Nikon D7100 HDR And High ISO Low Light Noise Review

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Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review
Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review
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REVIEW: Nikon D7200 vs D7100 High ISO Test + More
Nikon D7100 Review & Test Results
Nikon D7100 Review & Test Results
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Nikon D7100 Review
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duanemcclun: Im curious how the D7100 compares to the D3300 in shooting in low light at high ISO?


Oeil Photography: was the night time building shot in JPG or NEF? thank you

Luis Macin: Boring!!!! Terrible

Eugene Ayeh: Please do we have fake nikon d7100?

Romantic Dance: MG stop talking and jumping around and show more direct relevant info.
What a bunch of boring RAW info

cjeremie: Good informative upload, thanks.
Pitty about the ar**hole who questioned you though. Rude prick.
Keep the videos coming.

brianminkc: boring little freaker. I agree its much better than the D7000.

Thomas Riemersma: talk a bit faster dude. god

cameron par: boring

RCDesertRat: Would be nice if you could shoot raw with HDR on. Although it is JPEG fine, you are still losing data from the picture. You get HDR but you lose capability to edit later

Shyam Suyambu: I shoot at events like fashion shows and club parties, which is low-light of course. I use an on camera reflecting flash, set my shutter to say 1/200 and leave auto ISO on to a max of 3200. Can't seem to find any but have you heard reports or reviews about sensor heating and possible damage especially when shooting this way for like 5 hours or more? Thanks for the review/demo, I liked it!

Bhavin Parekh: After seeing your review i bought the same ....thanks for great low light review .

tony harris: Can't watch it - boring as bat crap!  

1andonlysuzyq: mumble!aaaaaaaa..............ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm,etc...

ashok Kumar rajbanshi: thanku for your video...

rey Alpizar: this is very boring you speck too much, try to go to the point and don´t confuse an informative video to a really boring conversation with your self. i think you do it in a very nice way but somethimes you go around too much like with the pattern of lights that obviously a car left, thats what you get when you do a long exposure photo, so plese keep with your videos but don´t speak about what you think this is or that is ..becaouse thats not the point of the video and you spend too many minutes of our time, 

Carlos Martinez: thanks, I couldn't figure out why HDR was grayed out. I had tried changing some settings but still nothing. I couldn't find in the manual to change it to JPG only. thanks again.

Andy Denial: it's mold..
Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review 5 out of 5

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Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review