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fe1od1or: Space Ghandi...
Jon Wood: what a great message and excellent delivery! practical and practiceable ideas for making quick connections in an ever-quickening world :-)
Balotelli AGUERO: Why is Micah holding down his boner 
Frankie Smales: so damn arousing and hypnotic it put me into a trance thanks .
TheRyan AndDavydShow: LEGO has emailed me the following information to share with you guys! :D "Ninjago will continue in 2015 with a new season titled LEGO Ninjago Return of an Ancient Evil. It will premiere on January 18, 2015. The villains being Stone Cultists including a stone Pythor. And the Ninja will be joined by another female character in orange ninja suit, named Skylar. The season will revolve around the Ninja discovering they are not the only ones with elemental powers."
jasmeet kaur: nainas speaks like shakti kapoor lolzz... such a wannabe
famouscox: yea i usually only play the story mode and land never really online so if i dont get super sayian naruto im not even going to buy this game!!

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