Benjamin Marauder Hunting Airgun

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Emir Olcer: can we hunt hog with 25 cal marauder

Renato Damascena: show os seu videos principalmente quando vc ta caçando com uma pcp

SHOOTER3258: man you red!

JoAnn Chaney: herpes

Cooper Nelson: could a 177 kill a piglet? Thanks to who replies!

Legit Modz: hello........

Katana Ikiru: great gun!!! thnx

11x infantry: would you suggest this gun to your friends 

93foxwcube: Team wild tv, go freak yourself

616Haggard: Will this shoot through a glass window and still maintain enough velocity for a kill shot? Im trying to bring down my exwife at the mail mans house across the street. The range finder estimates about 17 yards and I have a clear shot through the bedroom window..

Buby Salak: here is someone who has one for sale rogue'm to buy

odecir moreira dos santos moreira santos: olá grandes caçadores, qual a velocidade em fps deste air rifle ,BRASILIAM

beretmp15: I'm sure they do but remember THATS BREAKING THE LAW. I am certain that if caught you d be in jail for some time. It's just not worth it. If limit is 12FPE regardless of caliber, Id choose .177 all day long. cheapest to shoot.

beretmp15: I guess caliber doesn't matter since its still 12FPE. :(

Bruno Barrios: can this kill a man?

Bob Fentzlaff: Have both the .25 is great for coons

Legit Modz: what do you think about co2 guns??

CRUSHMACHINES: bolt CAN NOT be switched.

MegaHeyman22: Great vid. What website can you get these from if you live in the UK?

joe bama: how do you switch bolt to other side? 
Benjamin Marauder Hunting Airgun 5 out of 5

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Benjamin Marauder Hunting Airgun