the heating of the computer since its being trapped in or do you have the fans coming out of the desk aswell?

CDA441: because it was cheap, and i didn't have anything faster. I'll upgrade in a few years, but this desk is scrapped, and i've built a new one.
Custom Liquid Cooled Desk Computer 5 out of 5

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Richard Anayiotos: very useful video, thanks a lot, I had to replace the thin wire as it had melted, I wasn't sure if I had done a good job,but it went through all the test stages perfectly
TheBlueGalaxy: Your voice is so relaxing and makes this video more enjoyable.
A. B.: Der Sound bzw. der Lautsprecher funktioniert nicht. Genauso kann ich auch die unterschiedlichen Klingeltöne nicht hören. Gibt es da eine Funktion?
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влад гео: все по делу
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Custom Liquid Cooled Desk Computer