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1984sFinest: For about $25 in parts from Mouser.com and 2 hours of soldering, you can change a lot of the components inside the Lepai 2020a+ to make this little amp rival the sound quality of ANY amp! I did it and the sound difference is Night and Day! Believe me I know. My home audio setup is all Marantz with PhaseTech speakers. I know quality and the thousands of $$$$$ it cost me to get it. The little Lepai modified with good bookshelf speakers is truly amazing!
Brian Draney: The year 2000 was definitely a leap year, but I don't think 1900 was one.
kyozerobb: ฮาๆเปิดกระจกปิดง่ายทุกคนแหละครับ 555
Big Deano: There are much weirder lightsaber designs in the star wars universe. In the comics there are light "polearms" and even light whips based on lighsaber tech. This doesnt bother me in the slightest, a lightsaber "claymore" is a nice concept, although the whole cross shape should be energy as thay area in the middle becomes more suceptible to cuts, making the whole light guard kind of useless.
TheEnimen1: 3 osoby to moja XD
FreshAsBagels: I LOVE THIS MUSIC what is the song called?
MrMrSwagMan: Is the nba live 10 servers still on ?

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