2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems

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2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems
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DanielRichards644: no need to pay 300 bucks for a cluster, just replace the stepper motors it's like 30 bucks to buy the stepper motors and do the work yourself.

JOYCE CLEMONS: ALL I HAD TO DO WAS CUT N PASTE FROM ANOTHER PERSON ON THIS THREAD... Electrical system, on going. Check engine light, ha ha, it's normal. Fix the check engine light, reset it, fine for a couple months or so. Bam! Back on. Instrument cluster, (ESP SPEED, TEMP) flaky...sometimes works, usually not. . pt CRUISE, WHEN IT FEELS LIKE IT. Today, it wouldn't go in reverse. So now we are looking into diagnosing the transmission control module, we have read some weird things that will do. Possibly will do a try at rebooting that. http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Reprogram-Your-Transmission-Control-Module-/10000000178571735/g.html Found that part which would cost 102 from Whitney if the first trick doesn't work http://www.jcwhitney.com/2002-2005-chevrolet-trailblazer/oe-replacement-transmission-control-module/p3042251d16942y2002-2005j1.jcwx I kept the link to this...if we learn more, will be back. PS I'm a 63 yr old clueless widow but I got a tip from a friend. Can't check these tips out until my son gets in from out of town next week. He's "the man" at keeping me on the road, but it's a headache. Will be driving my 94 Cutlass until he gets home, and maybe for a while after that, if this gets complicated. Cheers! PS otherwise it's a nice ride...lol

Jimmy Hinton: I replace my stepper motors in my 05 Trailblazer and I haven't no problems yet. I think I paid 30 bucks and 2 hours time I was back on the road. That has been about 3 years ago.

Ellen Lowrimore: Yes .. I think there should be recalls .. 2003 gas , rpm , oil are off too .. I have to guess on the gas amount .. Love my ride but it is annoying .. 300$ !? Ouch 


christina bednar: ohh, boy do i have issues, im so sick of it,i still owe on my 05 for another 2 and a half years, i took it in last year to get the 4 wheel drive fixed, never used it after the shop and gues what, its messed up again, my service light has been on for over a year, now theres something wrong with the exaust,the gas gauge doesnt work most of the time, i recieved a letter from chevy,but they said its at my decresion to fix it,it has been one thing after another , i was forced to buy this insurance but everything that had to be serviced, the insurance doesnt cover, i swear i will never buy a trailbreaker again, ughhhh

Douglas Chapman: check engine light is not on.

serg1184: I have a 2005 trailblazer bought mine brand new. Instrument cluster went out at about 15k miles, in my opinion that should've been a recall from chevy cause almost everyone I know has had that same problem with their trailblazer. Also the wheel hubs went out at about 30k miles had them replaced under warranty, 30k miles later they went out again, I replaced them with timken hubs from autozone the truck now has 160k miles on it and still has the same ones. The water pump went out at 100k also replaced it with an autozone pump (no I don't work for them or get payed to advertise for them I'm a truck drive). Other than regular maintenance oil changes and brakes the only other common problem I know about these trailblazers is the fuel level sensor is also known to go out on these trucks, bought mine form AZ for about 40 dollars, also the the variable timing solenoid is known to go out. The check engine light will come on and it'll give you a P0014 code no need to worry solenoid cost me about 60 dollars from napa. People usually change the cam sensor but its the variable timing solenoid located of to the left of the cam sensor on the passenger side. Hope all this info helps, over all I'm pretty happy with mine, good luck and hope everything works out. 

Butch Howard: I bought a 2005 Trailblazer EXT LT on November 8, 2014 from a used car dealer. I did a VIN check and found it was well taken care of, major repairs and recalls done. It had 147,093 miles on the clock and I knew there might be some issues. Within the last few weeks I found the upper ball joints needed replaced. During a 3 hour drive home a wheel bearing failed but we were able to drive home. The previous owner had not serviced the differentials so I drained and refilled with Lucas 75W-90. They were all easy fixes for under $200 total. Truck rides so smooth and quiet.

Scott Dowen: Doug change temp sending unit.

Alberto Sanabria: 2005 trailblazer Robin code P0894

wilton bravo: Q problema ase y cuanto cuestala canbiada del sensor p0014 

Kyle S: 2005 suburban speedo stuck at 70 when parked, sucks!

Ali Aoun: I have 2005 chevy silverado with some issue 

Sarahlove♥: Check engine light might have been the engine management/ignition...i hat that replace and my 05 runs good thank the Lord... 

