East Vs. West A Hearts Of Iron Game Preview

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East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game Video Introduction
East Vs.  West  A Hearts of Iron Game Preview
East Vs. West A Hearts of Iron Game Preview
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hunter milligan: its Canceled:(

Janeck Hovorka: Play as Czechoslovakia would be great.

Schütze Königstiger: Those water territories could be controlled airspace but that's just what I think.

Commander Gree: Is this DLC or a game

Supercomrade007: Goddamnit this game looked so awesome! Why the hell did paradox cancel it???

realevilcorgi: Canceled. Yaaaaaaay...

Lord HiggleBottum: bet y'all it'll be a DLC for HoI4

kkjood100: Well this game got canceled..

PG Stan: Magna Mundi Electric Boogaloo 2.

Naxwell: I hope they improve the look of the UI.

Radiorobot1: I am so sad

jeff george: paradox's website says it's under hearts of iron btw it seems to be a great game

Lysimachus: "Looks like France" freaking Americans, every time.

Commander Gree: EAST though im a muslim not a atheist 

Commander Gree: Subbed and great vid

Fakename Mcgee: 3:28 ... nucular ... really? come on man

Nationalistul Roman: Play as Romania!

rexi1414: look at superme ruler you can cap water there also

Alex Figueroa: I like this game

Yoh Asakura: WEST!!!

Dancing Nickolai: I live playing hearts of iron 3 tfh, but In this game everything seems great except the province changes. I'm not a fan of the regional territories, I would of prefered simply just provinces like before.

MixBeat BronyGaming: Sucks Its no longer being made I wanted that time line in my Heart of iron Game play

NatoCaloGaming: How are you supposed to enter the beta?

Xalxitz: I hope that the last bit of the video that showed Syira is only a State (like Victoria 2) view and doesnt show single provinces. Would be lame if Syria only consists of two provinces.

Connor Smith: EAST!!! 

johnmickle: So freaking excited for this

Patrick Schaefer: those 'numbers' are a thing called the doomsday clock, the closer it gets to 12:00 represents how close nuclear war is

jamunition: A very crapty version leaked yesterday

TheKinky4ever: Be east germany

Mike De Jong: The waterterittories freak up the whole map.

LVestly: Wow , I can finally invade USA with Czechoslovakia

RealyBadMexican: Canceled. freak them I really wanted this game to come out it would have been so good 

Arild Furf: MERICA freak YEAH! DRUNKRUSSIANS freak NO!

SCE2AUX2: And the release date is.....................................................................................................................(dammit.)

Mike De Jong: The waterterittories freak up the whole map.

Adam Tobin: FYI the numbers at the top represents the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists "Doomsday clock". which is represented as a normal round 12 hour clock, it is an assessment to how close the world is to total destruction. At its best position it was as much as 17 mins to midnight after the cold war ended, and at its worst position it was 2 minutes to midnight during the Cuban missile crisis.. im a big cold war history nut XD .. anyway google the doomsday clock, can;t believe you havent heard of it.

71qusai: i will finally destroy isreal

f556784q3: thats because with the exception of island countries navies aren't really defensive, they are far more offensive and the only country still being offensive is the US

Harris Baniissa: Cool !

Tyler doucette: Can you make a another preview

SlyGuy19831111: This is a rare gem of a game. I've always wanted to try a post WW2 grand strategy title and here it is. Here's hoping they'll shoot for 91-2013 next LOL

CptObviousKyle: Me Too! It looks like amazing fun!

CptObviousKyle: Lol I am so excited for it too!


Profanwolf: You ought to expand how you describe things a little, you don't seem to go far from "weird" and "odd" every sentence :V

aeldridge345: It probably.divides the entire map into ethnic and cultural regions like Rheinland hesse has people that consider them citizens of that are regardless of the nation that controls them, the regions are probably divided into smaller provinces as you zoom in

Rusher: Time for Israel to nuke the middle east lol

Jaueg Dag: This game looks great, as Victoria II fan and a hearts of Iron fan it looks Great! I had no idea this game was going to come out, Thanks!

CptObviousKyle: As of right now I am completely unsure I can see myself choosing 2 kinds of counties. Either a very well known nation that is well known for its nuclear warheads such as the USSR or the Americans, Or choosing someone smaller and try to gain as many as I can and try to get in the mix, maybe as Japan or Italy or maybe even one side of Germany? We Shall see!

cooltwomeful: When is it coming out
East Vs. West A Hearts of Iron Game Preview 4.7 out of 5

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hunter milligan: its Canceled:(
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East Vs.  West  A Hearts of Iron Game Preview