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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TeamSTtv: Lockey playing really well. Rory playing really well. Parfield letting down the nation!
Bernardo Gontijo: pra que bombear o freio se tem abs?
72darkf: perfect size!
SuperMagolor 64: You never mentioned the return of Smash ability!! It's a nice blast to the past as Amazing Mirror and Melee are both VERY well known games with that ability.
Rick Uzubell: Great video. I have the same snowblower (in fact, I own three of them). The pull cord did not recoil today. I brought the snowblower into my basement and removed the top cover and noticed a lot of ice build-up -- do you think the cord might eventually return after it has thawed-out? It was -10F this afternoon while I was using it. I could always use one of the other snowblowers for parts. Your thoughts?
vad999999999: Крутооооо
Adam Jensen: сам хоть на чём катаешься, на маршрутке?

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