How To Clean And Adjust The Magneto

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Buddy B: Hello there would this info apply to a 9hp tecumseh engine? it start With the electric start buy not the pull start

Buddy B: nice informative video. love the country accent

Geoff Geoff: He should've used emery cloth so there wouldn't be "sandpaper" grit all in the flywheel - blowing air around may push the grit in further!

Ed Ardonn: this is the video that i was looking for thanks bro.

Cindy Atwood: That was a very informative and easy to follow. Thank you!

shaun noggle: Cleaning the magnets or the coil pickups does nothing sept look better.

Idaho Spyder: rust doesn't have any effect on magnetism

challon123: Nice video. I have an old Wolesley Tiller with Aspera engine, TA633 / FAB12, getting no spark. Once I get the flywheel knocked off the machine I'm hoping to put your instructions to work!

Thetrucky69: Excellent information.

Chris McRoy: no gloves ? man I was just waiting for the coil to go flying off that wheel

Justin Craddock: Thank you for this informative video! My snapper riding mower with briggs 12hp I/C Quiet Rider motor would not fire up.. after much messing around, I found out that I was not getting any spark, followed your instructions and its firing right up again! My magneto looked super rusty.. so did the flywheel, this was some long overdue maintenance.

marc54678: Thank you for posting this! I've got the spark working again on a Honda Harmony 1011. It had been only firing up when it was cold, then it wouldn't start at all. I found the gap was VERY wrong, and it needed to be cleaned. Your video was detailed and helpful.

Kelvin Coachman: Thank You

Data Recovery: Good job explaining and with all the details; you made it very easy to follow and for  others to reproduce the same results!

Kobe 530: love your accent bro

MrEtoc: The video helped me hover I think you forgot to put the air deflector back on in the video.

Daniel Williamson: Mine read 4.89. Although this is within range, is it close enough that replacement would be advisable? I ordered the new parts before realizing I could try testing and cleaning them. After cleaning them and the magnet, the mower works again.

boxing 4 life: Can i ask how can i check if the magneto is broke?? I took it off to clean the carb now im not getting a spark please help its not my lawnmower lool

george d bunt sr: NICE PICTURE , PRETTY LADY !!!
How to clean and adjust the magneto 5 out of 5

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Percy Jackson: is this on pc casue gragics dokey

How to clean and adjust the magneto