Nikon D7100 HDR And High ISO Low Light Noise Review

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Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review
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Nikon D7100 Review
Nikon D7100 Review
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D7100 Review
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Andy Denial: it's mold..

Joe Blow: zzzzzzzzz.

MarCuseusFX: Raw *can* be used for HDR

Dominic Ballard: The videoing sucks. 

Steven Bergman: How do you get the ISO to work on it's own in the D7100. I get this r19 when push the shudder half way and when I hold the ISO it changes to what I have it set it.

Rick Kimmerling: Hi Brad, I am thinking of buying the D7100 I am have the D5100 right now I also have a trinocular amscope microscope I am having trouble finding out about the noise issues when using the Nikon adapter to take micro shots, we are told we need the D7100 because of the mirror up option which the D5100 does not have any help would be great you could e-mail me at with any help or advice. Thanks for the videos they are great. Thanks rick

AwesomeKekeC: Much much much better than crap Canon 7d!

nikmo: Thanks for this video.

Amar Ayyash: I actually learned a lot from this video. Thanks!

Amar Ayyash: Holy crap is this putting me to sleep! 50% of the fluff could've been left out. Thanks anyway.

Asdick: Why can't you get to the point? In he beginning, You scroll thru the menues like a madman. Up and down and up again. Just tell RAW can't be used, and that is that. We all understand that ON means it's on and OFF means off. Single is single and series means probably series. Similary, HIGH means high.

Jeffrey C: TIP: For more editing power on the final out of camera HDR JPG, you can still bring that photo into Adobe Camera Raw ACR. Im not going to go in depth but essentially when you open a file in an Adobe product (ie Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements) before the final choice to open, you can choose the format to open the file in. Each program and year is a bit different so I suggest google 'Open JPG in Adobe camera Raw' or goto adobes site for chat. I've edited iPhone photos in RAW w fantastic results!!!

Stef ten Bras: Thanks for educating me. You explained clairly that the D7100 works differently than the D7000, thanks. And there is no reason why the RAW's should not be put on the memory card next to the JPG. The two RAW pictures are still not a HDR picture, but could be kept next to the JPG.

BradM73: LoL, that was the manager of the restaurant. He walked outside and asked me what I was doing. :D

TheStig000: Hey thanks for the review. I currently have had a D90 for about three years now and I'm looking to upgrade to a D7100. I was really curious about the low light performance of the D7100 since that is one of the few areas that the D90 is outdated in. This camera looks like a serious step in the right direction.

kauxkaux: Thanks for your vids man. I just bought a D7000 and I am already thinking about trading it for the D7100 (like I told you in another of your useful videos) Just an observation for future videos. Almost any camera can produce acceptable results with long exposures. It would be more useful If you could show how is the noise at night, indoors, maybe with wide apertures but with speeds of at least 1/60 I am very interested on this because I dont care for anything else than high ISO performance.

peetalvr: Excellent video and demo. Do you have a video demo on active d lighting?

Tshais-Vang2014: Maybe white balance off because on my D5100 are great color.

Tshais-Vang2014: Do you have any idea why all my RAW photo look yellow+green around the face and body

Jamie Coutts: thanks so much for the info Brad!! : )

dani dankha: I like ur channel because I like d7100 and I play simcity

Kyle Maes: I just shot in RAW HDR mode on my D7100 unless it decided to save them as JPEG anyways...

Theokondak: I've heard and i've seen some examples, where D7100 does produce some noise at high ISOs, but the image is much sharper compared to the same shot taken with D7000, with the details being well preserved, while D7000s pic was kinda muddy.Is that true?

BradM73: EV rating is the Exposure Value. In reference to Nikon's new HDR feature, the camera either over exposes or under exposes the images to create the final HDR image in-camera. The exposures are controlled internally and likely are just EV shifts. So far, low light focusing seems to be good, as can be seen in the second part of this video. Light levels were pretty low at the time, and the camera did very well. I enjoy night photography, and so far no problems.

BradM73: Low light performance overall is very similar to the D7000, which did excellently well in low light in my opinion. The 7100 is slightly better though, and seems to generate less noise at higher ISO speeds. It's not s huge difference, but any small amount helps.

