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Titanjb: Yes because a six year old video is still relevant......

DonkeyFilms: Looks terrible

Krakolio: It's suspiciously like Dragon Quest, not to mention the characters...

soniclover88888: Nice, man. I like it, but I was thinking about making a Game Series in IG maker. I'll show a demo, and maybe continue. But still, your game looks pretty nice so far.

Josiah Gould: @DioMask2 Requiem for a Dream.

Alvosploio: @theblademaster555 dont for the love of Christ

Patrick Julien: What is the name of the song?

TheHolyFox123: lol u spelled freak wrong.........

OfficialSimplent: Final Fantasy :P

theblademaster555: @titanjb just to kno the first 3 weeks ive created it my computer had caught a virus and i coudnt go on the computer

theblademaster555: @titanjb k dude

Titanjb: @theblademaster555 Cool you should post a video when you get some of it done =)

theblademaster555: im going to make a beyblade rpg game

Titanjb: @darkwindsage Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2 -_-

OroCrimson: @darkwindsage True... although I will say that some games start with a full group then lose some/most of the characters shortly after. And I never got around to play Final Fantasy X, but I was just giving X-2 as an example of a game with a plot in which you have everyone firsthand. (Although I wish you didn't)

Fernando Gamboa.: @OroCrimson ive seen it, but if you play the first game, you should know why paine and rikku are with her, this is pointless

OroCrimson: @darkwindsage See FINAL FANTASY X-2

Fernando Gamboa.: no plot dude, the characters are with you since the beginning? c'mon, make some history

Tassadaritze: The song is Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna

MadeInPivot: hey! the picture in the start is from dnd!
my RPG maker game 5 out of 5

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Dasari Venkateswararao: nice
Elite_King: What I may do is have the "dummy" team be three people down (possibly defenders) from penalties by putting all penalty sliders up and then do a breakaway get close to goal, hold X with left hand and other controller with right hand go up and press B behind him. Think this might work?
DarkCrushy: This song gives me cancer.
dubs66: Nice job! Thanks for the video.
Tlhologelo Mabitle: you are gifted with the dark endowment of insults... 
wow bibah: i like ur head
jesus hernandez: I want these

my RPG maker game