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mariah deyana: WE LITERALLY HAD THE SAME PROBLEM! I dyed my hair with the same exact color and tried to dye it blonde back 
Дмитрий Усманов: Маладэц:D
Vasja Pupkin: thanks
LuciaWarriorZero: This game would be better if exp didn't depend solely on quests after a while. What happened to good old fashioned grinding? The monsters mean nothing now except to be used as something to kill so quests give you exp. It takes 5 kills of a monster my level to raise character exp 1% now. freak that.
jangate: I have a pair..they are too small..lens diameter less than half inch...very small glasses.!
lollixo: the remote play work perfectly with every version of kingdom hearts 1.5 hd collection the same for all games
Gtchy1230: This thing is an off-road beast! Can't wait to test it out along the coast over the big rocks. I'll be sure to upload it when I do!

Saint Seiya The Hades PS2 Walkthrough#03-Mu Vs. Saga