Lone Wolf Barrel Vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 Accuracy Test At The Range

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ebglock: I put a lone wolf ported on my glock 34. it is more accurate but shooting to the left is the shooter. Lone wolf will just be tighter. All about practice and control. I have put a full clip into a 4" target at 25 yards with my LCP.

moonlighter6: Just purchased the Lone Wolf 357 Sig extended/ported barrel for my Glock 22. I like the fact the 40 S&W magazines work fine with the 357 sig rounds (40 S&W necked down to 9mm). More comfortable to shoot than my Glock 31 standard/non-ported barrel length 357 sig. I also have the LW extended/threaded end 9mm barrel for the Glock 22 for silencer use.

Rubafix989: Man 10 yards...either your glock stock barrel was damaged or your friend shot left on purpose. The only way for this test to be correct is to mount the gun on a static structure.

zylar bryant: this helped alot thank you I have made my choice

mdnky: I don't see a marked difference in the two groups accuracy wise. While one group is left of target, both seem to be of similar overall dimensions and I would wager the one shooting left was either a trigger pull issue, bad grip or combination of both. You can see he compensated for it with the one on the right.

Brian D: misleading title this is a table top review not a range test.

Will Kellogg: Have you actually fired any of the JHP's through the gun? Hand-cycling tells you nothing about feed reliability and just to note you are cycling that slide like a prepubescant girl with arthritis. Grab the slide, pull all the way to the rear, and RELEASE. You don't ever ride the slide on a handgun, hand.

Professor Repulso: that's good to know

3006USMC: Good vid, thanks

wade gatecliff: alot of people dont know but the glocks poly rifling is designed to reject dirt and the barrel is actually a tiny bit bigger aswell as the chamber to allow the gun to fire and cycle with dirt inside for combat purposes thats why its loose like that..glocks arent for accuracy out of the box and arent recomemmded shooting led in a stock barrel unless you keep it clean...led builds up in groves in rifling but in stock glock barrels it builds up in the smaller part of the barrel and if not kept cleaned can build a blockage under pressure and stop bullets in the barrel...again ive never had a problemthis is just what glock told me but if you are doing lots of shooting its recommonded to get an after market barrel for reliability and accuracy...again ive never had a single problem with my stock .40 barrel but will be getting a new one soon...the cartrdges expand bigger in a stock barrel also so have to be careful when reloading.

Rusty Wallet: Grouping?  how would you know?  Accuracy test?  I saw neither here.

Go Faster: There's no difference. You just concentrate harder when you're testing for accuracy.

Jeffrey O'Holleran: Good review. Thanks for the info.

g234z: Where did you get the red backplate?

steelcitysounds: You have the personality of a wet fart.

Jimmy Kawalski: 3:36 you mean he shot the same covered up the holes and shot a tighter grouping on the second attempt same grouping just dont want to admit you dont need to change barrels

Kristopher Wolfe: +personaldfence I just looked at a few forums and the problem seems to be solved by polishing the feed ramp. Then the lone wolf should run the hornady. 

Andrew Ruckel: 3:36 Considerable difference? Your grouping is exactly the same, give me a break. How about you aim differently.

John Clayton: I'm in NJ where we cannot use hollow point for self defense (only for range and competition) so Critical Defense or Critical Duty are our only choice for not over penetrating here. If a barrel cannot load it, it is useless to protecting our lives - I'll stick with my standard Glock barrel. Thanks for the demo!
Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range 5 out of 5

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Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range