Lenovo X220 + EGPU + Battlefield 3

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Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Gaming Video
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Lenovo X220 Video Review
Lenovo X220 Video Review
External Graphics Card - Add a eGPU video card to your laptop PE4H PE4L
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Muhammad Rafiuddin: damn.. its so cool...

LanoTecGlobal: what the differences between the ViDock 4 Plus and DIY EGPU external adapter (PE4H PE4L) and EXP GDC Laptop External PCI-E Graphics Card? The interface used on the laptop is the same for these 3 adapters? What advantage one has over the other in that regard performance? it seems that one of them uses the MINI PCI-E (same as Wifi card) and or other thread adapter uses an external port of the laptop ExpressCard port! pe which ones faster? seems that the GDC allows use own laptop screen! without using an extra monitor! it proceeds?

KaelteFreak: Hey,
Do you need an special software or install the normal VGA-Driver?

Eduardo Torres: what size is that express card?

Amber57499: Hi, I have the pe4h as well and am going to buy the x220, but I will use the hd 7850 gpu instead. any similar performance to expect? will it have pcie 2.0?

thefipurs: Can you display it on the intergrated display?

Aluzcz: Man, this is fantastic. I have a T400s and i feared that no express card slot for my but i found out that the place is only take by the SD card when its taken out, there is a classic express card slot. Also i learned that T400s is sharing more or less the same system board like X220 so I'm looking forward to order the egpu from hw tools and finally play SC2 and D3 :) but before i will do that, can you please try to make a vid for me of some demo versions of SC2 and D3? How it runs on your rig?

therobert93: Hi. I have a X220T an have have been considing the eGPU route also. The only concern I have is I see a lot of talk about the express card bottle necking the system. Every setup I see has this PE4H from HWtools. Which express card adapter did you get? If I'm going to do this, I want to make sure is won't suck just because of the adapter.

xXCowGoesWoofX7: It really sucks that you cant just use the laptop monitor instead of having to use a different one

TheHassanAlaw123four: Do you have to use an external monitor as well or will the gpu also make it possible to run high end games on the laptop screen alone?

Prophet: I have a HP Pavilion Dv7 laptop... already modded with new CPU, ETC. But i only have the dedicated GPU in it, a Hd3000 intel on cpu graphics set. Am i able to utilize this DIY Egpu thing? And if i do, What will it change? For example... could i run games better? I have duel monitors, could i make games run better on both? For example... would it just consider the extra graphics card.. a secondary one? For example SLI, how you have two GPUs. Does it think of this the same way? Please help. Cheers

Mr. Banana: How much is the fps increasement before and after?

Reuben Horner: i got one and just plugged it in and it saw it... i was expecting to have tto screw round in the bios but nope

watjuhjo: One question, do you have to connect the graphics card to the external monitor? I have connected everything else except that. Is that essential?

Alakazam2047: Does your X220 get very hot when you have it running with the eGPU? Thanks for the informative vid!

Pier-Luc Théberge: ExpressCard est un standard récent, il te permet l'accès au bus PCI-Express. Ta seule autre alternative se fait avec le PM3N de la même compagnie, qui se branche dans un port interne à ton laptop. La carte ExpressCard reste la meilleure solution à mon avis car plus user friendly. Outre ça, pas d'autre choix, les autres types de connexion disponibles sur un ordinateur portable (à part peut-être Thunderbolt) sont trop lents.

Sébastien lemay: merde pkoi ca prend ABSOLUMENT une express card une chose vieille comme les année 90's! ca existe meme pas au quebec ca personne utulise ca

Dry Lake: this should help techradar(dot)com/us/news/computing-components/graphics-cards/how-to-make-an-external-laptop-graphics-adaptor-915616#article-comments

Dry Lake: Cant.
Lenovo X220 + eGPU + Battlefield 3 5 out of 5

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Lenovo X220 + eGPU + Battlefield 3