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DonkeyFilms: Looks terrible

Krakolio: It's suspiciously like Dragon Quest, not to mention the characters...

Alvosploio: @theblademaster555 dont for the love of Christ

Patrick Julien: What is the name of the song?

TheHolyFox123: lol u spelled freak wrong.........

Fernando Gamboa.: @OroCrimson ive seen it, but if you play the first game, you should know why paine and rikku are with her, this is pointless

Fernando Gamboa.: no plot dude, the characters are with you since the beginning? c'mon, make some history

FartacusMcGee: why is there no black men in kingdom hearts!! lol

Colin it a Day: noce intro music.i love requiem for a dream.


finalfantasymario: The title screen reminds me of Resident Evil 2's title screen. xD

Smashington: awful song choice

Damonthefox: Near the beginning I saw u walk over a tree Cool game though

PrekiFromPoland: Damn dude :D, I've made a similar game demo. It was about myself and my friends too (and it sucked). Hopefully my HDD got pwnt, and this demo too :p

xbon1: You need RTP pack, installation should've came with it.

hazzystan: The houses are tiny, why don't you build your own?

Nicky Wild: What's the song at the start? I may sound dumb but I can't find it T_T

PD Official: u really need help with ur mapping.

Necromoni: Are u sure I thought this is from empire earth 1 lol it sounds just like it

Lukas Mullen: SUCKS ASS :P just kidding its nice
my RPG maker game 5 out of 5

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DonkeyFilms: Looks terrible
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Carissa A: I live in Bahrain and we have Kinder chocolate and a whole bunch of other German chocolate.
Zvonimir Bobic: whatever...i thought i understood this video...seems i did not...i give up...i thought the damaged wire is sensor ground...seems i m wrong
Kyle Battease: i go this game ghost
Pokéflash: dan kiki et caure
Narovoid: Love the first person view. How did you do that?

my RPG maker game