Zombie Gunship - IPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer

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Bore BF: u should shoot whit the primary weapon

Morganator: It is also available on Android ;)

ArchangelExile: Whoever is playing this is horrible at it.

Santiago Hernandez: *find this game offensive.

Santiago Hernandez: I don't know how many of you all find this racist. It's just the night vision. Only those who are immature or oversensitive would fu

Nerdy AdventuRey: lol thats racist!

Gia Huy: The zombie is black because there heart beat is not detectable, no blood flowing so the THERMAL vision cannot detect the blood For bloody sake it's not racist.

MrInvalidArgument: Love this game... Any chance to get it for android anytime soon?

[HawK]_x4nUBi5x: itz realy nice

Halo6301: you can download iphone/ipad games on pc

Traitless: More racist is you turn the whot to bhot. It will make it as protecting he black people and killing the white people.

Lyle Lanley: whatta moron , you can change the infrared cam and make the zombies ""white"" and civilians ""black"", besides their are freaking ZOMBIES YOU crapHEAD obviously their flesh is dead so it wouldn't Emmit any glow in infrared cams , freakKKK,, its because of people like that this country has not progressed in the last 10 years 

defbored: theyre prolly black zombies. 

Neill Augustine: Wait, where in the HELL did the BOFORS and the 105mm guns go? I switch to a new phone without backing up game play first, and when I restart on this one, I've lost all armaments but the 25mm cannon. I slipped quite a few spots, but I'm still in the top 1% out of the 3 million players. At one point I was #583 of all players, just 3 weeks ago. WHAT IS THIS BULLcrap?? PLAYER:TREEBEARD

orbsofsteel: Wait.....so let me understand this...YOU HAVE TO SHOOT WHAT? AND SAVE WHAT? this is RACIST PURE AND SIMPLE don't even bother trying to argue otherwise. Also it reminds me of some films I saw on YT filmed by soldiers on mobiles during the Iraq war under orders if it moves shoot it! Sick to the core pure nastiness

matt doss: The way this person is playing is so annoying to watch

timrs2001: How do you record this? I'd like to do this as well.

Darksphere101: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, dude. They show up on infrared as black because they are dead and have no body temperature. 

Blair Oswald: I would so get a job as that !!!!!!
Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer 5 out of 5

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Bore BF: u should shoot whit the primary weapon
Rodimus Rider: this litterly made my jaw drop
yaminogame123: me pregunto si este será el oni que busca fugakku o no (aunque me temo lo segundo) pobre kikka , un paro cardiaco por el esfuerzo, y oka hechandose las culpas... ¿Qué ocurre con nagi? . lo de la armadura habrá que mirarlo porque yo tambien llevo la misma que tu xd, y por cierto, ya decía que mesonaba shiro amakusa y es que es el primer rival del relleno post shishio en rurouni kenshin, de hecho antiguamente otras religiones estaban muy mal vistas en japon (ahí y en todos lados que no sean la religión practicante opero weno) amakusa era el líder del movimiento cristiano en japon, ya puedes imaginar como acabaría, defendiendo el castillo de hara...
FightingSheep1: My interpretation: It's a video game
Khotta Bogard: i am a complete ignorant, i barely know how regular in line cylinders work, but I'm thinking and making numbers about... how if the pistons gotta get out of their cylinders, how will you keep all the gas to put it out to the exhaust?
how do you make a good seal in order to keep the power per ignition? (i already said I'm an ignorant of all this)
ALSO, and more importantly, if the pistons have to exchange cylinders with each ignition... How do you keep them from wearing and tearing faster?
a key aspect of the break-in of an engine is to let the Piston to adjust and sit correctly with its cylinder in order to have less friction and a more efficient movement.
i have the feeling that this Duke design, brings more problems not only because the pistons have to leave their cylinders, but also becayse there is sidewise movement, not only up and down.
(excuse my english, i have problems expressing my ideas when i talk about things i don't know well).

Ivan Prutikov: подскажи а с телефона можно при настройке вай фай дать на камеру хочу установить её где нет роутера в качестве нег будет телефон с вай фаем на раздаче
WoLfriX WoLf: What music is it?

Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer