Tattoo Over Scars

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Tanja SykesQuinnFuentes: you're wonderful:)<3

unknowen girlok: Your so pretty :')

GypsySpirit: Hey! I have had Trichotillomania for 2 years but I haven't pulled in 5 days! I think I finally quit! :) you have been such an inspiration to me and I was just wondering. If. Maybe.... You could give me a shoutout on your next video? Please? :) my name is Natalie! :)

CrystalRainDrop789: Cool!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thanks!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thanks :D

CrystalRainDrop789: Thanks!!!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you.

CrystalRainDrop789: I have Borderline Personality Disorder and it makes things very hard to deal with. Lots and lots of things added up and I didn't know how to deal with the intense emotions and felt like a failure.

CrystalRainDrop789: It was very painful but it was worth it because it turned out great.

GuineaCraft: Wow it looks good and a very smart way to hide scars lol

Skylark: please don't ever try to commit suicide again. the world will miss you!!!

CrystalRainDrop789: :D

Sarah Ross: Wow that is so pretty! I love it. Ur really pretty too

thequeenofbree: I LOVE IT! :-) ~bri

CrystalRainDrop789: Thanks :D

Anon Ymous: One of the best people on youtube, for sure, but, that pose to show off just had me burst out in laughter. Oh, and as an added bonus, the swelling will go down faster, if you keep your skin moisturized, by drinking lots of water, and gently putting a thin layer of perfume-free moisturizer on it.

Andrea Penney: aww i love it! :) i just got a butterfly tattoo a few weeks ago and im in love with it! stay strong darling!

memberofyourtube: How easy is it for you to find your scars under the tattoo? Does it actually hide them, or just make them less noticeable from afar? I've got some scars I want hidden so I'm not constantly reminded, but I want to know what to expect before I do it.

Brooke Messmer: I'm so glad you are better! Like, happy, not sad to that point. If you ever need a boost, email me :) also, I have a question. I am 17 and considering getting a tattoo over my scar from my tibia torsion repair surgery. It's on the inside part of my ankle, about four to five inches long, but i have titanium plate underneath it. Should i even consider?

CrystalRainDrop789: Awwww thanks so so much!!!

ravenpicks: You are a pretty girl, I have a tattoo I had half taken off and never got re done, and it doesn't bother me anymore. I want to re do it and keep thinking of ideas. I used make-up. You are so pretty what made you try to die, if it was a man, please they are not worth it! But if it was depression we all go through it. Love yourself, you are worth it!

Mallory Mckenna: you seem a lot happeir now. for some reason i need a bodily reminder. im stopping. i cut three cuts and they stand for the reon im stopping. and i hate my scars.

IChoseTheRedPill: Nope! A few will do! I only have two... But check this woman out... She does ASMR videos here on Utube... /watch?v=xLhJIL7mdVY Take care Kelly... K~~~

wertpoi: you are beautiful anyway

smashasriot: Looks great! :D

CrystalRainDrop789: I've been putting aquaphor on it.

XreutX: Beautiful tattoo !

Bludbender: Anyways, that was totally off topic. You're amazing strong and I wish I were you.

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!

CrystalRainDrop789: Awwww thanks!

IChoseTheRedPill: I agree with the comment that maybe you could use the new artwork to prevent you from cutting eventually. It just requires the programming which involves going back there in that head space or immediately applying the technique when the situation rears it's head... Personally I love tattoos on women, I think it's a great way to express yourself and that one is very cool and definitely says something about you. Just make sure they use quality ink that won't fade or run over time.

petsmart1000: love love love your tattoo, it's really beautiful. i'm glad you're doing better, keep your chin up :)

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!

Angelfire359: Wow i love the hearts that are in it :3 so pretty coz its blue :D hahaha a fight with captain hook xD

CrystalRainDrop789: Yea

Brooke Messmer: Thanks.

CrystalRainDrop789: I probably won't get lots of tattoos. I think a few are ok but I don't like too many.

memberofyourtube: okay, thank you for the information.

CrystalRainDrop789: I'm glad you are still alive. I know you feel like a failure but you aren't :D

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you :D

GuineaCraft: Oh I also have a question!!! How did your parents react when they saw or heard that u were and got a tatoo

Tourettes0: SO Georgous.(: I am definitely going to get a tattoo to cover mine!

TheSpringCourt: That looks really good Kelly!! I so want to go have mine touched up again, but I can't find a good artist :(

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!!!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you :)

Bludbender: You're so gorgeous... I'm so weak... I (trigger warning) attempted suicide so many times with cutting, but I never ended iup cutting deep enough. I feel like a failure.

Kira Frazer: It's so preeety. :D

emily tiller: You are my favorite YouTuber!! I have seen like all of your videos! :-)
Tattoo over scars 4.8 out of 5

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Tattoo over scars