1983 El Camino Ly6 Vortec Engine Swap With Exhaust

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1983 el camino ly6 vortec engine swap with exhaust
1983 el camino ly6 vortec engine swap with exhaust

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Demetriouslouden Louden: Did you also have to relocate the battery

Demetriouslouden Louden: Did you also have to relocate the battery

av8bud: so its mated to the stock 350? did it bolt right up or did you need an adapter? how hard was the wiring? thats the part that scares me, plus i have the same dash cluster that i want to keep using...

Travien Houston: i would like your help bad have an 5.3/4l60e

Travien Houston: what your set up like fuel,wiring,mounts,where you located

HURAM: depends on price of engine/trans combo, accessories, etc. Some people spend 10k dollars on just the drivetrain. Some people can get away under 5k including car. Im 5k into engine, trans, rear end, hood, headers, exhaust, and custom oil pan

HURAM: Definitely!!! :-)

HURAM: yes it is possible in anything you can imagine GM

ErikMartinez454: Is this swap posible to do on a 96-99 4WD GM Pickup truck???? thanks

VectorPrimeZion: Real sleeper

HURAM: I'll make sure we take it off this week. I have to get the transmission rebuilt first. I knew the original th350 wouldn't last too long. I'm pretty sure the forward drum is crap.

frankie790: We still have to paint the hood man, its ugly lol

mxpeace: Hey did u use new motor mounts or adapter plates?? Is the truck oil pan too low?? Im doing a swap on my 87 monte.

MR1000101: You make me sick! lol...and you better not never sell it!!!

HURAM: @fifo32 4.8/5.3/6.0 w/4l60e or 4l80e. Ls based engines are the only option in my opinion. You get everything you've dreamed of in a project with them.

fifo32: Im undecided what swap i want to do into my 1991 blazer k5 has the 350tbi and 700r4 with a 4" lift. What would you reccomend?

HURAM: @BLAZEDALLDATIME yours will be a blast with a t56 and better gearing than this one. I have not finished up my posi and gear setup

BLAZEDALLDATIME: dude you and i must be connected telepathically i have a 83 elcamino ss that i am putting an new ly6 with vvt headers t56 magnum new ford 9" with willwood disks this freaking rocks your awesome

Mike Ken: So I have most of my parts almost ready for the swap......HOWEVER im using a LQ9 and its going in my grand national and I want to use my stock hood, will the motor fit, or will I have to change to a LS1 intake manifold, if so what all do I need the the car intake???

John amezquita: Ok thanks when im ready Ill let you know.
1983 el camino ly6 vortec engine swap with exhaust 5 out of 5

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1983 el camino ly6 vortec engine swap with exhaust