NEW PayPal PrePaid Master Card (Free Sign Up No Credit Check)

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NEW PayPal PrePaid Master Card (Free Sign Up No Credit Check)
NEW PayPal PrePaid Master Card (Free Sign Up No Credit Check)
How To Order/Activate - PayPal PrePaid Mastercard
How To Order/Activate - PayPal PrePaid Mastercard
Transfer Cash From To Your Hands INSTANTLY! (No More Waiting 3-5 days)
Transfer Cash From To Your Hands INSTANTLY! (No More Waiting 3-5 days)
How To Get A Prepaid Visa For FREE
How To Get A Prepaid Visa For FREE
How To Transfer Money Instantly Out of Paypal - Paypal Prepaid MasterCard Review
How To Transfer Money Instantly Out of Paypal - Paypal Prepaid MasterCard Review
Free $20 Net Spend Cash - $20.00 PrePaid Card Cash Giveaway
Free $20 Net Spend Cash - $20.00 PrePaid Card Cash Giveaway
How to Get A Free Prepaid Debit Card PLUS Make Money
How to Get A Free Prepaid Debit Card PLUS Make Money

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Jesus Gonzalez: hi! I was wondering! can you take out money from this card at a atm? to get cash ?

Carmelo Belato: I got mine few weeks ago but it's really different from yours! It's similar to the one you can see on the website!

Kannan Mitchell: Do you need to add any funds to the PrePaid Card in order to activate it?

Glockvlog: +CrystalMarketing1 Does your PayPal account have to be verified in order to put money from PayPal on to the card?

Ctyme Beretania: Hi Crystal, question. If I sold couple of items on ebay and funds not released yet (till 21 days or so), will getting this debit card get the funds faster?

GamerNation1: hey cryatal I have one question or two how do u put money on card also can you use it for ebay

daniel maldonado: Was making this video beneficial as far as making money with the referral program.

Melvin Hughes: Hi Crystal, compliments on your video and content! Glad I stumbled upon it while checking my Ad copy via Copy Paste Cash (on your team) :) . I'll use this information for myself and others as business develops. Hope all is well. Mel

queentab25: Great video thank you for sharing doll =)

Raphael Mendonca: Thank you this really helped I appreciate it!!

Christian Ezequiel: So if I wanted to travel and book a hotel I can use this card pretty much for everything and everywhere mastercard is accepted. Right? 

Teddy Trigga: +CrystalMarketing1 Can two people who live together both have these cards?

CrystalMarketing1: Beasmode18, regarding my CopyPasteCash video, it takes different ppl different amounts of time to start receiving commissions, It really depends on the person and how much time they are dedicating to doing the system. It took me about 4 days to get my first commission. Text me your email address at 770.609.7109 and I will send over more info! Also check me out on Facebook DOT com/CrystalMarketing ;)

CrystalMarketing1: You have to be 18 & up! However, I do have a GREAT online program that is very easy you can earn money online. The minimum age requirement is only 16 years old. look at my video called "What is Copy Paste Cash" and also "Copy Paste Cash Short 1 min Video" ;)

CrystalMarketing1: Once you receive your card in the mail you have to activate it. Your SS# is required for activation and you must be at least 18. Activation takes less than 30 seconds. This is a PRE-PAID PayPal Mastercard with NO credit check.

Nicol McCaw: Hey CrystalMarketing1 its Nicole Thanks for the great advice I used your referral link & my Paypal prepaid card is on its way!!!

CrystalMarketing1: YES! You can use this Pre Paid Mastercard ANYWHERE Mastercard is accepted! It is FREE to have the card sent to you. Once you activated the card you will also receive an online savings account to use too! There is a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95 per month but there are NO FEES to "swipe" or make purchases. You can use this card as many times per month with no "per use" fee! My opinion this is one f the BEST Pre Paid No Credit Check Cards on the market right now.

nwathan: I just bought this card from a local store and found out they charged me $4.95 monthly fee beside the $4.95 that I had already paid in the store.

Jon Moore: Can it be you at like walmart or target k mart

Animenerds: So what if i have no money on the card?how will they get the $4.95 month fee?will it be taken whenever you add money to the card?

TheDarkhero60: Whoa I just blushed o.o

CrystalMarketing1: Animenerds, I will make a video this wknd for you! There are a lot of ways to reload the card. I always have money coming in that I make online that goes directly to PayPal, so I just transfer the funds to this card. However, I will show you various other methods that are pretty convenient too!

Cesar Gamez: can I use this card to buy something on the internet? like a credit card?

