Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 (APT-X Stereo Transmitter)

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Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 (APT-X Stereo Transmitter)
Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 (APT-X Stereo Transmitter)
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Apple Tv: will it work with bose ae2w and sony sbh52? thanks/ Is there any software update for bt-d1? how to update it?

Sunghan Park: Hello :-) Do you know the avantree saturn to support APT-X, bluetooth transmitter? I have a MM550-X travel. Whenever I pair the two, During first 4min., the headphone make a good sound, but after 4~5min, my headphone don't make sound. Do you have a good idea ?

Кругляк Евгений: Hello! Can i connect two bluetooth stereo headphones at the same time?

takeme2urmac: Can I plug the transmitter into my soundbar so I could use my bluetooth headset? And if I can do this, when I use the headphones, will it mute the soundbar? Thank you. :)

Vasily K: Does it connect with a microphone in a headset?

Mithun Madhu: Can i hook these via an OTG cable to android phones n tabs which do not have apt-x transmission? 

PJ Berry: Have a current Samsung Smart tv, what do I need to pair it with a Creative 450 headphone?

Kevin Bolton: "Audio'. Aw-de-o or Oar-de-o Not Ow-de-o'

xdeltomx: Does it work with XBOX and PS3?

PJ Berry: Very helpful, many thanks. PJ 

mounthopemayhem: im thinking about getting this to pair with my sony shake 7 stereo from my pc, will it wrk and would the audio quality be any good ?

Ayman Mohammed Sharif: I don't have an audio jack in my TV. Can i connect this directly to a USB port in my LED TV and pair it with my sennheiser mm550-x? If so, how is the audio quality, and hows the laggin? If i cannot pair it with this creative transmiter, can you tell how to connect my sennheiser mm550-x to my TV for good quality sound and music from my TV??

Ronald Sanjana: Hi...Can I use this to connect my Bose AE2w headphones to my TV (TV has a 3.5mm audio out).

surgeyX: Why isn't losless audio streaming built into the BT 3 and 4 standards? I think it's stupid that you have to buy completely new dongles and devices just to use proprietary losless codecs to get high quality streaming audio over bluetooth.

Guillaume P: Hi My PC portable, which is not Bluetooth, would become bluetooth with APT-X protocol? or just bluetooth? Thanks Regards

Jesse B Andersen: If the SMS Audio wireless ones are Bluetooth enabled then yes. As a side note, those headphones do not appear to have Apt-X, therefore the audio quality will be normal Bluetooth.

Jesse B Andersen: CSR, the company that makes APT-X, licenses their technology to other companies. This ensures that they will get money for a technology that will make them "stand out". If Bluetooth Special Interest Group (the guys that manage Bluetooth) wanted to have APT-X built in, they would have to come to a deal with CSR. Of course having the APT-X means that every device with bluetooth would be more expensive.

Csaba Horváth: I bought a Creative BT-W1 at the Creative store. Unfortunately I've learned it the hard way, that it's not fully compatible with the Sennheiser MM 550-X. It just works as regular headphones with a remote controller. The microphone does not work even though it's bi-directional.

veryannoyingname: android phones like the Samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X have APT-X built in, so do they still need the dongle or can they connect direct to the audio system "lossless" because they have APT-X built in

Jesse B Andersen: There are not that many. I have some links to Apt-X transmitters at my blog.

Mikael Roofpower: can i use that with sms audio sync by 50 wireless?

chinzching718: HI Jesse, can i connect this to my Samsung HomeTheater (HT-D5530) and transmit the sound/audio to TurtleBeach PX5?

Jesse B Andersen: I know there are focus issues. If I keep the focus set on a specific place then that works, but if I bring a device closer to the camera then the device does not look sharp. If I set auto focus then I can move devices around, although the camera can lose focus on dark colors. The white background can make dark colors stand out, but the camera is now dealing with two drastically opposite colors; dealing with these two opposites is hard because it switches focus on whites and then darks.

Jesse B Andersen: No.

Jesse B Andersen: You got to define what "loud" is. In my case... loud is volume that is high enough that makes hearing uncomfortable because my ears are being destroyed - and for that case the 550-X are loud enough. However, if as a DJ you needed volume high enough to hear at a "loud party" like a rave... then no they are not loud enough. It is described here /watch?v=hVd6mGXwBNg

dirghoswash: hi jesse..pls tell me if the volume in the 550x is loud enough as i was reading reviews of it where people had issues..thanks..

Kevin Southam: Fix the autofocus man. Every time you move it goes out of focus.

widmansg: by spec 1.8msec

veryannoyingname: Thanks

Jesse B Andersen: Those phones can connect to an APT-X receiver (headphones, speakers) and yield "lossless" results.

Jesse B Andersen: I can only speak for the BT-D1 and "normal bluetooth". The control scheme changes with this dongle, which can be a problem. I have not figured out a way around it, the only way I see of fixing that is a software update by Creative (which could happen because of the complaints).

Mr. Delano: great review i have a pair of harman kardon bt bluetooth headphones and did alot of experimenting yesterday and i notice some audio quality differences, my headphones support apt x so im offically looking for a great dongle or usb device thanks again

Jesse B Andersen: I probably would have if it had been available. But I only saw the BT-D1 at Amazon (which is where I usually buy stuff from).

Jesse B Andersen: I didn't try that, but I don't think so. It basically works as a sound card for your computer.

Jessica Lee: Thanks for the help Jesse. your video on the Sennheiser 550 review made me buy the headphones after much research :) I think I will stick with the 550 because of the difference in money. I bought them online for 150 on ebay- used without most of the accessories. but hopefully if they work just as advertised- a great deal.

Jessica Lee: Is it worth buying the 550-X to get the bluetooth X quality? Or if you aren't really an audiphile, just stick with the 550? On amazon the difference is 200 dollars. Thanks!

Jesse B Andersen: It is an issue of the camera, the background, the lighting, and proximity of the device. I wish I had a more professional camera that can deal with these issues (ie be faster at each auto adjustment). Another way of solving these issues is to have multiple cameras fixed at different focus spots, and then edit the videos properly. Of course this could take 3x the amount of time of recording and video editing. The cameras would have to be white balanced each time and... it's a hassle.

veryannoyingname: Thanks. Do they still need the dongle attached to the phone?

Jesse B Andersen: I think if you got the dollars... yes get the MM 550-X. Apt-X has several advantages, including better audio quality and video lip sync delay.

chinzching718: hi! can i connect this to Samsung home theatre (HT-D-5530) and transmit the sound to PX% TurtleBeach? thanks

surgeyX: I was thinking -- how about using BT 3.0 or 4.0 and using the SBC codec at higher bitrates? Problem with that is the cost of newer 3.0\4.0 chips with integrated wifi required to boost the bitrate is probably cost more to the manufacturers than licensing apt-X...Either way it's friggen 2012 and we should have lossless audio streaming in BT 4 :P

Benhua Yang: you should get the Sennheiser BTD 500 USB ,it's better than this one. but the way can you make a review about MM 550-x? Thanks.

Shayar Ajnabee: Hi, Jasse. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I visited your blog and there are so many for iphone/ipod. I was looking one for usb and the only ones I find is this creative BT-D1 and Sennheiser BTD 500. I noticed that with Creative BT-D1 you loose the system audio control from laptop. How do you get around that? Does that happen with all the dongles that exist right now?

oztronix: WHAT IS THE AUDIO LATENCY ? (Less than 120ms = good) (more than 120ms = bad)

Jesse B Andersen: The BTD 500 sells for about $100, which is $60 more than the Creative BT-D1! Currently I am testing many aspects of the MM 550-X. I will NOT do one video regarding the headphones, it has to be broken down because there are many aspects. There are easy things to figure out like specs and some features, but I have a few opinions. When I do opinions usually there people that absolutely hate me, and some like them. I will try to be fare.

Shayar Ajnabee: what's a good APT-X transmitter to use as of right now with MM 550-X?

Jesse B Andersen: This BT-D1 is for PCs. What you may need is a 3.5mm Apt-X stereo transmitter that will connect from the Samsung device. I have not checked what Turtle Beach uses so I'm not sure about that end.

Benhua Yang: wow, that's too expensive in US to get btd 500(but I am still waiting for the mm 550-x).I am EU,I got one about 66USD(plus shipping). I want to know does its very comfortable to wear or not?what about noise canceling compere with Bose QC 15?

Csaba Horváth: You should get the Creative BT-W1 instead, because it support bi-directional audio operation.

Chris Park: Tried a Kinivo BTH360S with the BT-W1 I bought originally for the WP-350 creative headset. As it turns out, it can recieve APTX audio, which is crystal clear. However, it can't transmit using it's built in mic like the WP-350 can. I tried it on a regular BT dongle, and the sound was predictably terrible. It doesn't list compatibility, but apparently it has the hardware to decode APTX, and it's 30 dollars cheaper than the WP-350. Oddly, it doesn't sound as good when connected to the Galaxy S3.
Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 (APT-X Stereo Transmitter) 4.5 out of 5

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Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 (APT-X Stereo Transmitter)