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Nettie Jenkins: This could make a huge difference in the life of so many people in my family if I won and friends....I could really help so many ! (Smiles) PCH Super Fan #1 That's Me !

Susan Carter: I have entered this when it was only mail maybe 30 yrs ? no joke I and my hubby or on disability and it is so hard we know its hard every where and we will change some peoples lives our church is first on our list good luck to all :))

Alex Herrera: if i win all money goes to charitys churches and for homless people and a little for me

Kim King: Kimsboys284 says God Bless you

Martha Miguel: Im in it to win it at pch. :)

Marjorie Mccoy: I sure would like to win 

Brenda Carlton: PCH when is it my turn to win. I am weighting on you. Please show up at my door.

Steven Rench: wow i went down the list, these people need it more than me. i,m just a crippled vet. But i try to injoy my life and do the the right thing but i didn't know there were so many people had this many problems????

supremejoseph1: I play every single day and have never won anything in fact I've never seen a prize patrol van one the road anywhere smells like a scam where are all these so called winners at?

DWAYNE DIXON: TI'S ME I WIN $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE PUBLISHERS Clearing House super prize and $1,000,000.00 PCHlotto top paly of this game i am so happy thank you. Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol i can't what to see you come to me they big check wife my name on it!! i will call my familly and friends ) i am reday for you to come to the bronx .ny 

Magnum Amaechi: I saw the winner in 2014 it wasn't 7000 a week for life. But 1million.....it is still a really good prize. And I hope I win this 5000 a week for life.

Gloria Lewis: The chance of a lifetime is just click away!Enter to win $7,000 A Week with PCH today! Gloria Lewis OF ALBANY GEORGIA PCH CLAIMING FOREVER SUPER PRIZE JESUS CHRIST IS MY LIVING WATER Thanks Set For Life Amen

Heidi Davidson: Auntrapanuer

George McGovern: Good Luck all because PCH is actually running a lottery and not a sweepstakes. PCH give all enteries a random number than have their computer create a random number then compare the computer's to all the previous random numbers....Just like powerball!! Compare this to the typical sweepstakes: One entry chosen from a pool of previously submitted entries.

Renate Ott: We Wished to be LUCKY also....

Kathleen Tasillo: Miracles can come true if you believe

joe hengstebeck: Could you imagine what it would be like to achieve such a Prize of not only your life but someone else's too !

Lee Vest: This could help my family out 

Greg Littler: I would be nice two win big so i could retire and not worry about money.& so I could donate to charitys & build a nice house.

Kim King: That would be awesome!!!!

Cecily Moore: Cool I would go gambling in the casino


pauline mcpherson-thomas: PCH i wanna be ur New Winner on June 30th, i truly want to be "Set For Life", gwy no. 3080....

Robert Tenney: I want to win

pauline mcpherson-thomas: Set for Life Orize, i surely hope ut me....

damaris bauzo: If I win I do not have a apartment I live with my older daughter but 2 of my kid Taty and Yary they are my small daughter we need a house thing for the house . I will help all my children's 4 all together Kristy . Roy . Yary . Taty .plus my Sisther Millie my mother and dad. 

Patricia Daniel: Pch.com Search&Win I Won,t To Win The Dream Life Prize # 3080 !! 

David Phifer: This would be spectacular!!

Mitzi Powell: I've been entering this for years and now it's about my time to win this drawing 

Victor Rojas: That will be fantastic close to my weeding anniversary and mother day that make a dream come true.

Willie walker: Please bless me God so that will be me

Vickie Westpfahl: Vickie Westpfahl

Carlita Martinez: Win win for ever

Kahlil Edwards: Every morning before I do the search I always pray and say "God lead the way for me to win this if that's what you wasn't me to have"

Barbara Davis: If I win it will be a dream come true for my family and my church it will be a blessing for me because time is hard for me after my husband left me and laster he past away GOD bless

M Johnston: If I were to be blessed enough to win that seven thousand dollars a week for life or a million dollars , I would first seek the medical help that I know that my doctor tells me I need! Pay anyone and everyone that has helped me Along this journey, pay all of my creditors! Help my family and certain charities! I definitely would not go crazy with any amount of money! I was raised with very little money. But I was raised with an abundance of love!!!!! And looking back if I could have chosen to be raised rich around the wealthy side, and no love? I would not have changed a thing! The love was the greatest thing, and no amount of money could have bought that!!!!! I wish you all that are trying to win this, peace, love, and joy and most of all, good health and blessings !!!!! 

JoAnn Benito: Just keep plugging in hoping to win!! $$

Darold Tutherow: I would take care of family,,Food,and vacation.Would make all the difference in the World,Thanks for asking.

Mark Christian: PCH you can make all my hopes ???



Said Samatar: Sdsamatar

Jason Kimbrough Sr: show me that it;s really real;

Vivian Missouri: I want to win for life's gifts and my church. Also to uplift others with love thru charity.

Rob Rodreick: FAR OUT!

Aleyia Mayes: Good Luck to Everyone who enters!!! Including me! lol

Gerald Hollaway: When I win the super prize-winning. I plan to change the life of Lawton Oklahoma and my sister's and brothers and all of are children.

TallPostMan87: I recieve and win this in Jesus name!!!

flora Hawkins: Ive been searching on pch since 2012. I hope the blessing of God bless me for I can bless my family and get my life fully together. Praying, stay positive and have faith. I think that's the key:)

Patricia DuBois: Seeing Happiness like you have done for so many people, is a Blessing and I know I have really tried to enter every chance that you gave to me ,I can only hope , wish that I will be one of the next winners. I would surely do for Others that need help as well as myself and my Grand Children
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Niklas Reichmann: battlefield 2 and 3 are my all time favorites, great games
Elena Dimitrovska: no this is on pc
thedancingdino3: OH WOW I was so confused this whole time about protein synthesis and had no idea where to start but this video surprisingly helped! It's protein synthesis in a nutshell thanks so much!!!
brendacl08: @PearlyThePug haha oh i like that borrowed!! lol i "borrow" alot from my sister too but she does too so it evens out haha yeah im going to try and go get it this weekend it looks super easy the way you did it but than again you prob perfected it i dont really draw my eyebrows in only with shadow but never pen or pencils
Daniel McAllister: Can you make themer available on the nexus 7 tablet😭

Enter to Win $7,000 A Week For Life From Publishers Clearing House!