2015 Chevy Monte Carlo Concept

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2015 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Impala
2015 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Impala

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Brian Russell: two words. REALLY, REALLY SEXY! (of course it's 3 words, shut up.)

Dewalt1700: 3 words. That is UGLY !!!!

Binley Bell-Robinson: This car ROCKS. It is radical designed. Put the same effort on the inside as well as the transmission which s/b at least 6 speed automatic. The car should perform like a BMW. But with American know how. Hold back NOTHING. Do it right. I guarantee you won't be able to stop them from rolling off the assembly line. GM let's get crack-in. It is time we take charge. Build it Do it...

tmoneyjones2800: I freakin luv it.

Joel Robinson: how ugly is freak cuz iwas going to say freaking ugly

Christopher Lowe: Please don't do it

hsmatias: Good art, crapty design!

zeke553: Its cool yall jus sum freakin haters if you dont like it dont get one bitch

Michael Dixon: no thats ugly one love 86 monte carlo

AureliaMetal: Very good effort. It has the right styling cues but they dont all work together. Looks like the sports car that Clark Griswold would have driven.

Joel Robinson: ha?


MrKingCutlass: i want this monte on the street i gotta have it...

Chad Lebre: Ugly as freak!!!

sammjackson70: Now that's a smok'en car can't you dig it!

Juan Lopez: Wer da bak luk 2 it?

amjott: ONE view of the car, an entire video wasted on ONE view. No other view, no rear quarter, nothing. WTF?
2015 Chevy Monte Carlo Concept 3 out of 5

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2015 Chevy Monte Carlo Concept