My Homemade Table Saw (2)

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My Homemade Table Saw (1)
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How To Make Homemade Table Saw #2 (The Fence)
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tso2s: I ment to say that you use router to dig the table to fit your saw .How dip did you go.

tso2s: hi Cosmas .How dip did you cut off the table to fit the saw and how thick is the table ?

Futurespirit: Reduce the free space inside so your shop vac has more power to suck the dust. Use silicone spray to make it smoother thats what I will try to do when I rebuild your tablesaw. Tell me what about the noise according it is built in a box there must be a noise reduction. Am I rigt? Great Idea very handy quick to use space saving solution. Many Thanks for a good Invention. Kind regards

DeviatingVapors: very interesting project that I'm finally going to try to build myself today - just wondering what thickness of MDF you have used there and how you put the box itself together, there are no visible fasteners, only what seems like one routered out channel for the front face to the right side ... unfortunately no local places sell melamine covered plywood, so I'll paint that myself I guess.

Paul E: hi Cosmas nice done ! i would suggest that you put a aluminium strip there where your knob is to tighten the fench, that way your bold(knob) wil not "eat" into the woodtable ;-)

Mohammed Alkhfaji: also what is piece of timber between base and blade?

Mohammed Alkhfaji: Hi really liked you design ; can you show us how did you built it?

carlos elias vega baraybar: Esta la posibilidad de mostrar el detalle de construcción de la Guia que incluye dos llaves rojas

Design Bureau: Please! Forget previous comment! I got it! Finally I've understood! You are very smart.

Design Bureau: Please, can you explain the knob system? I can't understand it, it's a little bit confused to me. Sorry, but I'm not too smart. Thanks.

Вадим Гарипов: Man, the switcher is very dangerous, use more safer. You can turn on it accidentally by your leg...

Cotaga Igor: Which model of circular saw do you have (power, rpm..)?

R0bst3rb0y: Hi Cosmas,
tolle Tischkreissäge. Werde deine Idee auf jedenfall für ein eigenes Projekt aufgreifen.
Aber als Elektro-Ing. mit ex-gefährdetem Tätigkeitsbereichen muss ich dir dringend raten, keine 3-fach-Steckdose in der Spänebox zu haben, am besten gar keine Steckverbindung, du gehst eine imense Brandgefahr ein.

Randolph Torres: AHH I found your site, looks like you are a very talented and  busy man.  I had a job last  helping a lady whose father died. I was amazed by the things this man accomplished, like you he made all of his tools. He like you and I was a woodworker, but his passion was making string instruments of every kind even one harpsichord, two harps and 14 others.  I could clearly his first instruments were poorly made, but each got better until he was a master craftsman, his background as an Mechanical Engineer really helped him learn fast, he had perfect hearing that also helped him. While I was there several professional orchestra musicians were testing them, they stated that each had perfect pitch. I was amassed at all his work it was like a museum. I just thought you might like this story of another mans accomplishments.        


Laura Popescu: I've been meaning to build a table saw out of my circular saw and so far your design and construction seems to have the best features incorporated ( like the stable fence, dust collection, simple design). Thank you for sharing.

Joerg Johann: why do not you talk german ;)
Dann verstehen dich auch diejenigen die der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig sind.
Oder dreh 2 Videos jeweils in deutsch und englisch. Nichts für ungut. Finde deine Videos wirklich Klasse

Eduardo Perdomo: Put a metal sheet channel to collect sawdust to the vacuum cleaner...

BrushCountryJamboree: Cosmas to help prevent kick back on your table saw add the MJ Splitter system & buy you a Gripper, all made by MICRO JIG.

Once you use the Gripper you will never go back to using those old style push sticks, you will end up throwing then in the TRASH CAN.
My Homemade Table Saw (2) 5 out of 5

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My Homemade Table Saw (2)