Jon Hauser: Have a 2005 trail blazer that had speedo sticking and going faster than real speed.my problem was left front wheel bearing.havent had problem since I put it in.speed senior is on bearing.hope this helped.jon

kurt bearden: same problem with speedometer

Tiffany Weaver: I guess I've lucked out with mine,because I have a 2005 Chevy trailblazer as well and have not had this problem,not any of the others that seem to be common. I love my trailblazer,it hasn't given me any headaches yet.

***Classified***: Modern Chevy's suck.

JLynnsanity y: I actually just bought a 2005 model and everything runs and works perfect on it. Like i said i had just bought it last week from a used car lot, and i had it looked at by a mechanic and so far so good with everything. Ill keep posted on any problems down the line (which i hope doesnt happen) fingers crossed.

Douglas Chapman: I have a 2005 TB and the temp gage is moody.After I had a new water pump and thermostat replaced my gage was fluctuating instead of staying at 210.last few weeks its been at 210,whats up with this.The thermostat is a carquest and not a GM Delco.

WOODARICH: Yep! 2005 Trailblazer, full of issues since the wife drove off the lot within 2 weeks. Transmission, warranty, had to fight for it. Electrical system, on going. Even the tail light bulb melted and had to replace the entire tail light assembly instead of bulb. Check engine light, ha ha, it's normal. Fix the check engine light, reset it, fine for a couple months or so. Bam! Back on. Nickel and dime is an understatement. What we have paid to get it checked and fixed, we should have just traded it in for another vehicle. Chevy customer service sucks, will never deal with Chevy again. Chevy should have recalled alot of their vehicles. Oh well. Good luck to the rest of you Chevy owners.

ARMY21tango: I have an 03 TB EXT...my speedo went out as well, so I ordered the stepper motor for it and will be tackling the replacement myself this weekend. I also figured that while I was in there , I would replace the bulbs with colored LED bulbs with matching colored needles. Total cost of all parts was around $30...and just my time to do it.

Darlene Irwin: I have had trouble with the engine light coming on when I know there is nothing wrong, I have whatever was causing it to come repaired,once already. Manuel says something about emissions. I have had to replace my gas cap twice. Low beam on my headlights continually go out ,scary at dark I have high beams. I have replaced the part will now see if they continue to go out.

vchavez75: yup! My 2005 experienced everything you stated starting at 103,000 miles! Fuel gauge, ignition, gas cap etc!!!....and they wonder why people by foreign?

Monroe Cook: I also have a 2005 Chevy trailblazer.. With the same problem as you. my Meter stop at 40. When it supposed to stop at zero. I also have a problem with my gas meter.... And now my water pump bad..Otherwise then that.. I like my trailblazer... Problem ... it's always something

Kevin Godwin: Yes, my 03 has instrument cluster problems. Started with it moving erratically then it would run in the 100mph zone no matter how fast I was driving. Then it just got stuck below the zero no on the left side. Aslo, when I start the truck after not driving it for a day or so it won't start. I believe it's the fuel pump due to the fact that you can turn the key to the on position where you hear the pump buzz several times before you attempt to start and it 95% of the time will fire right up. There were some other common issues, I can't remember, fixed under warranty just before it ran out. Glad I did that because that total was around 3,000!

adolfo gomez: I've replaced the transmission a few years back, the 4x4 doesn't work at all, last year replaced acceleration pedal and harness, the throttle body and harness, the engine computer, fan clutch, water pump, heater core

vchavez75: Follow-up from Vchavez75: I bought by TB 2005 brand new and experience every electrical issue described by all plus I rebult the tranny at 125K! Oh well!

Cody Shayna: i own a 2005 chevy trailblazer and within the last 2 months my instruments have began to malfunction. it started out with oil pressure gauge which has since fixed itself. now its my rpm gauge it messes up from time to time. 

Ibrahim Wakeel: My 05 ls gave out on me. The lights inside come on. And at first I thought it was the alternator, but when I turned the key I didn't hear a click. So now I am convinced that it is the starter. 

Michael Milici: I have a 2005 Trailblazer that has problems with the speedometer, gas gauge and the 4WD system doesn't work anymore. The speedometer works about 50% of the time and the gas gauge hasn't worked for a couple years now. I have to calculate all my miles and it took a few times to run out of gas until I figured out I can go no more than 340 miles on one tank. I figure the 4WD system failure is also electrical but I don't know for sure.

