Canon EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test

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Canon EOS M Review and Photo + Video Test : with Latest Firmware update
Canon EOS M Review and Photo + Video Test : with Latest Firmware update
How Quick: Canon EOS M Autofocus (Firmware 2.0.2.)
How Quick: Canon EOS M Autofocus (Firmware 2.0.2.)
Canon EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test
Canon EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test
The Canon EOS M Autofocus Review after  Firmware Updated to Version 2
The Canon EOS M Autofocus Review after Firmware Updated to Version 2
EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test (Low Light)
EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test (Low Light)

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Marvel Mondoy: Nice review! tnx for sharing man!

Fredric Andersson: The slow AF was initially the reason for not buying this camera but this video made me reconsider. Thanks! 

Yopi Yulian: Wow... Fast AF, thank bro
Nice review...
I should buy this one

Jacob Dolev: Hi
I saw in this video that you have just one screen blackout - freeze after you pressed on the screen.
When I am taking a photo with my EOS M+18-55 lens, I see that the screen goes black for a second or so two times, first after the shutter and the second after the picture is shown.
Any adivce here?

Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry): Nice but while canon was working on the next gimmick everyone else just downloaded Magic Lantern instead long before this.

Chou-Hang Chen: Excellent test!!

Kil-hwa Lee: Very useful for me! Thank you so much.

John William: I GOT EOS M and it's amazing. 

techmadesimplified: Many people criticize the EOS M for have slightly slower autofocus, but what they dont realize is that with contrast based autofocus, you cant use it for sports shooting. Even the best and newest Olympus OMD EM5 cant do sports photography. Its not as procise and fast like traditional phase detection autofocus. The mirrorless cameras are not sport shooters because everytime it takes a picture the screen goes blank and continues focus while shooting drops the shot per second way down. The specs that every mirrorless camera always gives is with autofocus lock. So sports shooting you still need a fast DSLR. Dont get me wrong I love mirrorless, the kind of photos I take don't require fast focusing. I have a sony nex 3n and its great. I was planning on buying an adapter that had full autofocus for canon EF and EF-S lenses for E mount, but seeing how slow the autofocus was going to be anyways. I bought a canon eos m. Planning on buying the adapter to fit EF lenses on EOS M. The adapter is way cheaper than the adapter for the sony. 3rd party adapter is $60 and original canon adapter is $150, while for the sony china made adapter is $150 and metabones is $300-400. Next camera that im buying is the olympus epl5 when it drops to $300.

Cristian Pinto: Useful video. Thanks! 

geoffphuket: You omitted a video test. I'd have liked to have seen if the new firmware made any difference.

Gigi Jacobs: I just want something easy like a point and shoot but better video than let's say the Galaxy s4 of which I plug in shot gun mics with a TRRS adapter in the headset out. I'm not a cinemaphotograher-I just want better video and easy to use. Is this the camera for it's on sale for $350 but don't know if it's right for videos for YouTube, etc. Also there is a choice of different lens-I just want the smallest and easiest. Thank you in advance!

Pixel: this video you've taken with the Canon Eos 100D?

noahindisguise: this music is terrible

Peter Tang: AF has improved :)

n33oh: cannot hear the focus beep

n33oh: music is DISTRACTING!

minddisturb: oh my, thank you sir for the info. that is hell of DOF 50mm 1.2. better start saving now.. cheers.

Zak Taylor: Its an L-Series lense, and I believe it's around $1600USD now

minddisturb: 3:10 how much is that lens cost you?
Canon EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test 5 out of 5

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Canon EOS M New Firmware Auto Focus Test