Metal Detecting And Setting Up The Minelab XTerra 705

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Getting Started with the Minelab X-TERRA 705 adventure detector
Metal detecting and setting up the Minelab XTerra 705
Metal detecting and setting up the Minelab XTerra 705
Minelab X-TERRA 705 settings for hunting jewelry
Minelab X-TERRA 705 settings for hunting jewelry
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Minelab xterra 705 setup and tips (read description for more info)
Minelab xterra 705 setup and tips (read description for more info)

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John Schorah:

Historic Northumberland: Hi mal, great channel. I'm after a 705 but being so close to xmas i can't afford a new one, do you know of any second hand on the market?

Matthew Macon: I LOVE my X-Terra 705. Yesterday I found an 1800's wagon wheel and only feet from it A 3.5 oz gold bullion! Paid for it 3 fold! I am having issues understand threshold however. 

Chronosphere Steen: yeah thats the sad truth but also, YOU DONT know if there is someone who struck riches in the ground, i doubt you have been lookin all over the world and tbh in many decades people burid treasure in group but ofc very rare indd. BUT people today win over 100mill in lottery all over the world saving their life. i seen many people get by by selling their artifacts BECUASE people with money is intressted in this and if poor poeple hunt for them THEY PAY YOU FOR THE JOB! dont write of u cant see pic

malcolmpotter: Thanks for the sub.

malcolmpotter: Never used the GMP but the 705 is easy to use and goes deep as you will have seen in the videos. Its basically two detectors in one. Set up as general searching in Coins and Treasure mode or as a deep seeking Prospecting mode with iron mask disc. My 705 is available for sale if you are interested as CTX is now main detector.

PopulationcontrolNow: For land use only i had set my mind on a s/h gmp as an upgrade to my 3mx.I have heard so many good things about the 705 i am wondering if it is on a par with the gmp?Ploughed land primary use with pasture the usual growing season fallback.

malcolmpotter: 9" concentric is waterproof to 1m deep in water. Dont go any deeper as you may get water into the control box. If water hunting its worth having a poly bag over the box and seal it beneath the control box. Better safe than sorry

152snook: Hi Malcolm it's the 9" convent 7.5khz

malcolmpotter: Which coil have you ordered? Let me know which. Concentric coils normally waterproof to 1m deep but DD coils are not suitable for water use.

152snook: I just ordered the 705 w/9in coil said it was waterproof why not in water? help please

pixalotal: Thank you :)

malcolmpotter: If you are just going to search the beaches its best to buy a detector designed for them. If only dry sand detecting 705 is fine but forget the 705 and a waterproof coil if you are going to search all the beach. For the beach without going into the water, depending on budget. Cheapest Sovereign GT, Explorer SE, ETrac. If also water hunting Excalibur or unlimited budget CTX.

pixalotal: I know I can't buy a waterproof coil for the xterra. It's the 6" round one. Is it worth getting or do you think or better to get a water dedicated machine? Thanks so much for answering my questions. I've watched that many videos and been all over the forums trying to get ideas. I'm totally addicted already :)

pixalotal: Bummer. I have been trying on the beach on the wet soil and nothing. If I have had it on number 1 instead of 4 would I be missing a lot of things? I've found coins and. Steel ring so far. I think I could keep the drink factory in pull tops for a year lol

malcolmpotter: Basically for the dry sand use the same set-up. If you have any falsing press and hold the ground balance for three to four seconds until the BEACH ground balance icon appears on top right of screen. The 705 is a great dry sand and shingle beach detector but not much use on wet sand . On wet sand you need the Excalibur, CTX or a dedicated wet sand detector. 705 loses a lot of depth and stability on wet sand so you would miss more than you find.

malcolmpotter: Thanks for the comment. I am glad my little vid helped. Let me know how you get on and what you find. Happy hunting

pixalotal: Thank you so much for a great video! I have watched a couple but this one I actually understand lol. I got my 705 for Xmas and the husbands proberbly getting sick of me complaining I don't find much haha. Maybe now I know the settings better i will have more luck :) mel

Lyndon Ryan: mal, could you do a beach set-up on the xTerra 705.

malcolmpotter: Just scroll cursor by pressing - button to 6/8 segment and press accept button
Metal detecting and setting up the Minelab XTerra 705 5 out of 5

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Metal detecting and setting up the Minelab XTerra 705