SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR #SHOTShow FateofDestinee

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SHOTShow 2013 Surefire Booth Visit
SHOTShow 2013 Surefire Booth Visit

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made it on my own: does anyone have one ? they have it listed for $459 I was wonder if it's worth it or I should pass

Dave Mack: I dare ya to say Windham Weaponry 5 times fast. ;)

Purepain76: Did you say Windham Weaponry Brooth LOL ?

VicariousReality7: Could you make a gun out of G-10 ?

Hector Leon: Sorry..i want a torture test on these to see how good they hold up...

cadre271: Say Windham Weaponry 5 times fast

shane gould: wait did he say phoenix? as in Arizona? I much know where in Phoenix heh

FateofDestinee: At least half a pound in the receiver, according to the reps.

P Hab: Torture Test it and I think it would b cooler if they just made it look like carbon fiber. Very very skeptical though at least with the upper

Aaron Aaronson: He says it's a lightweight model, but he didn't say how much it weighs exactly.

filmcostar: sounds like a cool ar

moonclipper45: Didn't know that...thought carbon fiber held up pretty good. I've seen fishing rods get bent over double and last for years treated that way.

77Blkstrat: Interesting John Clark says they've been taking orders for a couple of thousand now. Since when? I've been on their website now for at least once a week for misc. stuff and nothing, zero, nata have I seen a way to order. Am I missing something? Can I get a witness?

shane gould: Yay Phoenix...I want to tour that facility ;D

Elite Ammunition, Jay Wolf: Love Carbon Fiber. Hate Polymer AR's since they are all crap. Unless they have re enforced this common failure point (see posted vid) for ALL carbon AR's this one will fail also.

sevenyes7: Grrrreat design. Nice video - thank you for posting it.

Blackbeard: Do want

Matt Simon: Out of the ten ar's I've owned my Windham was the second cheapest and the nicest one by far. What that company offers is super high quality rifles at a GREAT price. I paid $889.00 for my flat top Windham. Put 1200 rounds through it in the past 2 months and not a single malfunction

556DOS45: I might consider buying one, if it didn't have the useless bolt forward assist. Also, mid-length gas system would be nice.

Brian TX: Destiny if you sold your rifle now you could buy two of those and some accessories with the profit.
SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR #SHOTShow FateofDestinee 5 out of 5

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made it on my own: does anyone have one ? they have it listed for $459 I was wonder if it's worth it or I should pass
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Royston Kane: Thanks for the video. I have this model. The problems I am getting are stuck clothes and stains on clothes. What I notice are two rings. One, there is a gap at bottom that the clothes seem to get stuck in when spinning and then hang from the top. Secondly, I notice that the paint at the base of the front entry is chipping, should I, can I repaint that? Model is FSG447GHs0.
Brandon Hayward: BEAUTY CAR <3
MrDerOutsider: vans always will be better than those retarded SUVs.
Bishal Ghimire: 100 ml how much ??
Mike Hudson: Basicly the original klon is wamer and have more sustain, for the price the Creme sounds pretty cool.

SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR #SHOTShow FateofDestinee