Lenovo X220 + EGPU + Battlefield 3

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Muhammad Rafiuddin: damn.. its so cool...

LanoTecGlobal: what the differences between the ViDock 4 Plus and DIY EGPU external adapter (PE4H PE4L) and EXP GDC Laptop External PCI-E Graphics Card? The interface used on the laptop is the same for these 3 adapters? What advantage one has over the other in that regard performance? it seems that one of them uses the MINI PCI-E (same as Wifi card) and or other thread adapter uses an external port of the laptop ExpressCard port! pe which ones faster? seems that the GDC allows use own laptop screen! without using an extra monitor! it proceeds?

KaelteFreak: Hey, Do you need an special software or install the normal VGA-Driver?

Eduardo Torres: what size is that express card?

Franck Bender: Le X220 (i5 au moins) à lui seul, associé à un adaptateur 90w et à un cooling pad fera tourner pas mal de jeux assez récents, moyennant pour certains un peu de tweaking. Arkham Asylum, GTA IV, Bioshock 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Portal 2...tournent tous très bien, ce qui est étonnant pour un 12,5". Le eGPU est une excellente option; un peu plus d'espace disque (en SATA, e/mSATA ou USB 3.0), une manette de Xbox 360 et tu as et une station de travail en béton, et une console de salon hors-pair.

Maiks flp bar: Wow that's cool. Because it is widely said that battlefield 3 is an i7 cpu and gtx 580 needs. So I have no doubt in my i5 2140m at 720p and everything on ultra. Very good video.

kotowiczof: BEST DISCOUNT goo.gl\8B9hW Product Description Lenovo X220 ThinkPad X220 Tablet (4296) - Intel - Core i7 - 2620M - 2.7 GHz - DDR3 SDRAM - RAM: 4 GB - Serial ATA - 320 GB - 7200 RPM - DVD burner - Intel HD Graphics 3000 - 12.5 Inch - TFT Active Matrix - Bluetooth; Gigabit Ethernet; IEEE 802.11 a\g\n - Microsoft Wi For more details please copy the Amazon link below in your browser: goo.gl\8B9hW

HKdagreat: Hey dude great setup!!! I have a GT 330m and a core i5 520M. Do u think ur kinda setup will work? Will it have significant improvements than the gt330m?

justletuslive: i love my egpu, its so easy to mount and dismount it, i just place back my pe4l v1.5 back into a plastic protective rapping when ever am done with it, it works great with my internal LCD screen. Its great! highly recommend it, dont buy a vidock...!!!

watjuhjo: One question, do you have to connect the graphics card to the external monitor? I have connected everything else except that. Is that essential?

useafo: @TutorialTelevision Any laptop with an express card slot will work with PE4H, if your laptop doesn't have express card slot, you can use PM3N.

gulbaz jatoi: i am from pakistan can any one help me to buy : HTools PE4H v2.4 + EC2C + 30cm mHDMI cabl... i ve power suply and new graphics card gtx 550ti ... help me please

thefuckingdevil: isn't this what sony is already doing on their z series? but for some reason people hate that one but not these aesthetically abysmal egpu's that people duct take together?

fightas: hmm guess nvidia optimus cant be used with the hd intel?

TheHassanAlaw123four: Do you have to use an external monitor as well or will the gpu also make it possible to run high end games on the laptop screen alone?

Prophet: I have a HP Pavilion Dv7 laptop... already modded with new CPU, ETC. But i only have the dedicated GPU in it, a Hd3000 intel on cpu graphics set. Am i able to utilize this DIY Egpu thing? And if i do, What will it change? For example... could i run games better? I have duel monitors, could i make games run better on both? For example... would it just consider the extra graphics card.. a secondary one? For example SLI, how you have two GPUs. Does it think of this the same way? Please help. Cheers

useafo: @TheNewNuclearNerd I have edge 14, it works very well with it.

Mr. Banana: How much is the fps increasement before and after?

TutorialTelevision: Can I use the PE4H and hook it up to any GFX card that I buy? Do I have to have a certain type of laptop or will any laptop with an express card slot work?

MemberHomei: Nice. I bought a X220 for myself just yesterday. :)

MuF: is the screen on the x220 working while using this setup? (dual screen setup)

Dry Lake: Cant.

