LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense

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Rashawn Robinson: Song at the end?

NeoMaddy: Maybe I'm bling, but I only saw X get killed by 2 LVGs. vertainly he died more often from bullets than grenades.

LVIeSSi: What do u like to use on your m416? How about on ur mg4? And last but not least how about on ur aek971?

Archie Nancarrow: Who is pipelayer?

Wargreymon559: They just need to tone down the freaking noobtubes to BF3 level.They were perfectly balanced there.

TheAvnas: you hear two DMR shots and you're already moaning

HLGpanda: Primal Drive was the guy who shot you the very last video you posted twice w/ the LVG. Either you have a stalker, super coincident.

damuboi55: hey x why don't you use the flash hider that thing is beast it doesn't change stats on the gun and it conceals you were as people wont be able to pin point you as easy i use it on all my weapons 

dimmu blaster: Lvgg lol

TheDazzledLynx: lvGG

ShouTBF: hahahahaha lvgg :)

wcw2793: I was waiting for X to quote Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. *Sees flood of grenades come at him. "Holy Jesus. WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT THE freak IS THAT???!!!"

Dolphinum Tayo: lvgg =)

zackman40: How i feel everytime the map changes to locker, scrubs just spamming the lvgs everywhere.

Chris Brenchley: Lvg users are pussies

Night0wlLT: LVG - Little vagina gays

السيد الشاب: I want to ask you in rush or conquest there is time 60 minet whats happening if the tiket didnt drian to zero can any body answer it sorry my english is bad

Tom Kolijn: If you hear that muffle sound thingy just go to start and then do that again to ga back in the game...
I am a consolebplauer amd if i press start twice it works ...
(I dont know if it works on pc too ???)

Chainsaw2757: M416 is a beast am I right?

kilsya1: "alright IM HIGH" oh are you man? xD
LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense 5 out of 5

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Sinner Whalez: sorry I didn't get to read your comment I think it got erased. what did it say?
Rashawn Robinson: Song at the end?
CatBattleZ: How did you get the glass panel?
Pamela Caro: recipe please
Jim Jimmy: Great and informative videos, thanks!
I suffer from Chondromalacia patella for almost 15months now. I recieved 2 injections on the outside of the knee. Not from my bone marrow, but my blood's plasma. Things got better after the second injection. The thing is that I took my bike for a long ride and the next day I returned to point zero. All my symptoms are back. I cant deep squat with no pain and the range of motion is not great. Do you think that I should do more of those injections to have a permanent treatment? 
Thanks again!

Norbert Tamas: wow it must be so hard because i use my words to fight
Relf Morris: do get a kick back just asking

LVGG - Battlefield 4 Rush Defense