CrystalMarketing1: KB, once you have received your PayPal PrePaid Card & Activate it, you can log into your online account at PayPal dot com/prepaid . There should be a tab on the left side of your main screen that says "Refer a friend". You can also put the courser over the tabs at the top pf the page. You will find refer a friend in the drop down menu. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube page because I will be making some videos showing how to move around in my personal PayPal Pre Paid account soon! :)

CrystalMarketing1: Animenerds, Yes you can cancel card anytime!

baybizzle84: do I need to create a paypal business accnt first then order the card?

Bryan Ninh: Did they ask for your social security number?

Wil Hustles: are you going to make a video update on copy paste cash to show where you stand as of now i'm really interested in signing up just need more motivation cause im real skeptical on things like this and if you can get me to sign up i would definitely sign up on your link thanks hun looking to work with you soon

CrystalMarketing1: Adnan Khan, You can email me at or inbox me here on youtube :)

CrystalMarketing1: I Love using this card! I make money online through PayPal and find this a convenient way to move money from Cyborspace to my HANDS fast! I have also been making $5 over and over again from ppl signing up for the card too! Send me your email and I will show you some other stuff that makes EASY online money fast!! And I can send you PROOF!

Jose Navarro: ok, great! Thanks for the info. I'll have it mailed in the US and then have them send it to me. Great info, thanks a lot!

CrystalMarketing1: Cesar Gamez, YES! You can use this card to make purchases on the internet! It works just like any credit/debit card. And after you use the referral link under my video and order your card, you will also make $5 bonus after you activate it! Then you can send information to your friends and make more $5 each time they sign up with your referral link too! :)

LXRYLXRYTV: does this card come with a pin or can you do cash back?

baybizzle84: i ordered the card just now I was thinkin of makin a paypal acct after I get the card so when they ask to verify I will have the card already to do so...So do u think that's a smart move or am I doing it backwards? lol

CrystalMarketing1: BjsCrafts, Yes! You can use this card in stores.

CrystalMarketing1: No problem! Don't Forget to Subscribe to my page so you can receive updates on different benefits of this card and how you can find your own referral link and keep making $5 bucks over and over like I do. I also have several online systems that are EASY that I will share with you that show how I make money online that is instantly sent to my PayPal Daily!

General beastmode: ok another thing i also seen the copy paste cash video and i wanted to know how long dose it take to make the money in that vid starting at 25$ dose it take a month two months or what

CrystalMarketing1: NO! This card does not charge a "per use fee". It is free to sign up. once you activate the card there is a monthly fee of $4.95, but you have UNLIMITED use and it also comes with a separate savings account! I think this is an AWSOME pre paid card compared to the others I have seen.

CrystalMarketing1: baybizzle84, no, You can do a personal PayPal acct or Business whichever you would prefer. I would suggest Personal PayPal acct. ;)

CrystalMarketing1: Langat Gedion, I am sorry but you have to have a United states mailing address to receive this card. :( Also, you have to be over the age of 18.

CrystalMarketing1: It is free to order the PayPal Pre Paid Card and have a customized card sent to you in the mail. Oce you activate the card you will receive a $5 credit and I do too! If you decide to keep this card there is a $4.95 maintenance fee that is accrued monthly. However, most of my audience makes money online or is learning how to. So the benefit of this card allowing INSTANT access to online funds is worth the maintenance fee. Along with the other great features such as unlimited swiping at retailers.

CrystalMarketing1: Nwathan, This card is also VERY helpful if you are currently making money online via PayPal because you can INSTANTLY transfer up to $300 per day from PayPal to your hands! So if you need your money from online faster than 3-4 business days, This card is well worth it! ...There is NO extra fee to "swipe" when making purchases at retailers and have listings for FREE ATM's too!

CrystalMarketing1: You can Use the card ANYWHERE Mastercard is accepted! However, you must have a US address to have the card mailed to you.

CrystalMarketing1: Baybizzle84, You can get your PayPal dot com account set up before you get the card in the mail. Then just attach the card to your account. If you call the customer service number on the card they will end up asking you for your PayPal account info so you might as well have it ready! :)

Jaime Guerra: i almost sent for a card. till i read and saw it way a $5 Fee every month:(

CrystalMarketing1: Creativityiskey, Yes you can select a pin for this card or just use "credit" when given the option at retail registers. You can also do cash back and there are o additional fees for that either.

konglalidas: how do I add money to it ?

CrystalMarketing1: Animenerds, you are welcome!

icedraco drake: hi crystal im trying to create an account but the thing is i dont have any credit card but i have debit card can i still create an account?

Jeremy Esters: I ordered this card and it's convenient for people who do digital transactions and need access to there money more quickly.
NEW PayPal PrePaid Master Card (Free Sign Up No Credit Check) 4.9 out of 5

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NEW PayPal PrePaid Master Card (Free Sign Up No Credit Check)