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Giovanni Mangano: hi ! I have this plane but I my runway is in grass and the wheels are too small , do you think I can lunch it ? ( I don't talk english so sorry if I make some errors )
MITEEman: I want to clarify to everyone that this circuit will NOT fix a broken O2 sensor or broken Catalytic Converter. What it will do is prevent p0420 for a catalytic converter that is functioning but your computer is too sensitive. The ECM computer can't actually measure the smog components - only a mechanic can do that. Instead, your computer is programmed to interpret certain o2 performance characteristics as whether the catalytic converter is working at peak efficiency. If you only occasionally have p0420 and can make it go away depending upon the gas you used or perhaps a bottle of Chevron Techron, then this fix is highly likely to work. That's why I go through the effort to show you how to bench test your o2 sensor first because this isn't going to work if your o2 sensor doesn't work. Most people don't bother with that step. You can certainly bypass it and try the fix, but if you want help diagnosing further then you'll have to report either what your bench test results are or what your high end ODB scanner (ideally graphing) tells you the o2 bank 2 voltages are.
RevolvedSantoss: how low this Looks when u Play on pc... i guess that craptalk *masterrace* is rly right :d
Nessa F: damn you can't even talk lol
Eugy Love Dance: Ho avuto a che fare con la dicra... Avevo un 710 e mio fratello un 900... Dopo un po' di tempo mi si bloccava continuamente allora mi sono comprata un inno hit da 10 pollici intorno ai 200 euro... Molto meglio :fluido rapido e perfetto per piccoli lavoretti svelti e veloci come i miei (giochi,leggere,scaricare canzoni app) lo consiglio a tutti!!!!!
123JSwagga: What website do you get those shoes from & how do you get them so early
GotZa BiwZa: เสียงมึงอ่อยมากอ้ะควย

Fiat Ducato 3.0 diesel