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nat dogg: loks like old school mario but with better graphics looks awsome 
Philip Witter: where do you buy polyester board?
Matt Whitby: Shame you can't get the ipad app in the UK.
Karl Man: Ein Guter Start! Sehr gut gemacht. Danke!
Drew Seelig: Criteria for actually liking this movie. 1. Know what the freak Godzilla even is. 2. Have more than just Godzilla 1998 in your list of Godzilla movies you've seen before (THAT movie shouldn't even be considered a Godzilla movie, anyway) 3. Have an actual appreciation for build-up. 4. Know that in most Godzilla movies, Godzilla himself doesn't have much screentime. 5. Be able to not mind slightly bland characters/acting every now and then. 6. Barely know/not know anything about Breaking Bad 7. Not be a Bryan Cranston fanatic 8. Not be an explosion/action whore and/or a Michael Bay fan. 9. Not be a stuck up prick who can never be pleased ever. 10. Never go by the trailers for any movie ever. If you meet most or all of these criteria, you will be sure to love the ever loving crap outta this movie. :) For those who meet very little or NONE of these criteria, you will most likely hate this movie with a passion and moan, groan, complain and bitch about it anywhere on the internet you can, any chance you get. ESPECIALLY on YouTube comments on videos concerning this movie.
Devika Dileep: great profect can you send me the details of the project along with the component required

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