Zombie Gunship - IPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer

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Zombie Gunship Gameplay   iOS   Android   HD 1080p
Zombie Gunship Gameplay iOS Android HD 1080p
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Zombie Gunship iPhone App Review - AppVee.com
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Zombie Gunship: Now on Google Play!
Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer
Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer
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ZOMBIE GUNSHIP ARCADE (iPhone Gameplay Video)
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Zombie Gunship Reality
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JeromeRyan88: angry birds is a way better! and funnier

JigglyBoop: u fuken suck!!

00chinaman: The zombie is black because there heart beat is not detectable, no blood flowing so the THERMAL vision cannot detect the blood For bloody sake it's not racist.

Nerdy AdventuRey: lol thats racist!

TouchGameplay: @mattctaylor23 Gosh, all you Guys that complain about my Gaming Skills should finally get over it and understand what this is all about. It`s not about Me, it`s about the Game itself. I am just showing you how the Game will look on your iDevice not how you will play it. If you have the Time to get really into the Game then buy it and enjoy playing it.

Laser Lens: SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN. great price too, only 99 cents!

TouchGameplay: @ajjr098 Dude i know that already :D

eldain: You little boys sitting at daddies pc writing "you suck" comments need to get a life! Jesus, grow up !

Nico van der Merwe: I want a gunship for Christmas!!!

Eric Dong: game free?

DubstructorMusic: @PuertoRicoOwns if you reverse the night vision in it you have to save the black people and shoot the white.

[HawK]_x4nUBi5x: itz realy nice

matix525: @nbaumg yeah uh he's using it

Winston Harris: @PuertoRicoOwns unless you press the button at the top middle of the screen to switch colors :I

Lowcatify: @PuertoRicoOwns thats how its supposed to be! Nah, only joking :-)

gio8394: they should tell gameloft "hay! make modern combat 3 with the help of unreal engine and then well make an ac-130 mission for the game!" :p

Wesley95501: This game needs to have more map and a ground troop support. 2 or more soldiers on the ground with a rifle or a machine gun shooting at zombies. Anyone with me?

ironmyno: looks like there is bottle neck at the front door. does the 25mm over heat?

Combz: @unreachable1 lol, im beast at this game, worth every penny. I can kick ass up to miles away.

the sniper: you can download iphone/ipad games on pc

JohnnyCashfan94: LOL, the dude talking sounds like Dale from King of the hill lmao

Elgigante Chori: 下手っぴだな。

TouchGameplay: @Satoshiio Alter, das weiss Ich :D

DiM Carvalho: Amazing shoot game...

chimpman252: @gio8394 haha it's funny cuz modern combat 3 actually does have an AC-130 mission, and it's just like in this game. U are a fricken fortune teller!

noo2islam: @touchgameplay lol yeah they'r funny. That's what putting a video on youtube is. Go to see the one I mad about how to finish mass effect in 2 minutes. It been made to make people mad and it's really not hard.

Tyler McKnight: Can someone tell me what the hell the things on the top of the screen mean? Obviously the WHOT means switch heat vision mode. But what about the A-G or the MAN NARO??? Anyone?

AKillerWesel354: there are to modes on an AC-130 gun ship were you can see targets black or white

laom20: Black zombies o.o (I just made it worse)


jtasgl88: can you dl it for pc?

Raven_ShieldX: @PuertoRicoOwns sounded racist a bit...

Nico van der Merwe: @PuertoRicoOwns You can switch it so you shoot white people and protect the hoards of neverending blacks..... O_o top of the screen just tap it

Bore BF: u should shoot whit the primary weapon

1337wafflezz: Because you ARE controlling an ac 130 lol.

Santiago Hernandez: I don't know how many of you all find this racist. It's just the night vision. Only those who are immature or oversensitive would fu

CommandoX7: no

pop2u1: is there a survival mode?

Winston Harris: @touchgameplay Boss status= Maximum

timrs2001: How do you record this? I'd like to do this as well.

Mitchell HürenKamp: @PuertoRicoOwns haha yep

TheOmgitsmicky: everytime i start game,it autmatically go to my home screen

voodoomanboy: @touchgameplay this why you disable comments. Then the knuckledraggers of the internet can't blurt out "ZoMG!!!! U FAGET!!! U SUKKKKKK!!!!ddd!!! PS3 Sukkkk!!!! Xbox SUKKKK1!!1 FCKING GHEY HOMO!!!" and other juvenile crap.

Darksphere101: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, dude. They show up on infrared as black because they are dead and have no body temperature.

papricek12345: boring....same thing all over....

GlobalGamerNL: How did you record this video?

ArTiE14000: Dude u suck. Y do u wait for the last minute to kill zombies dumbass?


mattctaylor23: @touchgameplay who the hell wants to watch till the end of a 15 minute video of you doing nothing but sucking ass???

ArchangelExile: Whoever is playing this is horrible at it.
Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer 3.9 out of 5

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Zombie Gunship - iPhone - US - HD Gameplay Trailer