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Marcos Gonzalez: Worst gun I've ever owned. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUYING A DB9mm !!!!!!! I have the gen 2 with the three pins, used the best ammo available and have never been able to shoot more than one shot without the gun breaking or jamming. First time I shot it the trigger and the slide rail broke. I sent the gun back to DiamondBack for repair Feb. 2015, 7 months later, it was sent back to me, July 2015. The gun smith claimed 12 rounds of Winchester 115gr fmj were fired through it but the only way this gun works is if I do a Tap and Rack after very shot. I called DB again and they claimed it was the guild rod and spring. DiamondBack sent me a new guild rod and spring but the gun still doesn't work. Today, Jan. 18th, 2016 after months of trying different ammo and with the same problem occurring DiamondBack said to send the gun back to them.

Maria Martinez: Firearm guy would u still recommend db9 as of today?

sixfteightinguy: how time flies & i think the prices are lower now for these guns.

moofushu: I was wondering if you saw the Gen 2 of the Diamondback DB9? Many say it is much improver over the previous Gen models. The DB9 is almost as small as a 380 and haven't seen many 9mm in this size. I'm hopping there will be more informed reviews on the new gen of the DB9 so the rest of us can get some idea about it.

John Doe: How is the DB9s trigger? I always thought the Kahr's was a little spongy.  Also how is the DB9's mag release? I remember the 380 version was really difficult to hit.

Steven Wirgau: 1000 + rounds through My db9 no problems I take care of it and oil the points it says too oh and I only use Hornandy critical defense

Steve Strauss: Good video.  Thanks much!  Steve

TR5T: My Kahr is a daily carry.

Paindoctor: Great review! Thanks very much

Nick Wright: Well done review. Thorough 

Nick C: thanks for the comparison. at the gun shop today I seen a used DB9 for $300 in the used pistols display. I'm looking for a single stack nine (thanks for the let down, Glock!) I want to go small as possible in 9mm. right now I'm considering the Sig P290RS or CM9. I would just buy another Beretta Nano but I let it go because it had alot of FTEs and that left me unsure and the LC9, no thanks! I hear there is a break in period with the Kahr pistols, did you experience any issues with your Kahr?? thanks for all you do +TheFireArmGuy you bring alot of common sense and knowledge to the table and I like your perspective on things.. your video about the gun show zombie/punisher themes being a prosecuter's dream was very good...stay safe and have fun shooting brother

TigerSaint: great review. I was looking at these two to possibly replace my LC9. Like the fact that you weighed them both and loaded too. 

RouletteTactical: Another Great review! I LOVE the Kahr CM9. :)

TheFireArmGuy: Yeah the DB9 isnt meant to be shot too much. That right there is a deterrent to me

gonad ballcrusher: Hope you didn't get one yet considering the recall.

gonad ballcrusher: I could handle the DB9 not taking +p if it would just function and they supposedly start breaking after 400 or so rds. Watched a lot of vids like this about a year and a half ago and decided on the cm9.

TheFireArmGuy: The CM9 is way better. DB9 decent for pocket carry

gmcjetpilot: Thanks for the video....I have a CM9.... I was wondering about the DB9. Appreciate the info.

TheFireArmGuy: All the guns mentioned are good guns

Pushyhog: I switched from kahr to sig 938. The new as of this week DB9's are reliable. I have one, they did make changes
Diamondback DB9 vs Kahr CM9 - TheFireArmGuy 5 out of 5

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