Linda henry: Own a 2005 Trailblazer and we found a college student that repairs the clusters and the lights in the dash and done a awesome job for 80 dollars he is from Conway Arkansas

brett potter: My 04 trailblazer is have the same problem but only with the speedometer and the oil gauge so for my speed i just use a gps

Fatboy 705: I've had trouble with my 2005 trailblazer to Dashboard went out and then the window locks and then the shifter

Washington Multimedia: my 03 trailblazer cluster has also gone bad, water pump, fan clutch, transmission linkage gone bad also

ClubFreeze501: Yes mine does the same thing. At first it would go back and forth. Now it says I'm doing 130mph. Only thing works correctly is the gas hand and I said once that goes out I will replace it and there's a salvage yard here that sells it for $50

Glenn Bosworth: Hey Erik, No you are not the only one with trailblazer issues. I own a 2004 with huge electrical issues that noone has been able to pinpoint as most of the time it does not repeat at the service center or they think they got it and a week later well you know. I bought it for 18K and have spent another 20K+ in trying to fix it. I go through headlights every 3 -4 weeks. My kids call the dashboard a disco ball. I have replaced every interior light at least 10 times. Most recently I had the instrument cluster redone with LED's in an effort to not replace the bulbs as often. Some days it starts then other it just sits there. It tells me that I am an unknowm driver from time to time, usually while driving. You name it and it does it. If I could afford it this would have been gone long ago. Now I just enjoy the flashing lights and the guages occasionally going around like the second hand on a clock. I will be posting a video I took a month ago. I have always favored GM products and service. That is dwindling of course. Good luck to you. By the way don't replace the cluster, send it out to have the servos motor replaced. It is way cheeper. I keep 2 spare clusters in my garage as backups now. Both of which I bought and would not let the deaership keep the parts. Now my rebuilt original is back in.

Thomas S: OOOOH Yeah... this 2005 TrailBlazer is killing us. Cluster is always giving us grief... if we go more than 30 miles the speedometer will drop down pass the 0 mark and on some occasions while driving, it will climb to the 100mph + mark but our speed is normal.Check engine light is always on, gas mileage is TERRIBLE Lucky to get 12 hwy. and the list goes on on and on. NEVER buy 2005 TrailBlazer LS

jmbbtiger: I have a 2005 chevy silverdo with the exact same speedometer issue. It started this at around 85K miles. I haven't considered having it looked at / repaired due to $$$$,, and hearing you say it might cost upwards of $300 is a bummer. Thx for the post. 

Marcus Bradshaw: I have engine light on and sunroof broke

Tim Carlson: ERIK if you start your car and shut if off start and shut it off mulitiable times it will go back to o

b1ballar: Cleaning the throttle body will clear the engine code for the cost of throttle body cleaner. 5 dollars tops. Cluster is some bad luck but a lot of these problems you could fix yourself for a lot lot lot cheaper than a shop. The rear differential on mine was leaking and I just pulled the cover ran a new gasket and replaced the fluid and good as new. It sucks your getting nickel and dimed but look on you tube for videos on how to repair yourself you can save a lot of money... thousands

Darin Hill: I too have an '05 trailblazer. Speedometer quit working last summer '13, been Rollin with the GPS ever since. It needs about $1000-$1500 worth of work. Replaced ball joints, master brake cylinder. Hatch glass is rustd shut some how. Haven't used it in about 3 years. Thought this was an upgrade from my

scgarcia74: I also have a 2005 Trailblazer and I keep having problems with the ignition switch. 

696manley: same problem with the cluster. then my radio shuts off and my windows door locks and ac shuts down. I wonder if my airbags work. does anyone know if all those problems are related to the cluster. HELP

WinchesterLock: Yeah, I too have an 05' Trailblazer. My cluster has been going to heck for months (only issues regarding the fuel gauge are covered by recall btw). Just this weekend, I had the oil pressure, amperage and speedometer all fail on me. Oil and amperage were normal when checked/hooked up to an outside meter. The speedometer decided to move off of zero after driving an hour and a half with no speedometer. This comes following having repairs done for a bad coil, a recall replacement for a fuel gauge issue, a dead battery, and rough idling and choking down at stoplight when I have the air conditioner or fan on (the dealership claimed it was a dirty throttle body, and having them clean it did nothing to fix it). As a result, I have no interest in buying another Chevy.

FanOfVacuums2: We have a black 2005 Blazer that had the same problem. It would say we were going 120mph, when we were going like 30. The gas gauge didn't work either, we just estimated how much gas we had. All we did was replace the little stepper motors and it worked like new. The check engine light constantly stays on, but we don't pay attention to that. It works almost like new, now.


Darlene Hickman: I also have a 2005 and just got it so i was not paying for repairs on my car and i have the same problems gauges and pump and now when i put on the breaks it sometimes jumps forward this is a great vehicle for winter but other then that it is killing me in repairs and now my door lock to driver side is locking on me would not recommend to anyone unless u have money to pay out !! 
2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems 4.4 out of 5

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2005 Chevy Trailblazer Problems