Ricky P: I am running this on High textures and high res and low shadows without an eGPU same laptop Intel's new Sandybridge Processors have much better graphics performance than the previous clarkdale and the new Ivybridge processors are about to be even better.

useafo: @mrboyface Why don't you buy a branded PSU like Corsair or Silverstone? Make sure that it has at least 12V/28A rail to operate the graphics card.

eladbari: i dont have an external GPU on my W520 with Quadro 2000M...but im playing on everything Low...and still feel like the framerate isnt best :\ Playing on 1920x1080 any suggestions? on 3DMark Vantage i got the score of= 6898 which I dont know if its bad or not.

Pier-Luc Théberge: ExpressCard est un standard récent, il te permet l'accès au bus PCI-Express. Ta seule autre alternative se fait avec le PM3N de la même compagnie, qui se branche dans un port interne à ton laptop. La carte ExpressCard reste la meilleure solution à mon avis car plus user friendly. Outre ça, pas d'autre choix, les autres types de connexion disponibles sur un ordinateur portable (à part peut-être Thunderbolt) sont trop lents.

I PancakeRush I: How on earth do you set up an EGPU?

Sébastien lemay: merde pkoi ca prend ABSOLUMENT une express card une chose vieille comme les année 90's! ca existe meme pas au quebec ca personne utulise ca

Aluzcz: Man, this is fantastic. I have a T400s and i feared that no express card slot for my but i found out that the place is only take by the SD card when its taken out, there is a classic express card slot. Also i learned that T400s is sharing more or less the same system board like X220 so I'm looking forward to order the egpu from hw tools and finally play SC2 and D3 :) but before i will do that, can you please try to make a vid for me of some demo versions of SC2 and D3? How it runs on your rig?

Gringo Hys: Does it work with a msi wind u100?

David Savary: Good choice!! It is a great ultraportable. You won't be disapointed ;)

therobert93: Hi. I have a X220T an have have been considing the eGPU route also. The only concern I have is I see a lot of talk about the express card bottle necking the system. Every setup I see has this PE4H from HWtools. Which express card adapter did you get? If I'm going to do this, I want to make sure is won't suck just because of the adapter.

Fabien Colonel: Salut à toi, je vois que tu es français. J'ai en commande le kit PE4H 2.4 et une gtx460TI. Sais-tu si il y a des forums français traitant de eGPU en DIY ? Merci d'avance, Fab.

MrDStar1988: which version of the EFI do you use?

thefipurs: Can you display it on the intergrated display?

JitokoChan: @sickfreerider145 lol It wont be very portable now with a huge video card and a power supply attached to it xD

Black5Lion: bcz sony docking station gpu is not change-able and it is not that good. with this diy eGPU you can add a PSU and GPU of your choice to any laptop with an expresscard slot

I PancakeRush I: Wait, can you run this on Low without an eGPU?

Alakazam2047: Does your X220 get very hot when you have it running with the eGPU? Thanks for the informative vid!

Doomerboss: Holy crap thats a great idea!! Thanks for the video!

David Savary: @TheNewNuclearNerd Yes sure! you only need an expresscard slot that the Edge 14 has if I don't make a mistake.

Black5Lion: he can unplug the eGpu whenever he wants and take the laptop with him and only plug it back when he needs it ;)

useafo: @mrboyface If your laptop has Intel GMA, HD, HD3000, and your graphics card is GTS4xx or GTX4xx, then it should work.

BananaBean03: this proves that egpu's can be done but isnt the whole point of the concept to have the data stream back to the computer's screen and not another monitor?

Reuben Horner: i got one and just plugged it in and it saw it... i was expecting to have tto screw round in the bios but nope

Amber57499: Hi, I have the pe4h as well and am going to buy the x220, but I will use the hd 7850 gpu instead. any similar performance to expect? will it have pcie 2.0?

The Riseofsand in 1080p: How to use this with internal screen ?

Kaworu Nagisa: I just bought a GTX 560 SE and Htools for my i5 R780 samsung laptop, what you think?

Kaworu Nagisa: What do i do with the power supply?

Frontlaven: Nice vid. Have you tried MW3 or Skyrim? I got a T410 and am pondering this eGPU setup over a gaming desktop.
Lenovo X220 + eGPU + Battlefield 3 4.8 out of 5

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Muhammad Rafiuddin: damn.. its so cool...
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Fred Gandt: Exceptional review Scott. Loads of very clearly presented info :-) Looks like a nice device too. I'm interested in looking at the Silver Dog now, and I just found your review of it :-)

Lenovo X220 + eGPU + Battlefield 3