How To Find Imei MEID Samsung Galaxy S3

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Dusty Pinecone: Straight and to the point. Thank you sir.

ani4ka79: This video is wrong. He is showing the IMEI/ESN number, on the Galaxy S3 it is different than the MEID!!!

Stephen Keller: Doesnt work for my samsung galaxy s3 SCH-R530x nTelos... Boooo!!!!

Jeremy Kirtley: Or just go to settings then go down to "about on status and scroll down until u see the imei #

Rachael McInnes: Is this the same as the EIM number?

Carlos Coler: is this sprint or verizon

Åsa Hulthén: Thank You!

Felipe de Amorim Carvalho: perfect video!

sophivideos1: nice, simple and to the point

puglydoodle: This does not work for my phone. Android version 4.1.1

theman7431: THANK YOU

LindyLooo99: SWEET!! Thanks!
How to find imei MEID samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 out of 5

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How to find imei MEID samsung Galaxy S3