Tattoo Over Scars

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Tanja Nydegger: you're wonderful:)<3

Redrocketgirl: I will get my scar tattoo on my left tattoo arm over in week time. I have a tattoo over my right wriest.

Brooke Messmer: Thanks.

CrystalRainDrop789: I have Borderline Personality Disorder and it makes things very hard to deal with. Lots and lots of things added up and I didn't know how to deal with the intense emotions and felt like a failure.

ravenpicks: You are a pretty girl, I have a tattoo I had half taken off and never got re done, and it doesn't bother me anymore. I want to re do it and keep thinking of ideas. I used make-up. You are so pretty what made you try to die, if it was a man, please they are not worth it! But if it was depression we all go through it. Love yourself, you are worth it!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!

CrystalRainDrop789: I'm glad you are still alive. I know you feel like a failure but you aren't :D

CrystalRainDrop789: Awww thanks! I have no idea about the tattoo. I would talk to a tattoo artist first.

unknowen girlok: Your so pretty :')

Brooke Messmer: I'm so glad you are better! Like, happy, not sad to that point. If you ever need a boost, email me :) also, I have a question. I am 17 and considering getting a tattoo over my scar from my tibia torsion repair surgery. It's on the inside part of my ankle, about four to five inches long, but i have titanium plate underneath it. Should i even consider?

CrystalRainDrop789: I can't get one on any of my other scars they're so bad. Those ones weren't raised like the others.

Jeremy Goodman: i have been through some of the same crap just hang in there my scars are bad so a tat won't do me any good but nice tat

CrystalRainDrop789: I don't know. You might want to ask a tattoo artist.

CrystalRainDrop789: Those scars were the very faint ones. My others are so bad I couldn't get a tattoo over them.

CrystalRainDrop789: Thanks :D

mandiblu15: Your tat looks awesome!!

CrystalRainDrop789: Thank you!

sara kosmicki: Stay strong honey, you're really pretty! And I love the tattoo(:

memberofyourtube: okay, thank you for the information.

CrystalRainDrop789: I put them on the arm with not a lot of scars. I can still see them but they're less noticeable. The arm with bad scars I don't even think a tattoo would work.
Tattoo over scars 5 out of 5

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Tattoo over scars