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vidEOkid12345: o ye, and where did u get that awesome windowskin?

XxToKyOmEwxX: Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorites too :P

KingStubz: Chris is Super Sayian 4 Gogeta!!!

theblademaster555: im going to make a beyblade rpg game

metalnecromancer: 2 questions. 1. How did you get this game? Isn't supposed to be only in Japannese? 2. What song is this? Who did this cover?

cds662: that is true....Why isent there black People in Kingdom Hearts??? I feel like i am playing a racist game!!!

TheVirusSoftware: RTP graphics, terrible mapping...

titanjb: i cant make a hole game ether allways run into Event programing problems but yea i have used XP how can i help you

titanjb: kiss may ass fag

Hardfire: Requiem of a Dream

titanjb: Requiem for a dream theme song

mrpane5: lol rs is cooler games whit new graphicks

Scatterbrain Sketch: noce intro music.i love requiem for a dream.

tillmy: i have this game and i made a really cool zelda game. this game is pretty good to!

Tinyblade109: This song is so irrelevant. Has nothing to do with the video whatsoever

Parkerkun: It's called "Requiem for a Dream" and is from the composer Clint Mansell, but yes there was also a special version made for the LotR 2 trailer, which sounds pretty much the same though.

Talon21500: lol... you used a picture of the Monster Manual from 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.

RAWfart: aww u poor guy -.-

soniclover88888: Nice, man. I like it, but I was thinking about making a Game Series in IG maker. I'll show a demo, and maybe continue. But still, your game looks pretty nice so far.

Riizaru: o.o, but theres already a game called kingdom hearts D:

Mattimeo78: Mapping and story aside, there is nothing wrong with using RTP graphics. Look at the original Legion Saga or the original Laxius Power (Which did use some external visuals and sounds, but was mostly RTP). This game, sure. But it's a shame to ever write a game off simply because of the RTP graphics. I prefer RTP. I prefer generic to stolen. Pretty irksome to see characters from well-known commercial RPGs turned into morons.

stickmasterzz: can i download?

gorboy: Lol Chrono and Robo

Lukas Mullen: SUCKS ASS :P just kidding its nice

metamano: everytime i try to start the program it sais rpg maker 2000 error:install english RTP WTF DOUSE THAT MEAN

Ioku: lol i know its all white and azns. then ur occasional hispanic and dont forget arabs!-aladdin

Fartacus McGee: why is there no black men in kingdom hearts!! lol

HackyMcSackMan: rofl

finalfantasymario: The title screen reminds me of Resident Evil 2's title screen. xD

Bird Tori: cool music

cococolonel: freak those haters. I'm also trying to make an rpg about my friends

Damonthefox: Near the beginning I saw u walk over a tree Cool game though

titanjb: ty but i never got it finished =)

TxIvan102xT: It goes by Requiem for a dream, but its real name is Lux Aterna. :D

heromarcostrago: titanjb, have you tried rpg maker xp? I was asking cause if you have you can give me some ideas. Your game is pretty cool. THey hate cuz they're unable to make a whole game.

Tacostandninja: So many flaws but its ok i guess... You won a combat? rofl

AnimiNoob: i wunt to play D:>

ChikaNasty: "Why are there no black guys in kingdom hearts" I always noticed that...

LoveTrain420: FAIL!!!1

prototaip: mapping is too poor.....try to do something better....o come cavolo si dice XD

DevinFilms66792: Looks terrible

hazzystan: The houses are tiny, why don't you build your own?

Alvosploio: @theblademaster555 dont for the love of Christ

PD Official: u really need help with ur mapping.

titanjb: not mad but everyone asks like 5000 times all you have to do is look at the comments and its bound to be there lol =P

Nicky Wild: What's the song at the start? I may sound dumb but I can't find it T_T

biscutboy77: oookkkkk

BlackestEye: looks a bit poor...espacially the Final Fantasy Paralells ... imean...SQUALLS GUN BLADe---> WTF`? cant u call it another way

OfficialSimplent: Final Fantasy :P

pichubolt090: That's a nice windowskin.
my RPG maker game 3.4 out of 5

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Toffeehammer: I'm pretty sure The Creature was immobilized before Inverterbrat. Shame Berserk 2 isn't as impressive as it was in the last war.
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