Field And Stream Eagle Talon 12

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Field and Stream Eagle Talon Kayak Setup
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edawolf3000: What is a good battery to get for kayak fishfinder?

yak fisher: wtf is ur fish finder marking if its sitting on the ground

Victor Ruiz: Good morning. I would like to say I just bought the field and stream Talon 12 sit on top. Can you please tell me why does the kayak have bungee cords on the right hand side of the kayak. Whats it for? Also what is a good fish finder and how to hook it up.

YakMan NC: Thanks for the video. I saw this today (11/23/13) at pickles for $330.  Just trying to find some reviews and opinions on it before I purchase. 

SooperHBOMB: check out my eagle talon fishing video

top40productions: Awesome, can't wait to get my one, this is the kayak I've decided upon.

Alejandro B: Do you get your coupons via mail or do you use your pickle's Scorecard?

RickTorn: Kayaks like this are not made for standing. If you insist on standing while fishing, get a jon boat, canoe, or a split tail kayak (very expensive). Also check Ascend kayaks at Bass Pro Shops for great value.

Ryan: Hey Phillyd823, I purcahsed the same kayak this year and plan on rigging it a bit in the near future. Can you please elaborate on how you configured your fish finder? Specifically where you placed your transducer. It does not look like you did it through scupper so did you put it in the hull or did you actually go through the hull?

yakangler757: i love my talon ive used it for small lakes all the way up to 25 miles out for red fish etc.....just wish there were more vids on here about them but anyways it takes a while to stand up in it getting the right foot positions down but over all its fairly easy you have your fish finder mounted on a ram mount or straight to the yak? how did you rig your battery bank i have a 12v but looking to shave the weight off so just wondering .....happy paddling

mario texus: Mark, I also bought mine last year (In March). For some reason the camo pattern was around $349 (100 less than the yellow one). Anyway, about the carton, I couldn't find one that would fit so ended up modifying one to fit poperly and I've posted a video of it.

mark lewis: has anyone bujilt a kayak dolly for the talon 12? if so could you describe your design?

mark lewis: bought mine last year in december on sale. will probably build a sail and outriggers during the winter. heavy kayak for sure but carry it in the bed of my Silverado tied down. only complaint is i can't find a milk carton with small enough dimensions to fit in the back. so that form of a fishing crate isn't in the picture.

101boxboyman: just took mine out today super stable the only problem is i didn't have the scupper plugs in so the seat got water all over it

Michael Lankford: Pull Upon the Shaft of the holder and you can turn it anyway you want it to face.

Last Cast Bass: @ brokebrad. I weight about the same. You will have no prob sitting sideways

Sleven Kelevra: Im 6'0 and weight around 205 pounds. I want a kayak that I can hang my feet over the side and fish. Would this be stable enough for me? You say that you can hang your feet. How much do you weigh?

Last Cast Bass: Hey, sorry i havent responded. So far the kayak is great to fish in. Very stable. However standing is a little difficult, but i can easily fish sideways with my feet in the water. Be aware that the drainage holes near the seat cause your butt to get a little wet. I may plug these when the weather is a little Colder. The kayak cruises nice and is easy to. Manuever. I would recommend this for someone that wants to get into kayak fishing. Nothing more exciting then hookin and fightin a nice bass f

Jim Oliver: Have you tried standing in it yet ? I am considering buying one of these but have not read a real clear review about standing in this kayak. Its down to this one or the Malibu stealth 12 at twice the price.

dabbotube: Yea if your up north its 550$ because we live where the moneys at
Field and stream eagle talon 12 5 out of 5

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edawolf3000: What is a good battery to get for kayak fishfinder?
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Field and stream eagle talon 12