My Homemade Table Saw (2)

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Циркулярная пила Metabo TKHS 315 C 2000 WNB
Циркулярная пила Metabo TKHS 315 C 2000 WNB

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giannis xan: bravo

BrushCountryJamboree: Cosmas to help prevent kick back on your table saw add the MJ Splitter system & buy you a Gripper, all made by MICRO JIG. Once you use the Gripper you will never go back to using those old style push sticks, you will end up throwing then in the TRASH CAN.

Chad Jordan: What is the surface of the table made of? Is it simply painted or did you laminate something onto the plywood? Great design, and I plan to use it to repurpose my Ryobi circular saw. 

Eduardo Perdomo: Put a metal sheet channel to collect sawdust to the vacuum cleaner...

ivan petrovic: bravoooo

tutilaloi: I am afraid that the 3 screws holding the saw (the most important issue) will soon give and the saw will detach. I built mine using flat head screws (those by IKEA and the dowel nuts that go with them). The head of the screw is recessed on the surface. The drawback with using 7in saw is you cannot cut 2x4 (in the US!). I am still scratching my head to reduce the thickness of the surface. Any idea?

Cosmas B: The material is like melamin coated plywood. I bought it as it is in the video :)

bikerdad46: They may be outlawed but you could always stack two or three blades together with cardboard shims and make your own. Just stagier the teeth.

Cosmas B: Glad you like it!

csae4694: cooles ding! gefällt mir sehr gut

disturbedsilence76: Great job! I would love to see more on how you made the ripping fence. ! thanks for sharing!

vincent7520: Great ! But how do you raise the blade ?…

Cosmas B: would be cool if that could be done, but also on some other table saws as far as I know, they make the flansh in a way that you can only fit one blade.

Jordan van Waas: Do you recommend putting a riving knife on my own home made table saw. Which by the way I based of yours , very good design

Cosmas B: that would be ideal!

mrsillywalk: A very nice saw. I see that it is sitting on trestles. Is it fixed in any way to them?

Cosmas B: I already thought about that but I was just too lazy. In germany dado blades are outlawed anyway so no need for that. Thanks for watching!

marvinbanjo: great job on a home build

Cosmas B: Using a straight edge and a router.

TheOlddoggie: Agreed with Jon

Cosmas B: Yes, a riving knive makes it a lot safer!

Felix King: Awesome build!

Cosmas B: yes

Cosmas B: danke :)

avsilva10: perfect!!!

ademar araya guzman: hola amigo de casualidad no hisiste planos de esta maravilla?

markogtd: thank you!

gilson percinoto: Muito bom!

M1Molter: Klasse Arbeit :)

TheKosGov: Great job! I started thinking about same approach. What is a distance between the surface of table and surface of saw plate? Is it of thickness of plywood enough in the place of mounting?

Cosmas B: oops I was almost going to get a small ryobi table saw for my bro... I saw it at a store and it seemed not that bad. I'm using this homemade table saw for more than a year now without any problems.

seumas2: Sir, at the end of the video there was a pick up and fly back, a naked blade has teeth and they bite, slainte mahth

Cosmas B: Stimmt. Die Tischplatte ist 28mm pickle, der Anschlag auch. Wenn du dir so eine messuhr zulegst ist es ganz einfach. Das eizig kritische ist dass die Nut im Tisch absolut gerade sein muss (am besten an einem starken aluprofil entlangfräsen) Und dann eben die säge sowie den Anschlag mit der Messuhr nach der Nut ausrichten. Das hat bei mir wunderbar geklappt.

Cosmas B: Have fun!

rodolfo villafañe: I took his idea to make my table guide, thanks for sharing the video.

Dave Gatton: Great job. Well thought out design. What is the maximum depth of cut?

Hias Hirblinger: Coole Idee! Wenn du jetzt noch die Steckdosenleiste gegen eine staubgeschützte Version austauschst bzw. eine Sicherheitsschalter austauscht, dann ist deine Säge auch aus Sicht der VDE sicher! Mach weiter so! Grüße aus der Oberpfalz! :-)

Vittorio Purificato: Cosmas really congratulations, simple but effective! One question: what kind of material you used for the top of the bench? It does not seem the classic laminate coating ... Thanks in advance for your reply. Vittorio

Cosmas B: Glad you like it! The fence is made out of plywood and is held together with screws and glue.

Tom Brown: Brilliant! Fantastic saw. Congratulations.

Ethan Nino: Where can I get a used/cheap circular saw?

Cosmas B: Glad the video could help you!

SuperKwame1: Hi Cosmas, I think you cpu buy an aluminum to build this for a long lasting saw. Great work.

Cosmas B: Thanks! There are plenty of videos around showing how to do that. Search for "How to build a cross cut sled"

Cosmas B: Short answer: Yes, if you want the crappiest and cheaped saw there is around, then Yes. lol

seumas2: Check out seumas2 and add his pop on guard and safety device which are up front and over head of the blade many to choose from, no kickbacks, slainte mahth

Cosmas B: If I make a miter gauge, yes. And the blade can tilt as well.

NordboDK: I'm thinking I could do something like this as a better setup for my Ryobi table saw. The top sucks, the box sucks and the fence is a joke. This could make it servicable.

steven Arango: great saw well done i must do the same........ GREAT

Kyocera234: very nice
My Homemade Table Saw (2) 4.9 out of 5

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My Homemade Table Saw (2)