LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense

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LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense
LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense
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Rashawn Robinson: Song at the end?

MADDOGmjb: Maybe I'm bling, but I only saw X get killed by 2 LVGs. vertainly he died more often from bullets than grenades.

LVIeSSi: What do u like to use on your m416? How about on ur mg4? And last but not least how about on ur aek971?

Backtothere: Who is pipelayer?

Wargreymon559: They just need to tone down the freaking noobtubes to BF3 level.They were perfectly balanced there.

TheAvnas: you hear two DMR shots and you're already moaning

HLGpanda: Primal Drive was the guy who shot you the very last video you posted twice w/ the LVG. Either you have a stalker, super coincident.

damuboi55: hey x why don't you use the flash hider that thing is beast it doesn't change stats on the gun and it conceals you were as people wont be able to pin point you as easy i use it on all my weapons 

dimmu blaster: Lvgg lol

TheDazzledLynx: lvGG

ShouT BF: hahahahaha lvgg :)

wcw2793: I was waiting for X to quote Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. *Sees flood of grenades come at him. "Holy Jesus. WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT THE freak IS THAT???!!!"

Dolphinum Tayo: lvgg =)

zackman40: How i feel everytime the map changes to locker, scrubs just spamming the lvgs everywhere.

iBenPSN | Check out My Twitch! :p: does shadowplay limit your fps to 120 now?

Chris Brenchley: Lvg users are pussies

Night0wlLT: LVG - Little vagina gays

Azoz Alenzi: I want to ask you in rush or conquest there is time 60 minet whats happening if the tiket didnt drian to zero can any body answer it sorry my english is bad 

Tom Kolijn: If you hear that muffle sound thingy just go to start and then do that again to ga back in the game... I am a consolebplauer amd if i press start twice it works ... (I dont know if it works on pc too ???)

Chainsaw2757: M416 is a beast am I right?

kilsya1: "alright IM HIGH" oh are you man? xD

Mustafa Tamimi: :) Duuuuuude you're super amazing I am a huge fan of you and I love your Battlefield videos they're truly awesome and I would really love to join your squad some other time and I hope you add me to your list .. Thank you a lot .. Here is my ID Mustafaa_8

marcopolo208: The sound problem is fixed by going to the menu. On my PS3 i just click start and go resume the game quickly and the sound coms back normally.

Dantehavok218: This is great and all X but i'm still waiting for some more epic tank gameplay from you. There was a lot more in BF3

FELIX SANDOVAL: Dude you never lost you sound. We can tell you that,maybe your speakers or headset don't work,need new ones,but the sound on video is perfect.;D

wizzzer1337: i hate the LVG with passion, even more than the minis!

BrutalL3G4CY: Jackfrags"im so over being one hit right now, it happens so often" this is the reason I refuse to play since the patch, been smashing cs:go instead

CrownedRazberry: Since the recent patch everybody is running SKS. spam shooters

Mika Van der gun: Did you know that there is a megalodon song on spinnin records do you think it has some thing to do with bf4 megalodon at paracel storm 

darknight0z: What was your loadout on your M416 xfactor?

tobsk84: why m416 ? such a boring weapon

Noam Binyamin: what is your loadout?

Peccath: Lvgg, u so funnyh ^_^

Cedlad: Lvgg

falindar: Lol first time i accidentally spawned in on locker with a smaw i got 7 smaw kills before dieing, and now I'm thinking of just using it there it went so well :P

reedypoem6: Only way to play Operation Clusterfreak is with servers that ban explosives the lvg are the worst they bounce making it impossible to get away from them for the most part. 

AbouliaTrilobyte: I hate LVGs so much, the way they randomly bounce around walls until hitting someone. They do way too much damage for their ease of use. They're way too efficient in choke point situations. Was nice to hear Jackfrags voice his frustration on the 1hk. For me, it's 50-50 1hks/normal kills. I actually started to enjoy getting legit owned when it happens. How can you tell when you were tactically wrong, or the game just lied to you and your enemy had been staring at you for 2 seconds.


JuanEnriqueS123: Since they start talking about the asval at the beginning of the video I thought it could be a good question, has anyone else gotten one shotted with it? I've had it happen to me a couple of times and I've seen some videos of where it happens to other people as well

GlaciaDay: LVG is clearly OP now

Alex Mantei: Wait to you see the lvgg on operation metro... 

Harry Hehehehe: LVG is the ultimate weapon for noobs, but so is HE.

Alec Poulos: I just refrain from playing any game mode on Operation Clusterfreak, due to only getting killed by ever kind of grenade

lord shadowgod: hey x!

DJRaevenHeart: I love it when all you guys are together. I can watch the same match multiple times from different viewpoints. KUTGW

bostonceltics727: Is XFactor just discovering the M416?

luis flores: Great video 

RoTW Nadez: That new outro LOVE IT :D

Harrison King: I wish the DMR's could have the long range scopes... 

dxh1750: x, What setup are you using on your m416?
LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense 5 out of 5

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LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense