2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems

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WinchesterLock: Yeah, I too have an 05' Trailblazer. My cluster has been going to heck for months (only issues regarding the fuel gauge are covered by recall btw). Just this weekend, I had the oil pressure, amperage and speedometer all fail on me. Oil and amperage were normal when checked/hooked up to an outside meter. The speedometer decided to move off of zero after driving an hour and a half with no speedometer. This comes following having repairs done for a bad coil, a recall replacement for a fuel gauge issue, a dead battery, and rough idling and choking down at stoplight when I have the air conditioner or fan on (the dealership claimed it was a dirty throttle body, and having them clean it did nothing to fix it). As a result, I have no interest in buying another Chevy.

FanOfVacuums2: We have a black 2005 Blazer that had the same problem. It would say we were going 120mph, when we were going like 30. The gas gauge didn't work either, we just estimated how much gas we had. All we did was replace the little stepper motors and it worked like new. The check engine light constantly stays on, but we don't pay attention to that. It works almost like new, now.


Darlene Hickman: I also have a 2005 and just got it so i was not paying for repairs on my car and i have the same problems gauges and pump and now when i put on the breaks it sometimes jumps forward this is a great vehicle for winter but other then that it is killing me in repairs and now my door lock to driver side is locking on me would not recommend to anyone unless u have money to pay out !! 

Cathi Singledecker: ThIs was a recall item only covered until 100k miles. My mechanic sent mine in this must be done on the cluster that came with truck cost 70bucks. Everything working fine now.. hope this helps everyone! !!

Kevin Stephanie: I have all these issues too and not sure what to do about it.... I am so sick of everything falling apart on this vehicle... please help with any ideas

MusiikN0w: our 06 envoy has been nothing but good so far, only have replaced the 4wd switch and had to put tires on it, bought at 96k miles now has 105k cluster works great and its driven daily

Alfonso Barrera: i have a 05 trailblazer and it is acting crazy also...i ran out out gas the other day because my fuel gauge went out...and now my truck feels like it wants to turn off...i think my speed sensor its out now...

JC Ayala: hope u didnt replace it looks like a simple speedometer gauge stepper motor prob. $20 fix

josh pellett: replaced both motors for the needles both fixed for under 50. bucks did it myself

jeff hamilton: You really need to have the front suspension and wheel bearings checked. Wheel bearings usually go bad about every 50,000 as well as ball joints and a-arm bushings. This may be the worst vehicles GM has produced sense the old 5.7 diesels.

Shelley Luster: We have one. The cluster is broken. We recently took it in for a recall on the gas system. Not too happy with it. Also the steering keeps going out.

Patrick Bryant: Also have a 2005 trailblazer i keep filling the radiator, but i think the water is coming out from the water pump im not sure.

Ramiro Rodriguez: Theses trucks are nothin but junk. I replaced the water pump, the clutch fan, the wheel bearing all 4, the calipers, the upper and bottom plate , ball joint, the cluster is going krazy, all in less the an year. Need less to say, I hate american car, I got me a toyota camry.

Mindy Skewes: I also have an 05, with the same issues. Speedometer works randomly. Engine light stays on, fan does not work on 5. Today the oil pressure gauge went to 0. I wish they would recall the whole cluster.

Kimi Banderas: Yes i do have the same year and same problem stuck at 120 and goes down to 90 in park grrrrr

Mitchell WildFlame: Oh I've done 90 mph with our 04 in park! ._. no, it was slipping on ice and the gear shift was in drive, but it displayed on the dash as park for some reason

Aman P: i got chevy trailblazer 05 i am facing exact same problem i went to chevy dealer they dont cover any of that. & now just today i put in drive it dont run. seems like its not shifting at all. if you kno what could be that please let me kno.

Patrick Whitt: I have a 2oo5 trailblazer. when it had 40,000 mi I had to replace the idle pulley that was a defect. change the water pump at 60,000 that is standard. I had to change the crank sensor, cam sensor, both 02 sensors at the same time because i had a bad power surge and loss of power and check engine light. at 96,000 I had to replace the fan clutch because loss of power and it started running warm"very expensive" most recently at 100,000 I had to replace the shift cable, a common problem. it breaks at the transmission and either you can put in a bushing or pay $80.00 for the whole new cable. From my knowledge trailblazers have bad electrical problems but are a very good truck.

Dean Kiley: Gauge cluster is easily repairable for about 35 bux by replacing the stepper motors (6 in all). Instructions are found on youtube, parts available on ebay. This is an EASY fix and if you can hold a pencil, you can solder. I will be replacing the original cluster lamps with blue led's as well as soon as it gets a bit warmer. Good Luck!

robin mericle: I have a 2004 Chevy Trail Blazer. The fan belt clutch was replaced at the dealer Blasius Chevrolet in 2008. I then moved to FLA. where I had to have the FAN BELT clutch Replaced again in 2011, again REPLACED in 2012. Now its going on a 4th time. 

Steven Baessler: I have an 03 trailblazer lt 5.3 vortec, my gauge cluster got stuck also, what I did was act like I was going to start my truck with the shifter in drive. some how if you do this enough ( on mine at least ) the speedometer will slowly bring itself back to just under zero. the reason for leaving the truck in drive is so the truck don't keep starting. so, leave it in drive, try to start it and hold the key a second, all gauges should fall to the standard off position, when you release the key, gauges will go back into whatever they are supposed to read and on top of that your speedo should start to slowly move back to normal " 0 " mph position. this may take several attempts but like I said, its what works on mine. 

flydivafly: I also have the check engine light, (that doesn't bother me) speedometer, and fan for the heater problems..Do you know of any recalls? I have had a new fan put in twice and neither time does it get any better..The speedometer as u say is about $300 to get fixed.

