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Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Guide at
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jerryx2000: I don't think any Jew would buy a metzler. As they were used by Germans in the WW2. Lol

RevZilla: Please keep us posted once you've put some miles on them. I know lots of folks here really like them. ~Ali

jeff mechlinski: I just bought the M5's for my Shiver 750 and I'm excited to get them on the twisties and try them out!

RevZilla: Awesome. The ME880's are one of the best tires of that genre. I've also had great luck with the Tourance on my GS and one of our avid track day riders on staff swears by the K3's. ~Ali

luvmybeemer: Great Metzeler reviews! I bought my rear ME880's from you guys, now to order the front! BEST prices and BEST and quickest shipping to my home, thank you guys!

RevZilla: I've had great luck with the Tourance on my GS and one of our avid track riders here at RevZilla has been loving the K3's. ~Ali

myppnu: I have only ever heard good things about Metzeler...

RevZilla: The M5 is a superior tire and has 5 bands of variable belt tension depending on lean angle. ~Ali

BTrigger: Your talking about the M5 are the M3 better? or just pricier

Craig Thompson: I was on the M3s very stick !! was ment to get M5s last week but my local bike dealer put Z8 on!! did not notice until 600km on them, rode them pretty hard & am realy impressed with them had no Oh crap moments!! still have M3 on front. 08 CBR1000rr

dahveed284: I've bought 2 R1150 GS's that both came with Tourances on them. Both rear Tourances squared off really badly. I've since gone to the Anakee 2's, which are dual compound tires (rear only) which seem to last much longer. For more aggressive dirt, I just ordered some Heidi K60s for an Alaska trip.

mythurin: Same here. About 5000 miles on my M5's bought from Revzilla as well. Great tire in all conditions, especially dry.

st3vieuk: 5000+ miles on M3 and no groans, just keeps on gripping, in the corners knee down and wet traffic light GP's

NZsarge1: I'm currently running the M5's, very happy so far.

Martin Blankenship: Looks like Metzeler is starting to take a bite out of supersport and superbike sales

EmanP223: You guys are great! You make it very easy to figure things out quickly, I just wish I found you guys awhile ago.
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PussMag: POS, a lot of people have dead display LED, otherwise very good sound
1:20 there are only TWO speakers, you sounding like there are Four or Six, those on the sides are Radiators, no electrical function, the rear ports are air ducts

Xiao Qing Huang: i'd stutter so bad if he talks to me while looks at me right in the eye
Frankie Calizan: what are u graphic settings?
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