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MrBanebre: cheers, does this bypass (wire cutting) works with motronic bosch DME? (the 400 or 403, 405 type)

my car is a m50 swap in 95 m52 chassis ,and I need to put in another DME (my current one is toasted)

chrisonfire420: would this be the same process on a 95' 318i? And if i got a 92-93 DME for the bypass would it also have to come from a 318 to work?

Danta Biviens: could u do this with an 2001 e46

Zackarya Kayali: so can i just buy an EWS disabled and tuned ECU and replace it with my old ECU?
please answe

Mel Locklear: I got the 413 because my old one was corroded due to rain. My car is a 1992 325i, when I put in the new one do I need to swap the chips and put in the chip from my old one?

mowglilp: Hi. Thanks for the great vid. I need a few more clarifications though... I have a 520i with Siemens DME and I'm planning on swapping in a M50B25 vanos from a 525i. My 520i is a >95 car, so EWS2 enabled. My question is what kind of DME I must get to keep the EWS2 functionality? My understanding was that only one from a >95 car would work and then reprogram it to pair with the EWS module. Fair enough, but E34s from 95 are quite rare, so I'm looking at 93-94 as well. So, can I then buy a 93 525i and get a DME from >95? How do I know which DME is the right one, with EWS2? I understood all silver labeled 413 DMEs are EWS2 enabled, but when looking the part # on your DME from the video, it was <95 on realoem, so I'm a bit confused.
Lastly, you said if I would cut the wire from pin 66, the key chip would still be needed for the immobilizer, which is what I want, but how is that possible? Isn't the whole point of cutting the 66 pin to disable the immobilizer and make the chip obsolete? what are you then achieving by cutting the wire? Thanks a lot for the help so far.

Lee Barnes: Here to report a related fix for my Nov 93 e34 540i that has cold start issues where it won't at below mid 30 F degrees. I cut pin 66 wire in the DME header where it was black with yellow stripe and it starts 0 F degrees now. It always did crank over strong and fast, the engine just would not start when it was cold out. After replacing cam/crank sensor with no change, I monitored the fuel pump fuse with a test light. Cold there was no prime, and no voltage to fuel pump during starter cranking which tells me the computer has been told to not start. Warm it has power to prime for one second and then soon after engine turns over with starter. Cut the pin 66 wire and I have power on the fuel pump fuse without fail both for prime and start. Mine has black label DME 0 261 200 404.

Willie Hulk: bypass the EWS II immobilizer in your 96 328i help

Simo B: Siemens MS41 immo delete is really easy with inpa cable.

sidvious509: I have a e38 with the same ews but my 4th pin in the back of the ews is black and violet. and the 11th pin on the DME has no pin in it.

Enrique Zambrano: Thank you for the info...EZ

Paul Simpson: Your video saved the day. Had to change out my M44 1996 engine with a M43 1994 engine (318i). Engine would not start after the install. Cut the green EWS wire as you demonstrated and the car started first go and runs better than ever. Love your work!

Andrew Teeter: has anyone else tried this with success? I have a 97 328i. previous owner destroyed the ews at the ignition and now it won't start. I found the delete chip online for $300. I think I'm going to try the chip. big leap of faith...

arturo munoz: hello i have a 4/95 318ti will this method work aswell? i have silver label 282 ews2

Oscar Faz: Hey nice video can l do it on my 98 740 il same procedure l would really appreciate your help , thanks

arturo barranco: very good video my friend i have a quoestion where can i get the off or you sell it??

ady-B David: im planning on doing an m62 swap in my e30, the m62 being ews obviously. will this make my wiring job easier?

Troy Franklin: so my red 413 stop working no power to fuel pumps also no power to computer so does that mean I have to get a new red box or can I slap a Ews delete chip and it will work again??

trip0six: Double thumbs up on your vid and work!. Do you know how to do this on a 1997 528i e39 2.8 automatic? I could really use the help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Wilkes: What computer does a 1989 325I take and how do you replace it?

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