Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing

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lowrance elite 7 chirp on the water review - screen shots - unboxing
lowrance elite 7 chirp on the water review - screen shots - unboxing
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Lowrance Elite 7 Ti First Look
Fish finder Lowrance Elite 4x hdi explanation in water
Fish finder Lowrance Elite 4x hdi explanation in water
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Review
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Elite-5 HDI Fishfinder Lowrance

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hardog22: Do you know what you had your sensitivity on? Auto or manual? You had that thing dialed in because I saw no falsing. Mine falses a lot. Can't seem to get sensitivity dialed in.

Big Island MN: This is how I installed my Lowrance Elite Chirp on my fiber glass boat.

David Richards: Hi John hope you haven't updated the software on this unit as it has caused issues with the chart on mine and 3 others that I have tested, there are also issues with the GPS just warn your viewers not to upgrade the software....

JE R: Johnathon, what is the brand of net with the ring that you used to catch the bait?

Deltadawg660: listening to Joe Satriani?

Romanza313: I like how it could bust off and there goes money down in the water. BLURP!

Black Warrior Lures: Good information. Now I see what cats look like.

Black Warrior Lures: My dad used to fish Gunterville.

JUSTACHIPN: Screwed up a good video with music at 12;30 and that chased me off!

Accent Stryping: Had some greenpeas on the boat eh?

Bass Monkey: Bubba is the settings u use default or did you tweak them for this video

Christopher Parker: Jonathon are you still using the Elite 7 HDI? Thoughts after using it a while?

zagan1: what is the difference between the 2d and the down sonar views?

Torch TV: Hello MaximumCatfishing...How would you know where the fishes were that were on the FF ? If the fishes are on the middle of the screen, does that mean they are under the boat? Thanks!

Tom R: You can count on at least a 30-35 pounder on any day if you have fresh shad and know what your doing. with the common possibility of 40-80's check out 748 pounds of catfish in 4 hours on Youtube and you'll see what I mean.

Tom R: You don't need a stinger just the right sized circle hook. we catch em big on the James river in Virginia. our state record is 143 lbs.

jeffrey burcham: Does anyone know what color settings is being used.

adriandavidpayne: How did you get the waypoint to show up on your Sonar Screen @ 11:37

jeffrey burcham: What color settings are you using? I am new to using depth finders . I have the elite 5 hdi. Knowing your color scheme would greatly help me. Thanks for the wonderful video.

flickinlures: Great work mate great explanation of this unit , i just picked up my 7HDI today for my birthday lol , so i have been scouring the web for demo's and i gotta say your'e up there it was the complete package , even with that southern accent i got it all well done again cheers "flickinlures" 
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing 5 out of 5

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Kyo Bricks: that was awesome! I really liked how some of the shots were like first person shooter.
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Lowrance Elite 7 HDI On The Water Review - Maximum Catfishing