The Nemesis CLONE: A Vapestars Review

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ClashWith Whoopass: I got ripped off bought mine for 75

Tony Badurina: Tweeker

Steven Beshears: You stop to swallow alot.

honarolll: I bought one... just to try before I bought a real one.  My first mechanical and when I put in the battery I burned the flip out of my thumb.  Can you please help and tell me what I am doing wrong!  I know beginners...

Justin Penrod: JT, I am actually a big fan of the nemesis and the way it looks. I have had two nemesis clones over the past year or so. And it vapes like a champ! Unfortunately the button is cheap and the spring pops out of the button constantly. Because of this issue, I recently picked up a MOJO chi you clone.

The chi you is the best mechanical clone on the market! And I really enjoyed the chi vs nemesis video you made. But if you could please review the chi that would be awesome! I am a big fan of all your videos! Thanks man!

EmeraldXV: What drip tip and topper are you using? And could you please link where I can buy them? Thanks! 

Shane Carter: Just so you know, unless that logo, writing, etc is actually copyrighted, nothing can be done. If these people don't want their stuff on clones, they should copyright their stuff, period. The originals can learn something on most of these clones though. I have seen many clones that are way better than real thing.

QUITTHATGRIT.COM: Great vid! Think ill order mine tonight!

dirt red: man what drip tip is that?

koottsta koopr: Just ordered this bad boy to rock the the russian 91. Nice review!

aikanae1: I'll bet that most of any highend mod's customer base started with clones or swelled once they got cloned. It's a sign of success. At least FT is honest about what is / isn't original brand. When they copy serial numbers and logo is over the line to counterfiet. Idk why since the factory won't get the profit from any markup. Since you know the manufacturer, why not write and ask them why. Would you buy it without? I think more ppl would. Fakes cause probs w trade dept. too.

vapenjoy: i need a nemisis also man. So i just picked up a brass chi you (hcigar) and a gold trident clone and its my first dripper and damn i love it. i mostly do lung inhales seems to taste better that way do you strictly do lung inhales on a dripping atty? also i picked up a clear jwrap for my chi you because i dont want the brass getting all messed up looks nice

sdittmann86: I have a Vape Rev nemesis and the same clone as you. Honesty, I couldn't be happier to have both. I have the real deal when I want to break it out or feel fancy and, I have the clone to bring to work and beat up and not feel bad about. The clone is great for its price. I have each with their own Patriot rda and the brass clone on the way to use with my nimbus. Cheers.

MrZotZot: get one pre owned on ecf

Irshmere: I bet you could remove those logos with some light solvent or maybe even rubbing alcohol.

Brian Aguilar: I just got an authentic nemesis a day before the clone and tested both. The one I got the button is 95 percent of the real one. I'm really impressed by this clone. Your review was spot on. I buy clones so I don't have to invest 200 on the real one only to find out I don't like them. The chinclone made me want the real one and I got a real one. I really love my nemesis and the clone I can take out and don't have to worry about breaking or losing it. Thanks for your review :)

Vapestars: Damn, thanks bro... Much love!

Vapestars: I don"t own one but I will ask around and see if anyone has one I can borrow!

Vapestars: it's a Mystic Atmos wide bore

Vapestars: go to vapestarsnet , in the description of most videos there are links to where to buy
The Nemesis CLONE: A Vapestars Review 5 out of 5

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Supa Mario: omg dats sexiness
ClashWith Whoopass: I got ripped off bought mine for 75
Sara Mayberry: Thanks for making this. I just bought my first punch and a martha stewart card kit to use specifically for it. I now realized they must not have put in correct sized cardstocks because i think only one lined up around the entire page correctly! 
barls chukowski: richtg reudig dieses protein!!!
Anatoliy Yali: Как проделать подобное в Pinnacle Studio 15 ?? не разобрался
iHelloway: if u buy with damage, just talk to sellers, tehy ussually compensate you, or u send it back, they send new one
natacha: este video es real? 

The Nemesis CLONE: A Vapestars Review