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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jonah Jacobbi: I like it but why do you sound like your crying?
chris saad: Is there trimming necessary? 
Abigail Dembo: Anyone know where I can stream this film for free?
luis echevarria: ...
James Taylor: This video is called "Thomas the Tank Engine", not to be confused with the Railway Series book of the same name.
Jakub Stacke: 4mm je krasne. Ale stejne, kdyz ji budu mejt v obyvaku, myslim ze jestli to ma 15mm nebo 1mm nikdo resit nebude. HLAVNE se mi nelibi ten stojan...
ThermalWedgie: @eddy1397 They're the almost the exact same thing, the main differences are a stamped receiver instead of a milled receiver, and guide rails for the bolt carrier, and slight performance and reliability upgrades. It is also more optimized for mass production. It is still chambered in 7.62mm x 39mm like its brother, the AK-47.

Saint Seiya The Hades PS2 Walkthrough#03-Mu Vs. Saga