Lone Wolf Barrel Vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 Accuracy Test At The Range

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anthony vargas jr: Great review thank you!

Urano Metria: No wonder it was $65, it has their old cringey logo on it.

tigerfan3905: Just ordered one, looking at the end of the two barrels is quite a difference. I have a Timber Wolf frame already and it's an awesome upgrade for a Glock if you have smaller hands.

svrblk777: does it (critical defense) not chamber either when you rack the slide normally? just curious! thanks!

Terrence McCargish: Zero difference in accuracy, different points of impact.

THE AMERICAN RIFLE / 5.56: Have you tried Storm Lake barrels?

MrBeenjammin2: So, you shoot the gun better with the Lonewolf barrel. It's not more accurate. Various tests have been done with various barrels with various ammunition in controlled tests placing the gun in a vice and remotely pulling the trigger (eliminating human error) and actually have come up with the fact that it doesn't matter. One barrel will shoot better than another based on what ammo is used.

Jeremy Clark: When you're looking at accuracy of the barrel you need to look at the group spread, not how close to the bullseye each group got. That's more in relation to point of aim. I'd say that both groups are nearly identical in accuracy as far as barrel performance goes. Now you probably should look at some better sites, but that has nothing to do with the barrels themselves.

Aresfire2: With the concept of Glocks not being able to use Buffalo Bore Ammo, I have a new GLOCK GEN4 G27 and the chamber seems to have a lot meat. Will a Lone Wolf barrel make to the G27 able to handle the hottest +P anno out there?

mario martinez: Failure to feed on the lone wolf is, because the feed ramp is upgraded to prevent the gap...that glock barrels are known to have and known for head seperation. Check the gap between the feed ramp and bullet on the bottom of both barrels. The glock barrel has a 2mm space which causes the brass to bulge when shot. Lone wolf barrel should have a tighter clearance to prevent bullets from bulging and creating head seperation or kaboom!

DamnYankeeRebelPrepper: Try a Wheaton arms barrel

Doug Herd: Great video, thanks for the info on the Critical Defense ammo.

Boon whaz-up: wow I just learn something new about critical defense thanks

legalsolutions07: Good video and thanks for the heads up on the critical defense round feed issues. I just ordered a LW SS barrel for my G19 because I reload. I now know I won't consider Critical Defense ammo.

Joe Hastings: Interesting but you need more than one group test for consistency.

Paul Sorys: Hi, just watched your video on the .40 lone wolf barrel; you mentioned how the Hornady Critical Defense rounds wouldn't chamber. I encountered the same issue with my .40 Sig Sauer P226; it would chamber standard target loads, and regular hollows but I would encounter the same issue with the Critical Defense rounds. I too think it's the polymer tip.

SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: is the lonewolf a match grade barrel?????

craftsman89 d: what did u use for the lettering
Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range 5 out of 5

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Lone Wolf Barrel vs Glock Barrel- Glock 22 accuracy test at the range