Lone Wolf Barrel Vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 Accuracy Test At The Range

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SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: is the lonewolf a match grade barrel?????

craftsman89 d: what did u use for the lettering

Delta 505: go buy kkm.best aftermarket barrels. period.

godswatcher: 10 yards? come on guys are kidding? my Glock 34,19 and 22 with factory barrel at 10 and 15 yards all go into one hole. It is not till I move back to 25 yards thing start to go to hell, groups open up to 4-5 inches. I went to a Storm lake broach cut rifling Black Isonite barrel in both my Glock 19 and 34 9mm back down to a very nice 2 inches or so. 10 yards lol that is so funny.

n300zx931: the LW is not actually thicker. the crown is different creating that illusion.

Keaton Lyons: why would you run a 40 s@w for a race gun... a 9mm would be a much better option

tim9m: The extra play in the glock barrel is called in unsupported chamber which increases reliability, so that is why your hornady critical defense ammo does not feed well in your lone wolf barrel. The polygonal rifling is actually more durable and will last longer than a standard lone wolf barrel.this will actually be the reason than the glock barrel has a thinner wall. Critical Defense ammo does not feed well with my sigs either so i am not knocking your choice of barrel i was just adding my 2 cents.

dinuguan510: I get identical grouping with my G23 factory vs LW barrels. Funny no one mentions barrel lockup... could be that your Glock barrel isn't locking up to the slide as well as it once did when it was new, which could explain the grouping to the left. I'd wager that a new Glock barrel would shoot every bit as straight as your new LW.

Grant: Don't buy anything from Lone Wolf with a backorder date. They just push the listed dates back by a week or two every week or two. Not only will they never give you a reason why, they will treat you like you are the problem if you ask. I placed an order two and a half months ago for something that had a backorder date of less than a week and they will give me no ETA or explanation of why it is still unavailable.

iyn1911: I shoot my Glock 34 4" to the left @ 25 yards. So the lone wolf correct it?

MItch Nelson: ive shot years worth of competitive matches with reloads in a glock 17. wtf are you talking about?

stuffdoggg: Yea you need to shoot from a rest to actually test mechanical accuracy. I have a stock Glock 20 (10mm) that puts them in the same hole at 15 yards shooting from a stationary rest. I'm not sure you can get much more accurate than that, most guns are more accurate than the person pulling the trigger. The groups here shot offhand do not really show me any evidence that one barrel is more accurate than the other. Different barrels will most always have different points of impact, and shooting offhand will yield too much human error factor to effectively gage the weapons mechanical accuracy.

william sotak: umm wow, actually it appears you glock barrel was slightly more accurate but your sights are merely sighted to the left at best it was close to a tie, are you guys totally new to guns?

James Fackenthal: look at fortunecooky45's channel. he has several videos on the actual reason you shouldn't shoot reloads or lead bullets through glock barrels. it's not so much the "polygonal" rifling but the chambers are oversized and have a deep feed ramp that extends into the chamer. although the glock barrels have rounded edges on the peeks and valleys they are not actually polygonal bores. they are more of a hybrid rifling . and would be OK to shoot reloads or lead bullets through. the reason you shouldn't shoot reloads or lead through them is the oversized chambers. you will have case failures much sooner because of the greater amount the brass stretches each time you fire it in the glock chamber. causing case failures.

Tom Colby: I like the XD mat.

Bobshouse: Now if they would only change their logo from that gawdaful cartoon wolf.  I paid the extra 10 bucks to have it hidden on the bottom, but I know it's still there!Quit riding the slide and it will load.  Lone wolf also eliminates the "glock smile" by providing more chamber support than the glock stock barrel.

officialgmusic: i am absolutely getting a lone wolf.. i have this same exact glock.. i carry some good old federal hydrashock.. i dont care for polymer tip.. great vid ! .. thanks much

Randy She: you CAN shoot reloads in the stock Glock barrels ... just not cast lead bullets

Digger DanielG: Read the CIP vs SAAMI. European is CIP dimensions and SAAMI is American dimensions. Ammo is the same. Rounds in Europe are not the same as American.
Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range 5 out of 5

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Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range