Michael Shahabi: I own a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS 4.2 I6, It has given me problems galore! I have replaced the fuel injector, thermostat, and my gauge is having the same problem since 2009. The only gauge that works is the RPM, my gas light goes off thats howI know I need gas, I will never buy GM again! I currently have a misfiring cylinder #4, and other engine lag. Just ordered a new fuel cap. 

Kyle Howell: Those trucks ain't worth nothing.

Alfonso Barrera: my truck also runs out of oil really fast...they told me that the fuel regulator might be broke...i dont understand since these are two different systems...fuel/oil

josh pellett: yes i got the same problem or did but mostly with the tac

Erik Carlson: (Virtual fist bump)

Erik Carlson: Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for sharing your story. We're in the same boat...we don't trust our fuel gauge so we fill up often and watch our mileage. I'd hate for my wife and children to be stranded alongside the road with an empty tank due to a faulty fuel gauge. :(

slb5150: LOL....I own one of these lemons, too....gas tank level sensor, bad cluster gauge, water pump, wipers that won't turn off....I feel for ya, buddy. I stick my wife with this thing....I'll keep driving my Neon.

XMANDEEJAY: I had the same problem.Had to replace the whole dashboard .

Teresa Rodriguez: I've had my 05 Trailblazer for 71/2 years and absolutely love it. It has been a very good vehicle for me. I have put over 165,000 miles on it, and it still runs very good. Sure, I have had to put a little work into it, but I would have expected that on any vehicle. Recently, the AC stopped blowing cold air only on the drivers side. I took it to the dealer and my advisor told me what it was (in the dash), but I don't remember the name that he said. Does anyone know what the name would be?

Erik Carlson: That stinks. Hopefully it's something minor. Thanks for the comment!

shonuffgrl: Same problem with my speedometer.

68simplejay: My wife owns a 05 blazer and the same thing happend to it the speed will stick and I also just replaced the water pump waiting for the next disaster to happen with this truck

ramonaahakeem86: I have had my 03 Trailblazer for 1 year. I've had many problems with it. Now my transmission is going bad. Wanna cry but as soon as I'm done something else will be wrong with it.

Erik Carlson: Bummer. Sorry to hear that Scott. Hope you don't have any other issues with your Trailblazer. Thanks for posting!

arrow251: Needs to be resynchronized by authorized service center. Check engine light needs to have fault code checked. My thermostat went bad and caused the check engine light to come on, the thermostat was stuck open and did not allow the engine to reach correct temperature in allotted time. Fuel gauge started giving bad reading that was caused by faulty fuel level sensor in gas tank, GM paid for most of that one though issue.

Vanessa W: I have a chevy trailblazer - 2005 and my fuel gauge is shot. I will get it fixed one day, but for now I fill up based on my mileage. :) Not the smartest thing, but its better than forking out 400$ for it... Guess I should prepare for future repairs as well.

Erik Carlson: I totally feel for you Ramona. Hopefully you won't have any more issues with your vehicle. Good luck!

Erik Carlson: Thanks for your sharing your story @jrled79. I hope you don't have any more problems with your Trailblazer. We used our GPS for a while too. After we got the cluster fixed, our speedometer is about 4 - 5 mph slower. I wondered why everyone is passing us. heh.

jrled79: I have an 2005 Trailblazer. My speedometer went out at about 100,000 miles. I had the vehicle speed senor on the transmission changed and nothing happened. Will have to change the cluster. For now I use my Motorola GPS's speed indicator to track my speed. It's like 2 to 3mph off. Now I am having trouble with my fan clutch. It's slow turning cause my A/C to cycle irregularly. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

James Gillespie: i feel for you, havent had those problems yet. but at 100,400 miles the transmission went out, dont replace it with same tranny. i put an escalade tranny in mine. not long after that the rear end and water pump went out. my advice, if you havent replaced tranny yet dump this vehicle as soon as possible

jumpin386: I bought a used 05 trailblazer that the speedometer did not work. I bought the servos for the dash cluster on ebay for around 40.00. They work well for the speed , the gas gauge sometimes reads low when it is full but everything else works fine.

Josh Corpuz: Dcv

Kendra Sanders: I have a 2005 EXT LS and am being nickle and dimed like you said. I've replaced the entire exhaust all rotors, 2 of the ignition pins and still have my check engine light, this has all been changed in the last 3 months.

Erik Carlson: Hi Rocco - I'm no trailblazer expert but if you read through the comments below, your check engine light could mean a number of things...from serious to not-so-serious issues. It's probably worth having it checked out. Good luck to you!

Erik Carlson: Ah...that stinks. We got our speedometer fixed but it actually runs about 4-5 mph slower than the speedometer. Go figure. Hope you don't have any other issues with your Trailblazer. Bless you!

Erik Carlson: Je n'ai aucune idée de ce que vous venez de dire parce que je ne parle pas espagnol, donc j'ai pensé que je voudrais vous répondre en français.

Erik Carlson: Hi Marta. I'd do what everyone else does...watch your mileage and fill up often. It would stink to be stranded alongside of the road with an empty tank. :(
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2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems