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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Tom Hanson: Hey Gluck, do you know how to read?? Are you retarded?? When did I EVER say it was a 1.7 KB and had over 435 hp??? Read crap before you post crap it makes you look like a total idiot 
martinmr2: nice, will be there next week on the 3rd of Jan with a friend. Looking forward to this trip!
Christopher Penta: Where did cleaning rods go?
Oliver Aeternus: Spare mags you can order online from America but they're expensive with shipping
Cartoons & Caricatures: @MAKER6450 Well, just because you hated it doesn't automatically make it bad. Although it was abit silly considering the fact that they looked like eurotrash I still think it had its moments.
halo3productions911: @HaloReachProduction Oh, I didn't realize that....
David Rodrigues: pre treino HARD CORE !

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