1911 Colt Night Defender (.45 Acp)

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Brian Sullivan: That's my edc. Feeds anything.

pcnotpc59: I love how you compare it to a Glock 35. "Definitely smaller." DUH! Apples to oranges. Compare it to a Glock 30 or 36 and then state which is smaller.

GunWebsites: We offer a close look at the gun.. that is all this is a 2 minute video.. please do not complain when you have the wrong expectations to begin with any concept that this video is supposed to be some kind of in-depth review is from your own mind

david klausmeyer: @GunWebsites Yes, that guy is an idiot. Go into any gun store (auto sales floor or whatever), and the salesman will tell you all kinds of things a bout a gun without having actually fired it. All you can do is show products we might be interested in, and it's then up to an adult customer to make the final decision.

Adrian Flores: Is that a beavertail safety grip or a ducktail?

Bob Smith: 2 comments - The safety on a 1911 design only works when it is roostered, hence the phrase "roostered and locked". The military training course on the 1911 had lefties do everything with the 1911 as right handed right up until aiming and shooting. So after taking the safety off, shifting the grip from the right hand to the left hand, aim and shoot.

GunWebsites: @MrWhirledpeas Did anyone offer an opinion? did anyone suggest it is better of worse than anything else? We showed people a pistol they might not otherwise get a close look at... You must be an idiot.

Firearms Training Channel: @Tardisius Two glocks are nice but you'll never have the style that a 1911 has. Some are born with it and some buy tupperwear ;) I love my S&W 99 though so I can't talk too much crap on plastic guns. Thing runs great, eats anything that fits in the chamber, and it's a shooting SOB. My 1911 is less finicky that some. Looks great. And should I ever run low on ammo I can always pistol whip someone ;)

Firearms Training Channel: @85wifebeater Thats what the thumb saftey is for. 1911's are almost never carried hammer down on a live round because they are single action. You would have to rooster the hammer in order to fire. With the hammer roostered and the thumb saftey on you're perfectly safe. No need to drop the hammer. If it was loaded and you didn't want it to be you would sweep the saftey off, drop the mag and rack the slide. That would eject the round in the chamber making the weapon "safe".

Firearms Training Channel: @85wifebeater It's single action, why would you derooster it?

GunWebsites: @85wifebeater very few 1911 style pistols have a deroosterer

GunWebsites: @nemrac72k I'm not a lefty.. but we do keep one around for all the government subsidies we get for employing them.. so I'll see if we can't do a series on what lefties have to deal with when using right handed guns

Mrcaffinebean: Very good looking.

N72K: Sweet little gun. If I'm not mistaken your left handed, do you plan on putting a ambi safety? If not can you demonstrate how a lefty can work the safety on a 1911 that only has it on one side. Thanks

Mr45Bullitt: I just got the Defender.I really like it.That one is really good looking. Thanks.

GunWebsites: @jtmoney606 We beg, borrow, and if necessary buy.. it is all about being in the right place at the right time.. but I spend most of my time in gun shops or at the range, so guns are always around
1911 Colt Night Defender (.45 acp) 5 out of 5

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1911 Colt Night Defender (.45 acp)