A Review Of Cinevate's DSLR Rig And Medusa Sneak Peek.

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A review of Cinevate's DSLR rig and Medusa Sneak Peek.
A review of Cinevate's DSLR rig and Medusa Sneak Peek.
Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rig
Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rig
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Zacuto DSLR Rigs: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV
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Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rigs - Tech Talk
Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rigs - Tech Talk

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Abdullah öncül: have manie

Cinevate: Hi, The rig shown is several different components built together, but it starts off as our DSLR Rig and adds the Proteus Cage and Titan Mattebox. Feel free to email sales [at] cinevate.com for an accurate quote.

SHINING STARS HOME VIDEO: Did you guy build that for sale? Or for show only. How much it cost ? I need your feed back from you guy please.

TheManiacMax: in my opinion ,cinevate is apple for filmmaker's and dennis wood is steve jobs. ! (':

Kaelem Burgess: Would this rig work with a Canon 60D or 7D?

LoyalWesterner: @tahoeclimber Hello mate, just a little question. How did you get involved in film making? I am fascinated.

tahoeclimber: @parravision2011 Actually, getting the film look is a product of several things; high resolution, 24p, shallow DOF, lighting technique, frame composition. 60i SD is synonymous with the soap opera/news look. The DSLRS can shoot 1080/24p with a shallow DOF. Yes you can achieve a film look convincing enough to be used in major motion pictures. Were you aware that most motion pictures now are filmed with video cameras? DSLRs are being used fro B roll and crash cams and sometimes the main cam.

yusingsong: GREAT CAMERA...

Linogq: Which camera did they use to record tihs?

BenHughesStudios: God... I wish I had five 5D mark II's...

GradoLabsFans: I think it can balance when we get the 70-200 f2.8 on it

GradoLabsFans: @ObeyBrandon The len is 18-35 F2.8L (See 4:18)

danny chi: How can I buy this ?

jescsoluciones: Where can i buy all that stuf? Prices, Place where I can buy, all pleaseeeee

jescsoluciones: Where can i buy all that stuf? Prices, Place where I can buy, all pleaseeeee

nguy3n21: @pleasedontspamx yeah whats the website i like to see and shop around for a rig

Darth Boner: Cinevate have nice looking rigs, but the price I think is too high. There's a lot of people out there, amateur and professional alike who want a strong, sturdy metal based rig but don't want pay these crazy prices. I got my rig from a small start up company who charge $135US for a full aluminium rig. If anyone's interested just message me.

Cinevate: That was likely Patrick's 24mm prime. It gets used often on Steadicam.

Brandon Polson: what l lens is that?

lg3tech: You know you've got a kick ass job when you lose track of how many 5D II units you have :)
A review of Cinevate's DSLR rig and Medusa Sneak Peek. 5 out of 5

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A review of Cinevate's DSLR rig and Medusa Sneak Peek.