BradM73: Yes, you can do bracketing in RAW.

nilste18: One tip and one question. I set JPEG only and still the HDR-setting in the menu was greyed out. Couldn't set it to ON. After a while I found that I had set bracketering to 3 frames. Bracketering needs to be set to off, zero frames, to set HDR on. How do you identify HDR shots from all other JPEG's on your card?

BradM73: Nikon 18-105mm VR kit lens.

BradM73: In response, there should be no logical reason why RAW couldn't be used for HDR. Second, the D7100 does appear to take two exposures. I say this because you can hear the shutter activate twice when taking a shot in HDR. It then processes the two exposures and creates an HDR mask to combine the images. This all occurs in-camera and the final product is a single JPEG. Hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks for watching.

bigboy636636: Enjoyed you video and looking for more info on the 7100. Does liveview have the option to see the histogram before taking the shot ???? TIA, Ben

TheStig000: You can do bracketing in RAW right? I think using that function would result in a much better HDR photo. You'd have to do the processing yourself, but it would be in RAW. Is there a downside to using bracketing over HDR function?

Theokondak: How is the low light performance compared to the D7000?In DxOmark D7100 scores slightly above D7000.

tred7272: I'm thinking of getting the d7100 for low light work, weddings and portrait work. So for pro work is it capable and should I get it

panavision09: decent review,fella. off the back of a d7000 with G lenses, it was more logical to go with a full frame. those of you with nikon 3000 or 5000 series the 7100 is a good upgrade. have at it,people.

Stef ten Bras: If HDR works as it does with the D7000 which I think it does, your description of HDR was totally off. The camera does not take several exposures, it only takes one exposure and therefore does not combine any exposures. What is does with the single exposure is using a larger or smaller range within that exposure. This is also the reason why RAW and HDR is not compatible as you call it. RAW is unprocessed, HDR is processed. By definition RAW can not be HDR processed. ben

DS Smith: Thanks for the video and the effort to put it together. From a critical standpoint, why not put forth a pic of something interesting and practical? A dinghy alleyway with some a/c units and a moldy wall? Also, I'd prefer a lot less "Uh" moments.

robhatesapathy: lol nevermind, its in 22nd minute, thanks

BradM73: No. At least not that I can see. The camera has to take the shot before it can make a histogram for the image. I'll keep looking through the manual and camera settings, but nothing is jumping out at me.

End: intro song? :)

juuonse: Not to mention the absolute (well almost) necessity of replacing your DX lenses with FX if you have some from a prior camera. Essentially the d600 is, from what I've seen, better a color separation and capture at low light than the d7100. Perks of a full frame. The d7100, then again, shines in day light pictures with it's clarity. Another perk is the better auto focus system for sports/nature photography as well as the 1,5x crop factor for more reach (in addition, the 1,3 crop feature).

Julian Apostate: You can import raw files from the D7100 if you edit the exif and rename D7100 to D5200.

Tender Films: correction, HDR was in the d7000 (jpg only obviously)

BradM73: There is nothing in the EXIF data specifically indentifying the HDR mode. I just had to remember how many shots I took and the order in which I took them to know which ones were which.

linda edwards: Thanks for the information. Well presented!

BradM73: It's just one of the stock audio sound bytes that come with iMovie for the Mac.

Photography By Lenny: Thanks, this was very helpful.

GlueFactoryBJJ: It would have been nice to see how the pictures looked at 12K and 25K ISO (H1 and H2). I've seen them before, especially pixel peeped, but since the vast majority of pics are seen at web resolutions (1280x720 or less), it would have been interesting to see how they compared.

robhatesapathy: ei, can i ask what lens are you using in these shots? thanks im watching right now but it would help if i knew the lens being used first, just for better measure. Thanks

Amirical D.: 19:12 the Nikon D7100 has an ability to capture GHOSTS ! :D i am getting that for SURE!!!

Tamás Gulyás: It's very simple. For REAL GOOD high iso performance you need FX camera ( double sensor size ).
Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review 4.5 out of 5

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Nikon D7100 HDR and High ISO Low Light Noise Review