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Lukas Gruber: absolutes Traumauto: Audi S3 Sedan
T Tran: this is my old post. look at my last post and you will noticed that i have termis... it's so loud that i got a few yell from my neighbor to turn it off.
Liam perry: Watch out for the bottom bracket. I'm on my second one as the first one had problems. The guys at my local store said that the BB shell was not honed to within tolerance and it causes the bearings to compress and creak like mad. They replaced the frame with new bearings and after 100 miles it happened again. They have since given me a new bike and replaced the bearings with ceramics and at the moment ive done about 400 miles. The guys at my local store were fantastic at dealing with the issue.
Alyssa Shanderson: Bugs
Veikko Allan: Thanks for the information! It was really great to sit through your presentation which seemed to go on for hours, repeating itself ad nauseam, while fear mongering to reap profits just like the pharmaceutical companies that you warn against. You are douchebags. If there is a shred of empirical evidence to support any of this, I'd love to see it presented and if you are the benevolent company you want to come across as being... maybe you should share this secret FREELY with all of those kids in Africa who are dying right now for lack of clean drinking water.
stubborn facts: are you able to assist my understanding of how you attached the lead counterweight to make the unit vibrate?

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