Benefit Pore-Fessional Vs. L'Oreal Miracle Blur

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Pore Fillers: Benefit Pore-Fessional vs. L'Oreal Miracle Blur
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Janelle fairlamb: thanks for this. I love the miracle blur, I see a difference as soon as I put it on and then I let it sit on my face for about ten minutes and it's amazing, and it stays all day. There are mixed reviews on this so I am convinced it depends on your skin. I think the miracle blur is absolutely amazing and it is the ONLY thing I will use as a foundation primer from now on. Thanks again :)

Celeste Martinez: Your nouse is perfect 

TSCherryGirl: Both are nice, and look good, but the POREfessional side does look smoother to me. I really tried hard to see if L'Oreal Miracle Blur looked as smooth, but it just doesn't, so it looks like I'm going to have to keep using POREfessional for now. :)

sdagf2013: first video watched and already subscribed!! u r hilarious!

Sharon Eaton: You are the only one I have seen apply these products the right way. I love the face comparison. Great review. Thanks

jody seymour: Thanks for doing the foundation over it, thats its exactly what i was wondering about, and I havent seen anyone else do that..... Thanks again!

shafia nasir: Hello can you do a review how long mac prep+prime skin refined zone lasts in comparison with benefit pore professional.thankyou 

Alla V: Benefit thumb up <3

Sherry H.: I love your videos! YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! Entertaining (in a good way) to watch!

Kiera Lynn: I think you have a really great attitude. And present these products well. 

Curls & Bags: I have the benefit one but I still need to try it. I gave the miracle blur to my mom :p

Lesley1000: Is it a backdrop? You should have kept quiet and just said thanks! Ha Ha! The green dress is nice as well. Don't tell me that's not real?

Lon Nol: Youre soo pretty. Great review

lilahbun: You are a pleasure to watch!

Lesley1000: Totally unrelated to vid, but I love your staircase!

kelligirl724: I love your comparison videos. Great job!

1998kirstyable: Do you have a tutorial for this eye look? I love love love it!!!

Alexandra Dolgova: I did wrote it wrong on purpose :)))

LetitiaLaura: Yes!! I love my top:)

mariella99K: For the slight difference in price, I'd go with The Porefessional too (though I haven't tried Miracle Blur). The Porefessional used to be my "go to" primer til I found Hourglass, which is darned pricey. Z, didn't you notice a difference in wear? Did your foundation last better with one than the other after some time had passed? Inquiring minds want to know! (g)

macshadowcombos: The L'Oreal is supposed to act as more of a primer, yes! ;)

Lindsey Helms: Blue screen?! ;)

macshadowcombos: LOL! They are very real-looking so I can see where you might think that, but no :)

Becky Dowdell: Same here. Mine also doesn't say spf 30. Maybe the one in the video isn't oil free?

Simone de boudoir: I also think the end result is more important and I don't want to apply yet another product to my face if the porefessional makes me shiny at all. I definitely prefer a matte finish and can't wait to try the L'Oreal. I don't mind spending more money on higher end products but I really don't think Benefit cosmetics live up to their hype in my experience and I think it's sad that people who are new to makeup are made to feel like their products are so one of a kind, for example "they're real."

Kimberli Sarsfield: I have them both and like them equally but I actually like that Benefit does not have an SPF in it and wish the MiracleBlur didn't as well. I actually bought the benefit when Ulta was doing a special and you received a travel sample of a few of their products, including the pore minimizer. I am so glad I had purchased the full size because my mini sample did not react the same way as the full size. The mini sample crumbled right off of my skin :( but the full size is great!

macshadowcombos: Hi! The fake's consistency was VERY runny compared to what you see here, which is more of a solid state. It also had NO smell, whereas the real one has a light, floral smell. :)

Lindsey Helms: :)

DKM340: Hi can you tell me what lipstick colour you are wearing. I really like it.

macshadowcombos: There are two different versions of the Miracle Blur; the SPF version and the non-SPF version; both are oil-free. ;)

Maryam96Dagher: OMG Your so gorgeous!!! Can u please do a makeup tutorial on the makeup you have on? :) xx

Kayla Crosno: Do either help your foundation last longer?

Tari Nouveau: I liked the Pore Minimizer on you too! It look a lot smoother to me for some reason. Thanks for doing this video Zabrina, bc I have HUGE pores on my nose.

macshadowcombos: I agree!! :D

DDelilahM: Hiya Z...i like the POREfessional better too... I was so concerned when i saw the sample you got from Ebay wasnt the real deal. I have to say as someone who has worked in the cosmetic industry for years 94% of cosmetics, skin and hair care products are either not the real thing OR repackaged out of date products. Its so risky to buy these things off ebay (and certain things from amazon) I suggest buying from ulta, sephora or you local drug store to ensure youre getting what you pay for.

queenmicka28: I really enjoyed this video, I actually have both these products and I like both for different reasons. The porefessional keeps me shine free, but the miracle blur actually closes my pores and fill in my fine lines. Great review!!

intan wafi: please do more get ready with me or chit chat..i enjoy sooo much all your video

SweetLillyMoon: Hi Zabrina, I thought you were doing uploading the same video then I realized ur eyeshadow was different lol. I love how informative you are and yet you are as equally funny. I look forward to your tutorials it's so exciting to see new videos from you on my feed. Take care and God bless!

SweetLillyMoon: Darn ignore the "doing" in my previous comment lol I type from my cellphone and the auto help does not help lol.

Carol Holierhoek: I love them both and ave tried them both. You do get more product for your money with the Miracle Blur so it edges out Porefessional for me personally. I have oily combo skin, and they both work great. Thank you Z, for another great video!

Becky Dowdell: The only thing is that the miracle blur is 1.18fl oz and the porefessional is only .75oz (for the full size) so the miracle blur is still a better deal price wise.

Elsa Chavez: Wow! Awesome video and demonstration. Thank you!

Kerry Lauder: I have them both. I think Benefits works better

Jennifer Wright: My miracle blur is clear, what's up with that? I got mine at Wal-Mart, and opened the tamper proof seal. Hmmm

macshadowcombos: Thanks! If it were filmed on a green screen, you wouldn't be able to see my green top ;)

macshadowcombos: Thank you!! :) It is meant to be enjoyed so I'm happy to hear that! :)

macshadowcombos: Haha! ;) I did wear it just like that all day after filming to see which wore better! The Miracle Blur was better at keeping my face matte throughout the day compared to Pore-fessional, which I did notice got oily after some time, but I generally have that happen with just foundation too. It didn't move, though, just got shiny. I would more than likely apply an additional primer over the Pore-fessional in the future, myself, if I wanted it to be matte. Still prefer Benefit's version!

mishimaro08: I have them both but definitely like the benefit one better! I find that the miracle blur is a lot thicker and rolls up a bit on my face.

jlcarroll18: what nail polish are you wearing? I love it! thank you for your videos!

Teresa Payne: I appreciate you redoing this video, I did catch the first video and made a comment that your porefessional looked different than mine. But I did really want to know what you thought comparing them side by side (just with the right product :D ). I have giant pores (huge understatement) and have been floored by the immediate result of the porefessional. Love this stuff and appreciate the honest review.
Benefit Pore-Fessional vs. L'Oreal Miracle Blur 4.8 out of 5

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Benefit Pore-Fessional vs. L'Oreal Miracle Blur