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ellap22: this guy for one is irritating, second i have the octane and the keys r great, not to close. my friend has the evy3, she loves it too. both r great,but if i had to pick i would get the octane
jappie jappo: We don't want Okinawa, we want to return it to the US since it's really a trouble maker and yakuzas sucking our tax money from our government. All Okinawans are yakuzas or yakuza related bastards, Sangpkujins as well as Koreans and Taiwanese that raped millions of jap girls by taking advantage of extraterritorial rights they have.
Leo Valdeolivar: @killthenerd5 yeah same here.Imagine Zelda with multiplayer.freak that
Brain Buster: Is that a longboard I see in the background? Bruuuh sweet. Love the room and awesome character. Your art is hella.
TheFireMaster3000: i has that glitch few times
Agato Wesker - The Black Fox: @metaXzero Lol too true. XD
NecroVMX: Well they're all there in the all star version, you must never have found 'em.

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