Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing

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lowrance elite 7 chirp on the water review - screen shots - unboxing
lowrance elite 7 chirp on the water review - screen shots - unboxing
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Lowrance Elite 7 Ti First Look
Fish finder Lowrance Elite 4x hdi explanation in water
Fish finder Lowrance Elite 4x hdi explanation in water
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review
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Elite-5 HDI Fishfinder Lowrance

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hardog22: Do you know what you had your sensitivity on? Auto or manual? You had that thing dialed in because I saw no falsing. Mine falses a lot. Can't seem to get sensitivity dialed in.

Big Island MN: This is how I installed my Lowrance Elite Chirp on my fiber glass boat.

David Richards: Hi John hope you haven't updated the software on this unit as it has caused issues with the chart on mine and 3 others that I have tested, there are also issues with the GPS just warn your viewers not to upgrade the software....

JE R: Johnathon, what is the brand of net with the ring that you used to catch the bait?

Deltadawg660: listening to Joe Satriani?

Romanza313: I like how it could bust off and there goes money down in the water. BLURP!

Black Warrior Lures: Good information. Now I see what cats look like.

Black Warrior Lures: My dad used to fish Gunterville.

JUSTACHIPN: Screwed up a good video with music at 12;30 and that chased me off!

Accent Stryping: Had some greenpeas on the boat eh?

Bass Monkey: Bubba is the settings u use default or did you tweak them for this video

Christopher Parker: Jonathon are you still using the Elite 7 HDI? Thoughts after using it a while?

zagan1: what is the difference between the 2d and the down sonar views?

Torch TV: Hello MaximumCatfishing...How would you know where the fishes were that were on the FF ? If the fishes are on the middle of the screen, does that mean they are under the boat? Thanks!

Tom R: You can count on at least a 30-35 pounder on any day if you have fresh shad and know what your doing. with the common possibility of 40-80's check out 748 pounds of catfish in 4 hours on Youtube and you'll see what I mean.

Tom R: You don't need a stinger just the right sized circle hook. we catch em big on the James river in Virginia. our state record is 143 lbs.

jeffrey burcham: Does anyone know what color settings is being used.

adriandavidpayne: How did you get the waypoint to show up on your Sonar Screen @ 11:37

jeffrey burcham: What color settings are you using? I am new to using depth finders . I have the elite 5 hdi. Knowing your color scheme would greatly help me. Thanks for the wonderful video.

flickinlures: Great work mate great explanation of this unit , i just picked up my 7HDI today for my birthday lol , so i have been scouring the web for demo's and i gotta say your'e up there it was the complete package , even with that southern accent i got it all well done again cheers "flickinlures" 
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing 5 out of 5

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kapteklanning: I would love to see you play the modern defence as black more often! the g6 d6 a6 setup is very sharp in will almost always lead to interesting fights!
Jason Lumactod: Sweet tank. What light setup you using?
misael perez de la paz: htc es lo mejor aún tengo ese teléfono en color rojo y no le pide nada a muchos de la actualidad...saludos desde México ✌✌😁😁
matttatts: So you sell this or just flawsin your inovations?
Анастасия Цай: Вика ты самый лучший блогер !!! Смотрю каждое видео ,обожаю твоих деток
phillyflyboy: good
DizzyAngelDemon: I had no clue either. I've have painted Warhammer 40K Daemonettes and honestly she is about the same size, so I'm not sure why she looked so frelling tiny to me at first. I guess it's been a while since I painted this scale of mini. She's definitely going to be a blast to paint = D

Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing