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Maria Martinez: Firearm guy would u still recommend db9 as of today?

sixfteightinguy: how time flies & i think the prices are lower now for these guns.

moofushu: I was wondering if you saw the Gen 2 of the Diamondback DB9? Many say it is much improver over the previous Gen models. The DB9 is almost as small as a 380 and haven't seen many 9mm in this size. I'm hopping there will be more informed reviews on the new gen of the DB9 so the rest of us can get some idea about it.

John Doe: How is the DB9s trigger? I always thought the Kahr's was a little spongy.  Also how is the DB9's mag release? I remember the 380 version was really difficult to hit.

Steven Wirgau: 1000 + rounds through My db9 no problems I take care of it and oil the points it says too oh and I only use Hornandy critical defense

TR5T: My Kahr is a daily carry.

TheFireArmGuy: Yeah the DB9 isnt meant to be shot too much. That right there is a deterrent to me

gonad ballcrusher: Hope you didn't get one yet considering the recall.

gonad ballcrusher: I could handle the DB9 not taking +p if it would just function and they supposedly start breaking after 400 or so rds. Watched a lot of vids like this about a year and a half ago and decided on the cm9.

TheFireArmGuy: The CM9 is way better. DB9 decent for pocket carry

gmcjetpilot: Thanks for the video....I have a CM9.... I was wondering about the DB9. Appreciate the info.

TheFireArmGuy: All the guns mentioned are good guns

Pushyhog: I switched from kahr to sig 938. The new as of this week DB9's are reliable. I have one, they did make changes

TheFireArmGuy: Thankfully the Diamondback is not mine. I have no interest in the DB9 but sure love my Kahr CM9

MICHAELREEDJR: Kahr rocks! Their customer service is great as well. I purchased the Diamond Back DB-9 in February 2013, it jams constantly with Hornady critical defense ( their recommended ammo ). It has been back to them with no help. I'd run from the Diamond back as fast as I can. Their customer service sucks as well. I intend on posting a video of me busting mine with a sledgehammer. You must have lucked up and got a decent one. No way I'd trust my life to this firearm! Like your videos by the way.

TheFireArmGuy: I have an XDs and love it. I have a review vid on it thats under 5 minutes

TheFireArmGuy: I enjoyed shooting it but wouldnt buy it. Ive heard a lot of stories like yours and seems like junk

Matt Dickey: I had a DB9 with massive failures. Sent back twice and still junk. After taking to range to see if it was fixed... 3 failures out if 9 shots. I sold it cheap at pawn shop on the way home. FYI I did tell the owner of the pawn shop of the failures. I would not be upset if the gun was cheap. I will never buy from this company again.

TheFireArmGuy: I agree and just about everyone I talked to who owned a DB9 had issues with it

ThePilkman: Just got my Kahr and am looking forward to trying it out. Seems like a good gun and the reputation is pretty good. However, for the short time I owned the DB9 I would stay away from it. It jammed on the first round I put through it and when I took it back to the dealer where I bought it the same thing happened with them. I think there is a design flaw where the ejection spring sits. I wouldn't use it to carry because I can't count on it to work when needed most. In my humble opinion...
Diamondback DB9 vs Kahr CM9 - TheFireArmGuy 5 out of 5

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Diamondback DB9 vs Kahr CM9 - TheFireArmGuy